Review: Super Rich in Korea is the feel-good reality series to binge on

Super Rich in Korea, which stars local lawyer-businessman David Yong, amongst other personalities, is now available on Netflix.

Ashley Cheah

| May 12, 2024
Super Rich in Korea
The cast of Super Rich in Korea in a teaser image from the reality series. Photo: Netflix

A baby lion as a pet, a collection of Haute Coutre dresses and a cash counting machine at home. If that sounds foreign to you, that’s fine.

But that’s the daily life of the five personalities who starred in Netflix’s Super Rich in Korea (2024). The six-part reality series is a dazzling exploration of extravagance, through the lives of five personalities. This includes local lawyer-businessman David Yong.

Alongside Yong are Aren Yoo, a Korean client ambassador, internet personality Noor Naim, Italian businessman Teodoro Marani, better known as Teo and Anna Kim, who was born into Pakistani royalty and raised in South Korea.

It has a fair share of flak

As with all reality series, Super Rich in Korea has drawn its fair share of flak.

Some commented on how superficial the interactions were between cast members. Others thought there was no need for a panel, which, by the way, comprises BamBam, Cho Sae-ho and Mimi.

The panel of Super Rich in Korea, comprising BamBam, Cho Sae-ho and Mimi. Photo: Netflix

While certain portions of the series don’t quite sit right with this writer here as well, I thought that Super Rich in Korea was a much more honest and gentler look at the lives of the super-rich.

Save the drama and gossip, Super Rich in Korea is relatively more wholesome with a larger focus on the wealth of the personalities. Rather than the plot.

The series spends a considerable amount of time introducing the characters and their varied careers, for the audience to grasp their background.

The cast members’ synergy

Surprisingly, the synergy of the cast members was great, to say the least. In the last episode of the series, they sat down together to make kimchi for the underprivileged, as they joked around and teased one another.

Though, that’s not a scene you’ll typically expect from a reality series.

Between skincare appointments and blind dates, viewers can also get to know more about the cast members, and their personalities.

The verdict

While there are some questionable moments in the series, Super Rich in Korea still makes a great reality programme to binge on.

Take some time to marvel at the opulent lives these five personalities live. And perhaps just enjoy a series without much unnecessary quarrels and drama.

My suggestion: don’t harbour high expectations, and you won’t come out disappointed. The series does have its fair share of highlights and merits too.


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