5 new K-dramas to add to your watch list this June: Hierarchy, The Whirlwind

From Netflix's Hierarchy starring Lee Chae-min to Viu's The Player 2 with Song Seung-heon, here are the K-dramas we recommend.

Esther Low

| June 9, 2024
A still from new Netflix K-drama Hierarchy. Photo: Netflix

The world is still reeling from the Ryu Sun-jae fever, as K-drama Lovely Runner (2024) and its leads Byeon Woo-seok and Kim Hye-yoon have got the world in a chokehold.

Since the end of the series, global viewers have been struggling hard to move on from the show, proving its global influence and impact. This writer here, for one, is feeling empty, to say the least.

Perhaps, these five new K-dramas in June can keep us company, and fill that drama void.

1. Hierarchy

The synopsis of Netflix’s newest arrival reminds one of K-drama classic The Heirs (2013).

Hierarchy stars young actors Roh Jeong-Eui, Lee Chae-min, Lee Won-jung and Kim Jae-won in this high school series surrounding privileged kids. Set in Jooshin High School, the students are chosen at birth to attend this prestigious academy.

Roh Jeong-Eui (Jung Jae-yi) and Kim Jae-won’s (Kim Ri-an) characters are heirs to their family’s businesses. Lee Chae-min shakes the hierarchy of Jooshin High as a transfer student with a dark secret, and many events will unfold in this series of jealousy and teenage love.

Hierarchy is now on Netflix.

2. The Player 2: Master of Swindlers

A sequel to the 2018 hit OCN series The Player (2018), the second season brings back Song Seung-heon and Lee Si-un as its headliners.

They will reprise their previous roles as Kang Ha-ri, the leader of a team of scammers and brainy hacker Lim Byung-min respectively. Oh Yeon-seo joins the cast as the mysterious Jung Soo-min, who once again brings Kang into the universe of criminality.

This exhilarating heist-themed K-drama centres around a team of expert swindlers who target the filthy rich and unscrupulous. They join forces and plot to steal money that the wealthy illegally acquired.

The Player 2: Master of Swindlers is now on Viu.

3. The Whirlwind

Veteran actors Kim Hee-ae and Sol Kyung-gu reunite to helm this political thriller.

Both actors played meaty roles in the sci-fi movie The Moon (2023). Sol Kyung-gu will portray Park Dong-gu, a Prime Minister who challenges a tumultuous political landscape.

Expect tension and conflict to ensue as Park stands against the president, whom he suspects is corrupted. Kim plays the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, Jung Soo-jin. Jung will clash with Park as they confront each other in this fight for political power.

The Whirlwind drops on Netflix from 28 Jun.

4. High School Return of a Gangster

Inspired by a webtoon, this high-school drama combines comedy, action and sci-fi as it delves into the heavy subject of school bullying. Young actor Yoon Chae-young leads this body-swapping K-drama as student Song Yi-heon.

An outcast oppressed by school bullies, he makes a drastic decision and wakes up one day with the soul of Kim Deuk-pal (Lee Seo-jin). Kim is the second-in-command in a gangster organisation.

With the soul of a gangster, Song returns to school to punish and exact revenge on his aggressors.

High School Return of a Gangster is now on Viu.

5. My Military Valentine

If you loved the iconic romcom Crash Landing On You, then this Viki original is for you.

Starring Kim Min-seok and Nam Gyu-ri, this is another cross-border love story. It focuses on South Korean Superstar Lloyd (Kim Min-seok) and North Korean soldier Bae Young-ok (Nam Gyu-ri).

After years of tension and uncertainty, a new beginning awaits the Korean peninsula. To celebrate this newfound peace, Lloyd heads to North Korea and holds a concert.

A misunderstanding resulted in him crossing paths with Bae. Further misconceptions fuelled by fans force Lloyd to join the military under her unit and love blossoms between them.

My Military Valentine is now on Viki.


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