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Show Review: South Korean rock band Xdinary Heroes lets out your inner rebel

Xdinary Heroes played more than twenty tracks in approximately two hours with minimal talk sets at their Singapore concert.

Avier Tan

| March 19, 2024
Xdinary Heroes
Xdinary Heroes played their Break the Brake tour in Singapore at the Esplanade Theatre. Photo: CK Star Entertainment

For someone who has mostly attended and reviewed K-pop concerts, Xdinary Heroes’ recent Singapore show was something novel. The JYP Entertainment boy band, which comprises a drummer, a bassist, two keyboardists and two guitarists, mostly focuses on rock and punk music after all.

The sextet were in town on Sunday (17 Mar) for their Break the Brake world tour at the Esplanade Theatre. Explaining the meaning behind the title, leader and drummer Gun-il said that “they would break everything standing in their way”.

“We’re going to break everything that’s stopping you from having fun today,” he added in English. Other members also took turns speaking in Korean, translated by an interpreter.

Xdinary Heroes
Xdinary Heroes’ high-octane hits allowed fans to let out their inner rebel. Photo: CK Star Entertainment

But I realised that Xdinary Heroes preferred to let their music speak for itself instead.

They played more than twenty tracks in approximately two hours with minimal talk sets. There were concert must-haves like Strawberry Cake (2022) and Happy Death Day (2021) that got fans, mostly in their 20s, on their feet.

Tracks that garnered the loudest cheers, or screams, of the evening included Hair Cut (2022), Freakin’ Bad (2023) and Man in the Box (2023).

As if a cathartic release, fans also chanted every word of their songs, accompanied by the members’ headbanging and energetic jumps on stage. In one way or another, their high-octane music allowed fans to let out their inner rebel and party without a care.

Xdinary Heroes played to local fans at the Esplanade Theatre for their Break the Brake tour in Singapore. Photo: CK Star Entertainment

The only time when the atmosphere was more collected came during their acoustic and ballad section. The sextet played Dear H. (2023), Good Enough (2023) and Paranoid (2023) in one go.

Fans were loud when it came to singing along. So much so that members would re-play tracks like Knock Down (2022) again sans vocals just to hear them sing.


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