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Show Review: IU delivers tip-top vocals, heartwarming moments at S’pore concert

For her H.E.R tour, IU presented an approximately three-hour long show of great precision and masterful execution.

Avier Tan

| April 22, 2024
IU at the Singapore leg of her H.E.R world tour. Photo: iMe SG/EDAM Entertainment

When it comes to IU, there’s this unspeakable allure about her vocals. One that you can only experience after hearing her perform in-person.

Some 8,700 fans were in luck, not just because they scored a chance to see and hear her live. Rather, it has turned into some sort of bragging rights that these fans were the very people who emerged victorious from the arduous ticketing battles.

And IU was well aware of that.

IU, together with some 8,700 fans at the Singapore leg of her H.E.R world tour. Photo: iMe SG/EDAM Entertainment

“I have some friends in Singapore,” she said during the show’s opening. “And they shared that the tickets were sold out as soon as they were released,” she added.

Concert-exclusive gift

To show her appreciation, she gifted all attending Sing-aenas (a portmanteau of Singapore and Uaenas, the name for her fans) a concert-exclusive luggage tag and keyring.

“I know the price doesn’t really matter (to you guys), but it’s not cheaper than the cushion (that I gifted in Seoul),” she told the audience as she chuckled.

But that’s not all. She also made it a point to thank the crowd for braving the downpour to come to the concert, verbally, and with her vocals.

She brought across fan favourites like Hold My Hand (2011), eight (2020) which featured BTS’ Suga, BBIBBI (2018) and more.

A versatile stage

What’s truly fascinating, is how versatile her stage can be. You feel like you’re swimming in the ocean with Ah Puh (2021). And the next moment, you’re hanging out in a club lounge as IU performed Obliviate (2013).

With no extended stage, IU’s concert appeared to be more of a huge theatrical play of sorts, inclusive of some dramatic elements.

She enlisted the help of a young Singaporean to perform a short skit before she played Celebrity (2021). A group of twelve other dancers also grooved along with her for the chorus of the show’s opening number, Holssi (2024).


IU asked her fans for song suggestions for her re-encore segment. Photo: iMe SG/EDAM Entertainment

What really stood out for me, was her re-encore segment. With no fixed set list for that portion of the evening, she asked fans what songs they’d like to hear her perform.

Song picks include Wind Flower (2009), Drama (2021), and Coin (2021), a song she initially took out for her tour setlist.

And since she couldn’t decide between Palette (2017) and Lilac (2021), she sang both tracks for the finalé.


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