Hallyu Spotlight: 5 Kim Ji-won dramas to catch after Queen of Tears

From Descendants of the Sun to Fight For My Way, here are other K-dramas that Kim Ji-won previously starred in.

Esther Low

| May 15, 2024
Kim Ji-won
Kim Ji-won plays Hong Hae-in, who is the chaebol heiress of Queens Group’s department stores. Photo: Netflix

Kim Ji-won is not just the Queen of Tears. She is probably the newest queen of the K-drama realm now, after fronting one of the hottest K-drama, Queen of Tears (2024).

Queen of Tears casts powerful leads Kim Ji-won and Kim Soo-hyun and reigns supreme as tvN’s top series with a 24% viewership rating. This latest drama holds the newest and highest record, previously held by the smash hit Crash Landing On You (2019).

Queen of Tears
Main leads of Queen of Tears, Kim Soo-hyun and Kim Ji-won, in a drama still. Photo: Netflix

Since the highly raved Queen of Tears aired, the show has been the talk of the town. Kim’s fame also saw an exponential rise with her role as heiress Hong Hae-in in the series.

The South Korean actress was in Singapore recently to grace a perfume launch at a brand event too. Here, HallyuSG looks at five dramas starring Kim in her illustrious career for you to binge-watch.

1. The Heirs (2013)

Kim Ji-won plays a heiress named Yoo Rachel in K-drama The Heirs. Photo: Press

An old but gold recipe, The Heirs (2013) is a high-school drama revolving around teen socialites, navigating the high-flyer life, friendships and teen problems.

The rich boy falls in love with the poor but kind Cinderella, and there is often a rival in the picture. Kim Ji-won plays haughty heiress Rachel Yoo, the fiancee of male protagonist Kim Tan (played by Lee Min-ho). Despite being engaged, Kim Tan falls for Cha Eun-sang (Park Shin-hye).

This was her first rich girl role before Queen of Tears and Kim also bagged her first award, the SBS New Star Award with this role.

2. Descendants of the Sun (2016)

This was easily one of the hottest dramas in 2016. And it remains one of the most loved K-series to date.

Its influential leads play a part in it being a global success. Song Joong-ki plays a special Korean forces soldier Yoon Shi-jin. He crosses paths with a skilled and stunning surgeon Kang Mo-yeon (Song Hye-kyo) and a love story blossoms between them.

Kim Ji-won takes on the role of army doctor Yoon Myeong-joo and stars alongside her on-screen partner Jin-goo (Seo Dae-yeong). Yoon is a straightforward, honest and refreshingly upfront character. She captivated viewers with her charismatic “girl crush” charms here.

3. Fight For My Way (2017)

Kim Ji-won proves herself a versatile actress able to deliver across different genres.

In this romantic comedy, Kim plays the female lead Choi Ae-ra, an iconic character even till today. Inspired by a real-life couple, Fight For My Way (2017) revolves around receptionist Choi and former taekwondo champion, Ko Dong-man (Park Seo-joon) who goes after the UFC title.

This best friends-to-lovers K-drama portrays the leads manoeuvring through life’s obstacles as they work towards their dreams.

Kim brought life into Choi with her realistic portrayal of the independent, strong yet feisty female lead. She was also every bit adorable and funny without overdoing it.

4. Arthdal Chronicles Season 1 (2019)

This production reunited Kim Ji-won with Song Joong-ki after Descendants of the Sun.

In this mythical production, Kim is Tanya, the next-in-line to the Wahan tribe. Arthdal Chronicles is set in the fictitious land of Arth. Song was cast as Eun Seom, born with an ill fate.

The story centres around the people of the old city of Arthdal and its neighbours fighting for power to create a new community.

5. My Liberation Notes (2022)

In this slice-of-life series, Kim Ji-won plays Yeom Mi-jeong, the youngest of three siblings. She feels empty and unfulfilled in life. Lee Min-ki and Lee El play her older siblings, Yeom Chang-hee and Yeom Gi-jeong respectively.

Exhausted from their monotonous and mundane life, the three siblings embark on their journey in search of freedom and fulfilment.

Son Suk-ku is her love interest, Mr Gu. Her interaction with Mr Gu gave birth to her famous line, “worship me”. With incredible acting chops and beauty to match her talent, what is not worth worshipping about Kim, really?


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