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Show Review: South Korean rock band FTISLAND takes fans down memory lane

FTISLAND also teased that a new album and a new tour are in the works, and only a South Korea stop is currently confirmed for the latter.

Avier Tan

| March 24, 2024
FTISLAND held the Singapore leg of their HEY DAY tour on Friday (23 Mar). Photo: FNC Entertainment

South Korean band FTISLAND have been long well known for their romantic rock hits. But now, the trio, composed of Lee Jae-jin, Choi Min-hwan and Lee Hong-gi have expanded their repertoire to other genres.

“We covered a diverse range of music with you guys, and that’s our greatest strength,” the band told fans. They were in town for their recent HEY DAY concert held at The Star Theatre on Friday (22 Mar), after their last visit seven years ago.

Nostalgic classics

So they thought it was timely to bring fans for a walk down memory lane. They played classics like I Hope (2009), Love Sick (2007) and other more-than-a-decade old tracks.

Of course, they also made an effort to weave in all seven songs from their recent EP, Sage (2023) into the setlist, whether in the main set or their encore segment. Or part two for the latter, as the band prefers to call their main set part one and the encore segment part two.

Other than jamming to high-octane hits on stage, the trio are quite an entertaining bunch when addressing fans too.

The lads of FTISLAND were an entertaining and humorous bunch at their recent Singapore concert. Photo: FNC Entertainment

“We should speak in Chinese, and introduce ourselves,” said Choi, the drummer of the band. “No, let’s keep the introduction short,” Lee, the band’s main vocalist said.

Lee proceeded to talk about the band and how they hadn’t been back to Singapore for a good while afterwards. But their fans, and myself, appreciated the spontaneity and originality of their humour.

That said, they can get sentimental at times too. “A lot happened, and now it’s just the three of us now,” Lee added.

Upcoming plans

But nothing is stopping them for now. He teased that a new album is on its way, along with a whole new tour altogether. While only the Korea stop of the tour has been confirmed thus far, fans are expectant that they may come back for another Singapore show soon.

“For the next tour, we’ll also come back with a more mature self,” the band promised.


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