Catching up with CNBLUE’s Kang Min-hyuk at the Coach restaurant

In an interview, Kang Min-hyuk talked about personal style, travel essentials and gave his best style tip for a coffee date.

Pakkee Tan

| March 24, 2024
Kang Min-hyuk
CNBLUE’s Kang Min-hyuk recently graced the opening of the Coach Restaurant in Grand Indonesia, Jakarta. Photo: Coach

In case you missed it, American fashion brand Coach just opened its first-ever restaurant in Jakarta, Indonesia, with a host of celebrity friends and influencers to celebrate the momentous occasion. But it was the guest of honour, South Korean musician and star of Netflix’s Celebrity that caused the biggest stir when he made his entrance that night.

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Dressed sharply in a suede jacket paired with a plain black T-shirt and leather pants, the CNBLUE drummer made his way through the restaurant and took in the sights of the store amid a flurry of clicking cameras. Ahead of his buzzy entrée, GRAZIA Singapore caught up with him to talk all things style, food faves and get his best style tip when dressing for a coffee date.

How does it feel to be back in Jakarta?

It’s been a while since I visited Indonesia, I’m very excited and it feels quite different because I came alone this time and not with my band mates.

What do you look forward to doing in Indonesia?

Walk through the parks, visit a mosque, and trying out Indonesian restaurants and cafes.

You’re here for the opening of The Coach Restaurant—what are you looking forward to try?

I look forward to trying the burger, and I certainly would like to try a classic steak.

Kang Min-hyuk
CNBLUE’s Kang Min-hyuk at the grand opening of the Coach Restaurant in Indonesia. Photo: Coach
What is your favourite dessert?

Since I like coffee, I like to eat anything that goes well with coffee, for example, chocolate cake with coffee.

You travel a lot—what are your top three travel essentials?

Sunglasses to protect my eyes from the sun, a tumbler to store drinks and a camera to shoot vlogs/content for my Youtube.

What do you do during your free time?

I’ve been running a lot and going to the gym.

How do you describe your personal style?

Simple, comfortable, and unique.

CNBLUE’s Kang Min-hyuk at the grand opening of the Coach Restaurant in Indonesia. Photo: Coach
What is the latest style purchase that you made?

I haven’t purchased anything recently because of size difference now (from exercising a lot recently) and currently still on changing of season so I’ve not buy any new clothing recently.

What is the fashion item that you had for a long time that you will never give up?

A white or black t-shirt that goes with everything in my wardrobe from jacket to jeans—it is my fashion staple!

What is your style tip for dressing up for a coffee date?

Every coffee shop has its own concept and uniqueness, so I think dressing up comfortably and to your personal style is the way to go, and to focus on the date and to get to know the person.

Do you have any upcoming projects?

It’s a bit difficult to share because it’s not yet fixed or decided 100%. I do not want the fans to be disappointed, so if there is anything that confirmed to share I will definitely share [the news] through social media.

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