K-pop soloist Jeon Somi just launched her new personal makeup brand, Glyf

K-pop soloist Jeon Somi recently soft launched her own makeup brand, Glyf, with a brand new highlighter palette.

Dayna Yam

| April 7, 2024
Soloist Jeon Somi recently launched her own makeup brand Glyf. Photo: Glyf

Fans of K-beauty and K-Pop alike are in for a treat. On 2 Apr (Tue), soloist Jeon Somi soft-launched Glyf, her makeup brand.

According to her agency, the brand’s name Glyf was inspired by the word glyph, which means hieroglyphic character or symbol.

In a press release, Somi said, “Beauty to me seems like a spectrum. Glyf is the story of so many countless different beauties. I hope that people get to find the joys in expressing their individualities like they did when painting freely on sketchbooks with crayons as children.”


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For those looking to brighten up their life, metaphorically or physically, Somi kickstarted the brand with the launch of the ILLUETTE Highlighter Palette.

It contains four unique shades with equally unique shade names. The quad palette features UMPH, a cyber pink shade for your Y2K dreams, KRISP, an icy blue shade for a chilly vibe, EDWARD, a peachy gold tone that Somi describes as ‘vampire skin’, and TRALALA, a healthy pink shade that gives a flush of colour.


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The brand also claimed to have conducted extensive tests of over 50 samples before finalising its formula, which promises to leave your skin glimmering due to its fine glitter.

Amidst the vast support and buzz the singer received surrounding the launch of Glyf, she also faced criticism. In particular, many felt that the price of the ILLUETTE Highlighter Palette was too high. Some even pointed out that they could purchase makeup from luxury brands at similar price points.

The highlighter palette was originally priced at 43,000 KRW (S$42.90). Following the criticism, the singer then decided to lower the price to 34,400 KRW (S$34.35).

The ILLUETTE Highlighter Palette is currently only available for purchase on their official website.


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