Hallyu Spotlight: 8 IU songs to challenge yourself to at the karaoke

From Friday to Love wins all, here are eight songs by IU you can challenge yourself to at your next karaoke session.

Esther Low

| April 19, 2024
Here are eight IU songs you can challenge yourself to at the karaoke. Photo: EDAM Entertainment

Ready for your ears to be blessed this weekend? South Korean songstress and actress IU will be in Singapore for her H.E.R World Tour this weekend.

Born Lee Ji-eun, the talented and powerful vocalist will perform two sell-out shows at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on both 20 and 21 Apr.

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As you ready yourself to sing some of her best hits along with her, HallyuSG lists down eight tracks you should challenge yourself to at the karaoke, or even at the show itself. Can you sing every track word for word?

1. Celebrity

IU is a global celebrity, and we’re sure of that. This is an upbeat and catchy track with easy enough movements in the music video to follow and groove while singing along.

2. eight

For those who know, eight (2020) is not just any other track, but one with special significance. Produced by BTS’ Suga, the rapper also features a verse in the track.

As for its title, it stems from the last digit of both IU’s and Suga’s age. The duo were both 28 back then (in Korean age) when the track dropped.

3. Blueming

An absolute bop but surely not an easy one to sing along to.

With its fresh spring concept and popping blue colour palette, the music video itself is a visual paradise. The song appears fun but its high-pitched notes and subtle intricacies in between make for a good challenge.

4. Good Day

Need we say more? Good Day (2011) is a classic and arguably one of the key tracks that catapulted IU’s career.

It is super addictive and filled with fun, young energy. Of course, we can’t leave out her iconic three octaves. This song is not for everyone, or anyone to be honest, but it will be something to stretch your vocal cords with.

5. Hold My Hand

It truly never gets easier with IU’s songs.

Hold My Hand (2019) takes it up a notch, maybe more and quite literally. You are testing your vocal range with this number, perhaps even tapping on your falsetto for the last portion of this masterpiece.

6. Friday

A refreshing and unique duet, IU initially sang Friday (2013) with Jang Yi-jeong of boy band HISTORY.

A timid love confession, perhaps this original mid-tempo piece might be more manageable. Or not?

7. Love wins all

The music video for Love wins all (2024) alone is a work of art, visually and conceptually.

Starring both IU and BTS’ V, the song is a mix of soft tones and powerful notes. And I would personally rate it as a song of high difficulty (especially so when the key is raised), but a fitting choice for a cathartic karaoke session.


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8. Holssi

Holssi (2024) means spore in Korean and depicts a kind of laid-back optimism.

The music video exudes a grunge vibe while this mix of R&B, K-pop and hip-hop is a breath of fresh air. You also won’t lose your breath singing this song. I would say it is the more doable song among her many hard ones.


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