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Show Review: An Amber Liu concert never falls short of great music and jokes

Amber Liu was hilarious with off-the-wall jokes and vulnerable to share difficult moments with fans, all while performing great music.

Oliver Chan

| March 23, 2024
Amber Liu
Amber Liu staged her Singapore leg of the No More Sad Songs world tour on Wednesday (22 Mar). Photo: @amberliu/Instagram

Everyone knows that Amber Liu is someone who speaks with wit. And that she enjoys a whole lot of good fun on stage. I mean, it’s just like how she’s always been a cute and cuddly singer (her words).

But she did tell the crowd during the Singapore leg of her No More Sad Songs tour held on Wednesday (20 Mar) that she will “be rebranding to a sexy concept”.

During her approximately two-hour set, she performed unreleased demos live, flexed her bilingualism, and cracked off-the-wall jokes. Here are four show highlights during her concert, held at The Theatre at Mediacorp.

1. Dance is still on point

Compared to her f(x) days, Liu’s songs are generally not as choreography-heavy. But when it comes to the dance break, she is still precise on the moves and executes them with ease. Well, it’s no wonder too, as she trained under the cut-throat system of SM Entertainment years ago before eventually debuting with the girl group.

Amber Liu
Amber Liu on stage with her dancer at the Singapore leg of her No More Sad Songs world tour. Photo: @amberliu/Instagram

While her set list saw a fair share of groovy tracks and mellower tunes, songs like Hands Behind My Back (2019) and Countdown (2018) were the best opportunities for her to whip out her moves.

2. The little things mattered

Of course, Liu brought along familiar tunes, some older hits and others from her newer albums. But what caught my eye were the little details throughout her entire live set.

There was a generous amount of interaction, be it with her band members or dancers, the fans, or even a member of the security team as she sang I Love Somebody (2022).

Her dancer carried her for a little spin during Neon (ft. Peniel) (2021), and she even gave away her merchandise and albums at some point during the show to two lucky fans.

3. She’s a fan of Singapore’s unforgiving weather

As she took a break from singing and dancing, Liu touched on our local weather. We often hear people lament about the heat and humidity. But not Amber Liu.

“Give me some more of that Singapore weather,” she exclaimed. The crowd definitely found it a challenge to relate to her. That’s because when in a colder climate, “I feel really unproductive and sleepy,” she went on to explain in Mandarin.

4. Sneak peek of unreleased tracks

Near the end of her set, Liu decided to drop the audience a surprise. “We have three demos, and you’re going to hear two,” she teased.


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The first of two was titled Laser Tag.

For the second song titled Taste of You, she told fans that she’ll do an impromptu acoustic version of it; which she and the band pulled off perfectly. And if you’re wondering what the third song she had in store for fans, you might want to take a look at her performances from other stops of the tour.


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