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Show Review: EVNNE appeals with dynamic dance routines and interactive games

Regardless of genre or pace, EVNNE delivered spectacular stages at the Singapore leg of their [SQUAD:R] fan-concert.

Esther Low

| April 7, 2024
EVNNE at the Singapore leg of their [SQUAD:R] fan-concert at The Star Theatre. Photo: Avier Tan/HallyuSG

The seven-piece K-pop boy band EVNNE was recently in town for the first time on Friday (5 Apr) for their fan concert.

Titled the 2024 EVNNE Fan-concert [SQUAD:R] Asia Tour, they started the tour with a two-day performance in Seoul early last month before heading to Hong Kong. Singapore is the third stop of the tour, before the Taiwan, Thailand and Japan stops.

Having made their debut last September, the boy band also celebrated 200 days since their debut here in Singapore. From playing interactive games to the boy band’s charismatic appeal, here are some highlights from their fan concert.

1. A euphonious spectacle

Having just debuted recently, the group is almost fresh out of the oven.

Yet, their skills and charms as individuals and a team shone brightly on stage. Sticking close to the concept of the show “SQUAD:R”, where the R stands for rascal, the K-pop idol group displayed their bad boy appeal and charismatic sides with strong dynamic numbers like Trouble (2023) and Ugly (2024).

EVNNE performed strong dynamic numbers like Trouble (2023) and Ugly (2024). Photo: Avier Tan/HallyuSG

They also portrayed a softer side, while serenading fans with slower tunes such as Even More (2023).

It was a musical treat for concertgoers during the approximate 2¾-hour show. Regardless of genre or pace, EVNNE delivered spectacular stages. And their vocals did not falter, even during the two encores.

2. Game corners and dance covers

Adding an extra dose of fun and humour to the night, the boys played games for an added layer of interaction with the audience between their dance tracks.

They answered some questions, together with spontaneous stage interaction, creating a more intimate yet lighthearted space for the crowd to get to know the K-pop stars better.

A relay dance game also saw the members dance to the latest trending songs by other bands like IVE, LE SSERIFIM and NCT.

3. A special song cover 

Singapore was in for a treat.

The boys of EVNNE also prepared a special performance for Singapore fans. Photo: Avier Tan/HallyuSG

EVNNE served up a special performance prepared for the crowd. The boys also teased that their local fans were the first to hear their rendition of Shawn Mendes’ There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back (2016). Their stable vocals and take on the popular pop song got the crowd screaming.

4. Superb fan service and two encores

The show never ends at the last song. EVNNE made their encore appearance after an outfit change and took to the stage again with more catchy bops such as Festa (2024), Pretty Things (2023), and more. The talented stars got everyone on their feet and grooving.

EVNNE got the crowd on their feet by the end of the night. Photo: Avier Tan/HallyuSG

EVNNE surprised the crowd by going to their seats and interacting with them. Members also approached a few lucky ones and recorded short videos of themselves. Talk about being up-close and personal.


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