Onew on acting gigs: “I want to challenge myself with any genre and any character”

For his upcoming visit, Onew also shared that he'd want to visit the Merlion Park and indulge in our local delicacies — crabs.

Avier Tan

| April 19, 2024
When it comes to acting, SHINee’s Onew said he wants to challenge himself “with any genre and any character”. Photo: Press

It’s a matter of days until SHINee’s Onew finally arrives in Singapore to grace and perform at the upcoming Star Awards. His upcoming visit marks his first overseas event after signing with his current label, Griffin Entertainment.

A new chapter for Onew’s solo career, the singer also makes his return from the hiatus he took last June citing “health concerns”.

Ahead of his highly-anticipated visit this Sunday (21 Apr), HallyuSG caught up with the 34-year-old singer over an e-mail interview, talking about Singapore, his drama gigs and more.

You’re back in Singapore after your last visit in 2016, is there anything in particular that you’d like to do or eat?

I’d definitely want to visit the Merlion Park, since it’s a symbolic icon of Singapore and I would also want to take a walk as well. Oh, and I want to try the crabs as well!

If you could choose to play any character and any drama genre, what would it be?

I want to challenge myself with any genre and any character.

What is one word of advice you’d give those starting out in the entertainment industry?

I’d tell them to be confident in themselves and work hard to do what they truly want to do.

What are three must-have items you’d bring along when going to a tropical place like Singapore?

A hoodie, ball cap, and a notebook (something I can jot down notes or draw on when I’m inspired by good ideas).

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Tell us briefly how you usually spend your time off work, or on your off days.

I don’t really have specific days off or set times to clock out, but when I do take a break, I find myself pondering what I want to do in the future and what I need to do to keep singing for a long time.

Occasionally, I also chat with Griffin and just unwind.


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