“Our main focus is not on fame or money”: wave to earth stays grounded despite popularity

wave to earth has been immensely popular on TikTok, but they don't let the fame cloud their burning passion for music.

Avier Tan

| March 3, 2024
wave to earth
wave to earth says that making good music is their main goal for now. Photo: Press

You might know South Korean indie rock band wave to earth for their dreamy and groovy hits. Familiar to most TikTok users, the trio’s songs have made their rounds on the platform and were widely popular with its users.

The trio, composed of guitarist and lead vocalist Daniel Kim, drummer Shin Dong-gyu and bassist Cha Soonjong (John Cha) will be in town for a one-night-only show tomorrow (4 Mar) at the Capitol Theatre.

Ahead of their sold-out concert, they chatted with HallyuSG over a video call in February. The trio dialled in from their music studio in South Korea.

On their upcoming Singapore visit

Talking about their upcoming Singapore visit, they revealed that this will mark their first time here. As foodies themselves, chicken rice is something that they’ll want to try. “I also want to hear Singaporean English,” Cha said with a giggle. I told them their fans might teach them a phrase or two during the show.

Fans will be delighted to know that they are not only playing as a trio. Instead, they will be touring as a quintet, together with a keyboardist and a saxophonist. And that has been the case for their past few shows.

While on tour, “looking at the various sceneries and landscapes in the different cities was my best memory,” Kim recalled.

Their TikTok fame

wave to earth’s music has definitely struck a chord with TikTok users, judging by the sheer number of users who use their tracks as background music for short-form videos.

“It was unexpected,” said Kim. “I remember that day just getting a lot of shares on TikTok, and we were surprised,” he added.

But the members of wave to earth are firmly grounded in what they do, and I’m convinced by their passion in music, as well as sincerity, in the course of my short chat with them.

“Our main focus now is not on fame or money, we want to focus on ensuring our music has good production value,” they said. Perhaps that’s why there’s not a single day that the trio doesn’t make music at all.

But during their rare time off music, members enjoy sipping a cup of coffee at a café or visiting a vintage shop.

Future plans

wave to earth has no intention of stopping just yet. “We’re still hungry (for more to come),” Shin said.

As for future plans, “the main aim of course is to continue making and releasing good music,” Kim said. While he did not go into specific details, he added that they’d be grateful for fans who wait for their new releases.


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