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Show Review: At her solo concert ten years after her debut, Moonbyul shines brighter than ever

"I never thought about going solo, at first. It just wasn't something that crossed my mind," Moonbyul said.

Dayna Yam

| April 15, 2024
Moonbyul performing at the Singapore leg of her [MUSEUM : an epic of starlit] World Tour. Photo: CK Star Entertainment

Mamamoo’s Moonbyul is back in Singapore for a concert. But this time, the 31-year-old singer-rapper is here as a solo artist.

She had been to Singapore on multiple occasions, and her most recent was last year, for sub-unit Mamamoo+’s fan concert.

Titled [MUSEUM : an epic of starlit], Moonbyul was glowing and shining in her own right, for fans to know and see her as herself, instead of in a group setting. Held at the Capitol Theatre, here are four highlights from her show.

1. Solo concert only came ten years after her debut

Moonbyul is one-quarter of Mamamoo and she has pretty much toured the world with her bandmates. But this solo world tour is special to her as she finally has the chance to embark on this voyage, ten years after her debut.

However, Moonbyul had her fair share of doubts, which probably explains why she’s only going solo now. She shared via a video played: “I never thought about going solo, at first. It just wasn’t something that crossed my mind”.

Moonbyul told fans that she never thought of going solo. Photo: CK Star Entertainment

She added, “I wasn’t sure I would still be a singer ten years later. But when the opportunity to be a solo career was presented, it felt like the beginning of a new dream.”

2. Crisp live vocals

Mamamoo is a group that is known in the industry for always bringing live vocals to the audience. Moonbyul, a member of the band, demonstrated that during her solo show too. Hearing her resonant vocals and rap live? Chef’s kiss.

She also made the effort to sing songs that were not originally on her setlist. And she presented them with acapella.

Even as an avid concert reviewer, I was sold by Moonbyul’s live performance. Her vocals sounded exactly like her studio version, and everyone in the crowd would agree too. While she’s a rapper, Moonbyul never fails to hit every high note with ease.

3. Endearing bond with fans

Moonbyul has a close-knit relationship with Moomoos, a term endearingly given to Mamamoo’s fans.

On some level, they’re like her friends to whom she sometimes dishes advice. Between her songs, Moonbyul said: “No matter who is around you, before you think of others, you should love yourself first.

“Because if you love yourself, you get to share that love with others,” she added.

Another case in point: before she performed an unreleased song titled Take Off, she said, “If you are a Moomoo, you would know what song this is”. Of course, the crowd would know, responding with defeating cheers.

4. Fans sing the encore instead

Encore stages are always the time for artists to sing a few songs before they officially part. Rarely do they get their audience to sing with them, let alone by themselves.

Moonbyul cheekily told her fans that they would be singing the encore section of the show instead. Photo: CK Star Entertainment

Not for Moonbyul.

“You know I wouldn’t be singing it, right? You would be singing the encore,” Moonbyul later chimed in and accompanied the crowd in singing too.

For concerts, the show’s setlists are usually planned. But Moonbyul prefers to go freestyle at times. She took in song requests from the crowd during the encore.

For an idol to be so comfortable in their element and be able to perform without excessive pre-preparation, it’s refreshing and respectable. And this just shows how much experience Moonbyul has under her belt.


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