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Show Review: K-pop superstars SHINee are still at the top of their game

The SHINee lads know their appeal and work to flaunt them to a sold-out crowd of some 8,500 Shawols at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Avier Tan

| March 4, 2024
(L to R) SHINee members Taemin, Minho and Key at the Singapore leg of their Perfect Illumination tour. Photo: SM Entertainment

SHINee is back, and this time for real.

Following their last full Singapore concert in 2012, they made it a point to repeat their iconic phrase right from the get-go. The band’s last official show was for the second instalment of the SHINee World series. And in the blink of an eye, we’re at their sixth one, titled Perfect Illumination.

In this concert tour, they’ve proven that they are still at the top of their game.

Throughout the 2½-hour show, the lads brought a mix of their older hits and newer numbers. The former includes tracks like Dream Girl (2013), Replay (2008) and Lucifer (2010), which swept a wave of nostalgia into the stadium.

They also put a spin on older songs like Sherlock (Clue + Note) (2013), said member Minho. Its re-arranged version made for more dance breaks.

The concert also saw a fair share of tracks from their newer albums. In one go, they performed Don’t Call Me (2021), Body Rhythm (2021) and Juice (2023), which were songs they performed for the first time in Singapore.

SHINee played their Perfect Illumination tour in Singapore on 2 Mar (Sat). Photo: SM Entertainment

During Body Rhythm (2021), Minho casually lifted his crop top to reveal his chiselled abs. Cue the camera zoom, the audience screams; and the rest was history.

Veterans like SHINee are thoroughly alluring because they know their appeal and understand their crowd to a T. And they work to it to make for good fun.

Case in point: Taemin flexes his humour muscles in their talk segments. He repeated after bandmate Key who spoke in pretty fluent English to the sell-out crowd of some 8,500 fans.


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After struggling to find the right English words to express himself, Taemin code-switched and spoke in Korean thereafter to address fans.

SHINee can be a humorous bunch, but trust the lads for an emotional delivery of ballads too.

Nearing the end of their set, they sang ballads like Kind (2021), which happened to be Taemin’s favourite ballad too, and An Encore (2015). And they made a promise to their fans who were present. “The next (time we meet) won’t be 12 years,” the trio said.

And we can only hope their next show comes soon.


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