Physical 100 returns with second season on 19 March

Physical 100 Season 2 Underground will stretch back to Netflix on 19 Mar, surpassing its predecessor in every aspect.

Esther Low

| March 2, 2024
Physical 100
A still from the first season of South Korean hit programme Physical 100. Photo: Netflix

The number one South Korean survival show is back for a second season.

Physical 100 Season 2 – Underground will stretch back to Netflix on 19 Mar. The show pits 100 contestants against one another where they push limits and challenge boundaries.

And this time, the stakes are higher than before.

The show’s creator Jang Ho-gi heightened anticipation and expectations as he said the second season “will surpass its predecessor in every aspect”.

The first season saw the cast compete in a set that spanned the size of two football fields.

This new season, everything is a notch higher and bigger. With difficulty raised and a massive mine for an arena, contestants from all walks of life will compete for the prize money and the “ultimate physique” title.

Set to join its cast are some familiar faces.

Actor Lee Jae-yoon, best known for his role as the first love of Kim Bok-joo in the K-drama Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo (2016), is among the line-up. The Korean-Canadian actor’s good looks and form will capture the audience’s hearts.

South Korean actor, Park Kwang-jae, who starred in Moving (2023), will also appear in the reality programme.

You might also spot some other recognisable names in the upcoming season.

Participants include Kang So-yeon, a Single Inferno Season One contestant, UFC fighter Kim Dong-hyun, judo gold medalist Lee Won-hee, and more.

The first season of Physical 100 saw amazing results as the first unscripted non-English show to rank number one on Netflix.

Season two promises to return bigger and better, with a more extensive, diverse cast. Be it celebrities, sports players, or members of the police force and military, season two has got it all.


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