How Haerin’s Dior Book Tote in Denim Oblique got its vintage appeal

For Fall/Winter 2024, Dior reimagines its beloved Book Tote bag with a faded denim design that takes us back to the 2000s, as seen on Haerin.

Pameyla Cambe

| June 3, 2024
NewJeans’s Haerin flaunts the Dior Book Tote in Denim Dior Oblique in the fashion brand’s new campaign. Photo: Tanya & Zhenya Posternak

The Dior Book Tote may have emerged as an It bag in recent years, but it also has a way of embodying different decades. Case in point: the Book Tote in Denim Dior Oblique jacquard, which is flaunted by NewJeans member Haerin in a new Dior campaign shot in New York.

The bag looks like it came out of the 2000s instead of Dior’s Fall/Winter 2024 collection by artistic director Maria Grazia Chiuri.

The bag’s nod to the aughts is mostly seen in its fabric, which boasts an irregular, stonewashed effect. This time‐worn touch is painstakingly brought to life at the hands of Dior’s skilled artisans.

Indeed, there is typically a lot of handiwork that goes into the making of a single Dior Book Tote, including cutting the patterned canvas to perfection, embroidering the “Christian Dior” logo that appears on the bag’s façade and stitching the bag’s many parts together.

The new Denim Dior Oblique collection includes shoes, accessories and bags like the Saddle Bag. Photo: Tanya & Zhenya Posternak

For the Book Tote in Denim Dior Oblique jacquard, the maison’s craftspeople have also taken the extra step of ageing the canvas that is used to construct the bag. The result? The bag’s denim exterior is beautifully faded, much like a pair of jeans that has been faithfully worn over the years.

That jacquard denim is the highlight of the new Denim Dior Oblique line, which is featured in Haerin’s new Dior campaign. The collection includes shoes, accessories and bags, including the cult-favourite Saddle bag, all reimagined in the textured material.

But the fabric truly gets the spotlight it deserves on this season’s Book Tote, which is one of Dior’s bigger bag offerings. You can take a closer look at the material and appreciate how much detail went into creating its elaborate texture.

The bag is offered in small, medium and large sizes, and is sure to make a bold statement no matter which one you choose.

Seen on Haerin, the Dior Book Tote in blue Denim Dior Oblique jacquard boasts the appeal of a vintage design and is crafted to last. Photo: Tanya & Zhenya Posternak

The Book Tote’s makeover could not have come at a better time. In the fashion world, nostalgia is in the air: fashion houses, including Dior, are constantly drawing upon their archives to come up with new designs. Similarly, celebrities are making the old new again through their off‐duty and red carpet outfits.

The demand for vintage Dior bags, in particular, has been fuelled by stylish stars such as Rihanna and Bella Hadid in recent years—making it harder than ever to actually get your hands on the brand’s arm candy from 20 years ago.

Fortunately, the Dior Book Tote in Denim Dior Oblique jacquard brings the past, present and future together; it offers both the allure and the longevity of the maison’s vintage pieces while allowing you to embrace the revival of Y2K fashion. If you ask us, that makes the accessory an instant classic.

Discover the Denim Dior Oblique collection, now available in Dior boutiques and at

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