Review: aespa brings the heat with first full album Armageddon

aespa just dropped their first album Armaggedon, an ingenious compilation of songs curated to demonstrate their vocal prowesses.

Dayna Yam

| June 6, 2024
aespa. Photo: SM Entertainment

In a flash, it has been four years since aespa’s debut in 2020. Yet, the K-pop quartet never fails to release chart-topping hits, with every comeback topping the previous.

A highly-anticipated release, the girls recently dropped their first full album, Armageddon (2024). With hits like Supernova (2024) and Armageddon, the album remained true to the group’s core.

Armageddon is an ingenious compilation of songs curated to demonstrate aespa’s vocal prowesses. While the ten tracks are sonically diverse, they are cohesive, ranging from darker to brighter sounds which showcase the girls’ ability to expand into different genres.


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Considering the buzz surrounding their first album and how Supernova reached a Perfect-All-Kill in such a short time, aespa is a formidable force to be reckoned with and should not be overlooked.


Starting strong, Supernova was a pre-release track ahead of the official release of their album, which made its rounds on the internet for its catchy bridge and accompanying choreography.

The track also features heavy sing-talk, which could bore listeners if overdone.

But in Supernova, it did the opposite, making the song catchier and easier to follow. What made the song stand out even more would be its refrains.

Albeit repeated, it flows effortlessly, making it an instant catchphrase for many fans (I have found myself singing “su-su-su-supernova” at random).


This title track was cryptic, and initially kept a secret from fans even after dropping teasers for the other tracks.

The girl group uploaded a visualiser of the album’s highlight medley on their official YouTube channel, but they deliberately left this track out, leaving fans feeling even more curious. The secrecy surrounding this track was creative marketing at its peak.

Undoubtedly, the girls did not disappoint.

Armageddon features heavier and darker synths from the get-go, setting the tone for the track.

While this track may seem a tad plain compared to the other title track Supernova, listeners are drawn in by the repeated “Bang-chitty-bang, bang-chitty-bang, bang” in the pre-chorus (onomatopoeia at its finest), as well as the drawls of the last syllable in the chorus.

B-side tracks

Their B-side tracks like Set The Tone (2024) and Mine (2024) will appeal to those who like hip-hop. Licorice (2024) features heavier rock elements while BAHAMA (2024) feels like a breath of fresh air, a good break (or perhaps, a vacation) from the first five heavier tracks.

Towards the end of the album, it strategically closes with Melody (2024) a ballad which prominently highlights their rich vocals. Melody is no doubt the perfect way to conclude this masterpiece of an album.


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