Hallyu Spotlight: 7 Questions with multinational girl group tripleS

tripleS, the multinational girl group with a whooping 24 members, talks to HallyuSG about their latest music, concepts and more.

Zhuo Jia Wen

| June 5, 2024
tripleS. Photo: Press

A K-pop group with 24 members doesn’t sound plausible. That’s until you meet the South Korean multinational girl group tripleS.

The girl group totalling 24 members debuted with 10 members last February. It was only until last month when the girls debuted with all 24 members.

Last month, they dropped their first studio album ASSEMBLE24 (2024), headed by title number Girls’ Never Die (2024). HallyuSG caught up with four members, Mayu, Lynn, Seoyeon and Jiyeon over a virtual call as they shared their latest music, concepts and more.

Congratulations on the release of your album! Could you tell us a little bit more about how you guys prepared for it before its official release?

Mayu: Since we’re debuting as a full group with new members, we really had to work on our teamwork for our performances so we tried our best to get close to one another quickly. And I think that I usually have a cute image so I put in a lot of thought on how to pull off this cool concept in my own way.

Lynn: This is my first promotion (as tripleS), so there are many things I’m experiencing for the first time and many things I don’t know about so the members taught me along the way, especially Mayu.

She’s also Japanese and if there are any words I don’t know during vocal and dance lessons, she helps me out. I’m also participating in the song Atmosphere this time. Some members are already part of the song so they helped the new members in learning the dance.

What is the concept behind your album ASSEMBLE24,  and what do you want your fans to take away from this release?

SeoYeon: In regards to the title song Girls Never Die of our album ASSEMBLE24, it talks about girls who stand up even when they fall, and how failure is such a precious and cool experience. The storyline of Trial, Self-Awareness, Recovery, Us is not just a tripleS story, but that of today’s girls. 

That’s why our styling for this song is also dark but also familiar.

If you could only describe your newest album ASSEMBLE24 in a word or a short phrase, what would it be?

JiYeon: I’d like to describe it as “we become one and dream together”, because in Girls Never Die, the lyrics “We go, we high”, and “we dream together” depict the hardships and troubles we went through till all 24 of us joined.

Lynn: I think this album can show our cool, cute, sexy sides just like how our name means “the idol of all possibilities”.

Mayu: 24 girls never give up!

SeoYeon: WAV, let’s start again

tripleS is quite at the forefront of concepts. What are your thoughts on that, and any plans to push the boundaries even more in the future?

SeoYeon: This is a very new concept. The fact that fans can participate in the management of their favourite group is a fun aspect. We’ve been giving digital photo cards containing photos taken by us but we will soon create NFT photocards with photos taken by fans themselves.

This is a true fan-participatory photocard. In addition, we have a community and content space for fans to upload fan art. They also upload proof shots of their fan activities. If you’re our fan, all activities and functions to look forward to will be on our cosmo platform soon so please stay tuned.

Have you been to Singapore? If yes, what was your best memory of the city? If not, what have you heard about the city so far?

JiYeon: I really want to go to Singapore and meet the Singaporean WAV. I’ve never been to the country but wish to travel there. I heard that the Sentosa is beautiful and wave surfing looks like a lot of fun. And I also want to go to Universal Studios.

I also want to eat lots of delicious food at Hawker Center. I heard that chilli crab is popular and very delicious, and really want to try it.

What would you say is the biggest difference between performing in Korea and overseas?

Mayu: I think the biggest difference is the atmosphere I can feel from different places. For example, when we went to perform in Australia last year, the Australian WAV shouted a chant to raise the atmosphere before we performed and that really made me feel that we had fans in Australia cheering for us.

SeoYeon: I can’t say one is better than the other, but during overseas performances, the audience seemed to immerse themselves in our music and express their enjoyment through enthusiastic cheers and gestures.

In South Korea, I can see the fans really focus on the points they love the most or the members. We can feel the love from both international and South Korean fans so we are very happy when we perform.

What’s in store for tripleS as a group moving forward in 2024?

JiYeon: First of all, it’s to successfully conclude the promotions for our 24-member full group album. And it’s most important for us to spread the word to worldwide K-pop fans that tripleS has a unique concept, system and is a fan-participatory group.

SeoYeon: We also wish to meet our fans in Singapore, so we are trying our best to meet our WAV in South East Asia including Singapore. We’d love to meet our WAV in Singapore if we have the chance.

Lynn: There might also be a Gravity that will determine a new dimension (Unit) alongside our promotions in Japan. 


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