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Show Review: ITZY are born to be the queens they are on stage

We dare say that the ladies of ITZY are true queens at their Singapore stop of their Born to Be tour. Here's why.

Avier Tan

| April 9, 2024
ITZY at the Singapore leg of their Born to Be tour, held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Photo: JYP Entertainment

One word to describe ITZY when they’re performing on stage? Queens.

And perhaps, the girl group knows it themselves too. We often see the ladies incorporate different variations of hand movements representing a crown in their dance routines, like in Loco (2021), WANNABE (2020) and more.

During the approximately 2½-hour show, leader Yeji also flaunted her solo segment with one of their newer tunes Crown On My Head (2024). True enough, there was a crown, represented by a large lighting fixture which hovered above the extended stage, which doubled up as a visual metaphor.

The other members’ solo performances were also equally fire. Instead of covering others like at their previous show, they performed their solo songs from their newest album live.

Chaeryeong opted for a touch of sensuality with Mine (2024), and Ryujin with a tinge of bad-ass energy with Run Away (2024). Yuna appeared in a larger-than-life diamond prop for a peppy performance for Yet, but (2024).

Queens support each other

As they explained their performances to fans, Chaeryeong said: “I almost cried when I saw your (Yeji’s) stage,” following which Yeji ran to Chaeryeong for a hug. “You were giving your everything when you were dancing,” she added.

We love queens who support and uplift each other.

ITZY backstage after their Born to Be concert in Singapore. Photo: JYP Entertainment

When it came to group performances, some 7,500 fans, and myself, enjoyed their classic not-to-be-missed hits like Loco (2021) and WANNABE (2020). There was also a good balance of B-side numbers like Gas Me Up (2021), Psychic Lover (2023) and the dopamine-inducing Don’t Give A What (2020).

The best part of it all? The ITZY members are always high on energy on stage, and confident as ever. True queens indeed.

Queens have a soft side too

But queens are humans too. In a talk set during the encore segment of the show, the ladies opened up a little more.

“Today was a slight pity because I made a small mistake during my performance”. For context, Yuna walked to the front of the stage instead of staying on the rising lift with the other three members.

“So when I was performing during the encore, I looked at Yeji and I felt really bad,” she added while holding back tears. But it’s no big deal, considering how they’ve put up such an amazing show throughout the night.

Leader Yeji agreed, as she said: “It’s okay, we still love you, and I just wanted to tell all our members that they did so well”.


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