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K-pop band HIGHLIGHT to hold Singapore concert on 8 Sep

HIGHLIGHT will also be touring Hong Kong, Kaohsiung, Bangkok and Tokyo as part of their Lights Go On, Again tour.

Avier Tan

| June 11, 2024
K-pop boy band HIGHLIGHT at the Seoul stop of their Lights Go On, Again tour. Photo: @highlight_auent/X

The second-gen K-pop lads are back. K-pop boy band HIGHLIGHT will soon come to Singapore for their concert on 8 Sep (Sun).

The four-membered boy band comprising Yoon Doo-joon, Yang Yo-seob, Lee Gi-kwang, and Son Dong-woon will bring their Lights Go On, Again concert here. In an announcement made yesterday (10 Jun), Singapore is the latest addition to the tour.


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The tour currently sees the band heading to Hong Kong, Bangkok, Kaohsiung and Tokyo. Their Hong Kong and Bangkok legs of the tour will take place late this month, while the Kaohsiung and Tokyo stops will happen the next.

Coincidentally, their tour is named after their fourth mini-album, which dropped in 2010.

Making their initial debut in 2009 as B2ST, or Beast, the boy band later rebranded as Highlight under a new agency Around Us Entertainment in 2017.

Fans would know that the band has quite a number of earworms under their belt. This includes their golden hits like Fiction (2011) and Shock (2010).

As Highlight, the lads are also known for tracks like Plz Don’t Be Sad (2017) and more recently Body (2024).

Currently, local promoter CK Star Entertainment only revealed the show date. The show venue, as well as ticketing details, have yet to be made public.


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