Passion for music, and fans’ unwavering support are what kept FTISLAND going strong

HallyuSG caught up with the members of FTISLAND to chat about their newest tour, HEY DAY, which will arrive in Singapore soon.

Avier Tan

| February 28, 2024
(L to R) FTISLAND members Lee Jae-Jin, Lee Hong-gi and Choi Min-hwan. Photo: FNC Entertainment

It’s been seven years since FTISLAND played live in Singapore. And the trio, composed of Lee Hong-gi, Choi Min-hwan and Lee Jae-jin, are excited for their return.

HallyuSG caught up with the members of FTISLAND to chat about their newest tour, HEY DAY, which will arrive in Singapore soon. The lads will play at The Star Theatre on 22 Mar (Fri), at 8 PM.

Ahead of their concert, FTISLAND answers six questions about touring, coming to Singapore and the band.

1. The upcoming FTISLAND concert will mark the band’s return to Singapore after seven years. What can fans expect from your performance this time?

Jae-jin: Since we haven’t visited Singapore for quite a while, we’ve specially prepared new songs, as well as familiar hits. We hope that you’ll look forward to our improvement and growth collectively as a band through the years.

Min-hwan: Indeed, we haven’t visited Singapore for a while, but we will be bringing some songs that we have not performed live before as well as a new facade of FTISLAND. We hope that our fans will like it.

Hong-gi: We’ve planned for some special stages and we look forward to having our fans enjoy the performances with us together.

2. Your upcoming tour is titled HEY DAY. How did the tour name come about?

Jae-jin: Our band has gone through quite a bit together, with various changes throughout, but this in turn led to our members being more closely knitted, deepening our passion for music at the same time. Hence, we chose HEY DAY to represent the beginning of our heyday.

Min-hwan: FTISLAND has debuted for quite a few years now, and we have experienced some low moments before. Through the upcoming HEY DAY concert, we hope to express our constant desire to strive for the best.

Hong-gi: We chose HEY DAY as the theme because we want to bring across the message that our goal is to always be at our heyday.

3. Going on tours can be physically challenging. How do you prepare for that?

Jae-jin: I usually sleep and rest well even after shows, so I don’t have any particular practice to combat fatigue.

Min-hwan: To me, I am fortunate that I get to perform, and once I think about the fans whom we haven’t met for a long time, my fatigue disappears.

Hong-gi: I like to relax by doing my favourite hobbies, and at the same time maintain my fitness level.

4. What are you most looking forward to in Singapore?

Jae-jin: I heard that Singapore is a clean city and conducive for residence, and that’s why I’m looking forward to visiting the city in general.

Min-hwan: It’s really because we haven’t visited in a long time, I want to try all the local dishes. This time, I hope to try some of local food I have not tried before. Any recommendations?

Hong-gi: I really love chilli crab, so I’m the most excited to eat that.

5. What is something you’d want fans to take away after watching the concert?

Jae-jin: I want to re-introduce our music and lyrics to our fans, and hopefully they’ll walk away feeling that FTISLAND has become a better and more polished band.

Min-hwan: I hope that our fans can keep our songs and their lyrics close to their heart, and continue supporting us in the future too.

Hong-gi: It’ll be great if our fans can have a deeper impression of FTISLAND after watching us live, and look forward to our next performance or show.

6. This year marks 17 years since FTISLAND’s debut in 2007. Can you share the secret behind the longevity of the band?

Jae-jin: The dynamic with our fans is my greatest motivation and support. During tough times, when I think of our fans who are by our side supporting us, we feel very empowered and strong.

Min-hwan: Even though we’ve been through a lot, the key is that all members are working towards the same dreams and goals. And because of our fans’ unwavering support, we are able to achieve what we have today.

Hong-gi: Our burning passion for music together with members’ individual efforts and mutual support is what let us become who we are today.

2024 FTISLAND Live ‘Hey Day’ in Singapore
Date: 22 Mar 2024 (Fri)
Time: 8PM
Venue: The Star Theatre
Tickets: From S$68 via SISTIC


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