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Show Review: CNBLUE serves up an electric night with pop and rock hits

As if almost a routine at each K-pop concert, CNBLUE also interacted with fans using the Singlish they picked up there and then.

Esther Low

| April 29, 2024
CNBLUE at their CNBLUENTITY concert in Singapore held at the Indoor Stadium. HallyuSG Photo: Nicole Quek

Seven years after their last Singapore concert, CNBLUE is still as impressive. And I’m sure about that.

The lads were back in Singapore last Saturday (27 Apr) for their CNBLUENTITY show, held at the Indoor Stadium.

Nothing short of spectacular, here are four highlights from their show with some of their classic rock and pop hits — nostalgic and new.

1. Members learnt colloquial phrases 

The pop-rock band served up some of their all-time hits like Loner (2010), Love (2014) and Intuition (2011) as opening numbers for the night.

Currently comprising main vocalist and frontman Jung Yong-hwa, bassist Lee Jung-shin and drummer Kang Min-hyuk, the members kicked off the night on an energetic and strong note.

CNBLUE’s frontman Jung Yong-hwa. HallyuSG Photo: Nicole Quek

And as if almost a routine at each K-pop concert, the trio interacted with fans using the Singlish they picked up there and then.

Every colloquial term they blurted out, was met with cheers from the crowd, which probably gave them the confidence to say another immediately. Like other K-pop acts, the trio did not forget to address their love for our chilli and pepper crab too.

2. Powerful performances of great quality

CNBLUE served up hit after hit, and not once did they seem breathless nor did their vocals falter. From my seat, I experienced how the trio were truly music maestros in person, letting their solid vocals and respective instruments do the work.

They’ve got the technique, aptitude and dynamic presence to deliver high-quality performances.

CNBLUE’s Kang Min-hyuk on the drums. HallyuSG Photo: Nicole Quek

Improvising and being impromptu truly takes confidence, experience and skills. All of these are qualities the group possess.

3. Dress code for the concert

Before the show, the band announced that blue was the colour theme for their concert here.

CNBLUE checked in with everyone, turning the attention towards the audience. They wanted to check how many of their fans came dressed in accordance to the theme.

Dressed in black, CNBLUE’s Lee Jung-shin looks dapper on the bass. HallyuSG Photo: Nicole Quek

The members themselves, though, were dressed in darker colour tones. But they took a moment to introduce the blue accessories each of them had on.

4. An (abs)olutely showstopping stage

The frontman of the band, Jung Yong-hwa, made sure everyone continued to party hard with the track Cinderella (2015).

And he decided to give the audience a visual treat, teasing fans with a short and sweet reveal of his toned abdominal muscles while performing.


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Many would agree that Cinderella (2015) is quite a powerful and upbeat banger. But according to Jung, they were only warming up till this point.

What followed were more adrenaline-pumping, high-energy titles like In My Head (2012) and I’m Sorry (2014).

To party with the band, the crowd displayed infectious enthusiasm throughout the night, almost as high as Jung’s effortless falsettos.


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