Sweet Home makes return to Netflix with its final third season

The third season of Sweet Home will land on Netflix on 19 Jul and it's said to be "the endgame and the welcoming of a new dawn".

Esther Low

| June 16, 2024
Sweet HOme
Song Kang in a still from the second season of Sweet Home. Photo: Netflix

The final chapter is here. The newest and last season of Sweet Home 3 will soon land on Netflix on 19 Jul. This third season of the widely-loved K-series is said to be the endgame of evolvement and the welcoming of a new dawn.

In the first series, global viewers were first introduced to the new world of monsters. Among familiar names who helmed season one were Lee Do-hyun, Go Min-si, Song Kang, Go Youn-Jung, and more. Spanning 10 episodes, this apocalyptic thriller saw residents of a dilapidated apartment fending for and fighting among themselves and creatures for survival.

Its second season then followed the aftermath of the remaining residents who left the building. It also delved into deeper themes and took the audience on a journey across the universe. The show came with mixed reviews and reactions regarding the series.

But the 30-second appearance of Lee Do-hyun, along with Go Min-si, Lee Si-young and Song Kang as the cast made it worth the watch. Their great performances can very well make you ignore or forget the confusing aspects.

The new and final instalment of this monstrous series looks to return bigger and better. Sweet Home 3 highlights the blurred divide between humans and monsters, and this ambiguous line gets more indistinct with time. This new season will underscore humanity grappling with the rise of neo-humans in a world on the edge of extinction.


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Song Kang reprises his role as Cha Hyun-su and in the poster, he dons an all-black outfit and stands with an extended monster wing. Strap in on 19 Jul for this fitting finale to what’s probably an overall scintillating Netflix series.


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