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Show Review: Lee Hi brings signature ballads and newer hits to Marquee Singapore

Lee Hi told fans that her recent performance at Marquee Singapore marked her first solo performance at a club.

Ashley Cheah

| March 20, 2024
Lee Hi
Lee Hi brought her signature ballads and newer hits to Marquee Singapore. Photo: Marquee Singapore

When we talk about Marquee Singapore, you’d expect the DJ to play high-octane hits playing one after another. But clubgoers last Saturday (16 Mar) had a slightly different experience.

This is probably the first time in the history of Marquee that we’re hearing soulful and slow ballads in the club instead of bass-boosting music. That’s because South Korean soloist Lee Hi was in town to hold a mini-performance at the club.

It was around 20 minutes past midnight, and the music from the DJ deck gradually stopped. Fans were ready to cheer for Lee Hi as she made her appearance.

As she took the stage on the second floor, she opted to kick off her set with a signature ballad Breathe (2016) that’s familiar to the crowd I reckon, judging from the volume of cheers. It’s slightly out of place to be hearing a slow and emotional ballad number in a club. But when Lee Hi is the one performing it, it doesn’t really matter.

Even for Lee herself, she told the crowd that this marked her “first club performance”. “I’m going to sing what I like, is that okay? You guys came to see me right?” she cheekily joked.

Lee Hi
Lee Hi performing at Marquee Singapore. Photo: Marquee Singapore

There were a few other ballad numbers like her recent My Beloved (2024) before her older hits like Rose (2013) and 1, 2, 3, 4 (2012).

As she moved on to the quicker numbers, she was evidently immersed in the moment, determined to bring the best of performances to fans who came by to watch her.

“Can I get a glass of wine?” she asked staff members onsite. “We can drink, right? Since we’re in a club,” she added in English. As she took a sip of alcohol, she wrapped up her approximately 40-minute set with hip-hop number No One (2019).


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