Review: BIGBANG’s Daesung drops new emotional ballad Falling Slowly

Esther Low

| March 12, 2024
Daesung of BIGBANG dropped his newest ballad Falling Slowly. Photo: @d_lable / X

We’re getting a taste of nostalgia with Daesung’s comeback. The BIGBANG member marks his return to the music industry with his new emotional ballad Falling Slowly (2024).

It’s an open secret that he’s released many famous emotional tracks, like Rainy Rainy (2014) and I Love You (2014).

What’s different this time then?

His newest track is all in Korean. And for those who are unfamiliar, Daesung primarily dropped Japanese tracks previously.

Its music video also features a surprising collaboration between South Korean actors Kim Seon-ho and Moon Ka-young. The duo previously worked together in the comedy K-drama series Welcome To Waikiki 2 (2019), amongst other projects.

South Korean actors Kim Seon-ho and Moon Ka-young star in Daesung’s Falling Slowly music video. Photo: @d_lable / X

They help to give a splash of romantic drama to the track.

Musically, Daesung’s unique vocal colours fit this track perfectly like a pair of gloves. His moving, velvety vocals and the track’s poignant lyrics make for a melodious earworm.

In a making film, the K-pop idol revealed that he was involved in penning the lyrics. His delicate and emotional voice as he effortlessly belts out the lyrics of longing, sets the tone for a heart-wrenching and powerful delivery by the lead actors of the music video.

Falling Slowly (2024) is a well-executed piece which brings me back to K-pop’s golden days.

But the best part of the tune has got to go to its pre-chorus, where Daesung delivers a layered harmony one after another before belting out the official chorus.

The track as a whole, is also a musical journey that feels like a mini Korean espionage drama in under four minutes. The storyline promises to keep you engrossed till the very end with its genre fluidity of mystery, action and love.


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