Global girl group XG collaborates with Riot Games for exclusive track “Undefeated”

Through the distinctive vocals of XG members, the song seeks to energise those who dare to take on challenges.

Zhuo Jia Wen

| April 14, 2024
XG. Photo: XG Official/Riot Games

Global hip-hop and R&B-inspired girl group XG recently teamed up with Riot Games for a new exclusive track, titled Undefeated (2024).

They dropped the track, meant for the Valorant Champions Tour Pacific (VCT Pacific) 2024 tournament, on 12 Apr (Fri) on various streaming platforms. Its music video is also now live on the VCT Pacific YouTube channel.

For the septet, Undefeated (2024) marks the girl group’s first gaming collaboration. Its production was helmed by the group’s executive producer Simon Jakops, which explains why the track brought out the unique confidence and colours of XG.

He said: “I wanted to bring deep emotion and excitement to Valorant players worldwide and to everyone who loves music”. While producing the track, he aimed to convey the spirit of being undefeated to listeners, as the title of the track suggests.

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“I hope that everyone will embrace the spirit of dreams, challenges, and never losing in competition, just like XG,” the music producer added.

Crafted with a heavy bassline, minimalistic drum composition, and dreamy synthesizers, the track aims to energise those daredevils. That’s also reflected in the lyrics of the track, which carries an uplifting message of “fearlessly seizing victory at all times”, according to a press statement.

Riot Games previously joined forces with K-pop girl group NewJeans for, GODS (2023), the opening anthem of the League of Legends Championships. Then, the track’s music video follows the narrative of renowned Korean pro League of Legends Player, Deft (Kim Hyuk-kyu).


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Separately, XG will hold their first world tour titled “The First Howl” here in Singapore soon, following their first visit here for the F1 Grand Prix last year.


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