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Show Review: BABYMONSTER is just at the start of a limitless journey ahead

At their first Singapore fan meeting, BABYMONSTER performed their top tracks and dropped a cryptic spoiler for their upcoming comeback.

Avier Tan

| June 17, 2024
BABYMONSTER performing at their first Singapore fan meeting. Photo: YG Entertainment

Just two months after their official debut, K-pop girl group BABYMONSTER is going places, literally and figuratively. After all, it’s not common practice for groups to go on tour so quickly after their debut. But when they do so, it only means one thing: they’re sure and confident of their global appeal.

It appears so. Because fans, die-hard ones presumably, know the chants and words inside out to tracks like Sheesh (2024) and Batter Up (2023).

As I was seated at The Star Theatre watching the band at their first fan meeting titled See You There, it didn’t feel like the girls were rookies. Perhaps it’s because I was already acquainted with them since their pre-debut reality series Last Evaluation. The eight-part programme which aired last year, starred seven trainees, who were vying for a spot in the group.

The agency’s head producer, Yang Hyuk-suk later made an unorthodox decision to have all seven trainees debut.

Composed of Ruka, Pharita, Asa, Ahyeon, Rami, Rora, and Chiquita, BABYMONSTER made sure their fans, or those who might be watching them for the first time, know who they are. “Baby I’m a monster,” they sing in their latest drop Sheesh (2024). Later in the song, they also spelt their band name in full.

But it’s hard to forget the band because they’re just so unique on their own.
While they do admittedly enjoy some leverage having been under one of the top South Korean entertainment agencies, BABYMONSTER did not ride on star power of their predecessors.

BABYMONSTER performing at their first Singapore fan meeting. Photo: YG Entertainment

Instead, they carved out their style — which to me, is a tasteful blend of youthful charismatic energy fused with the label’s signature hip-hop style. The girls knew how to work ballads as well. And it was evident in the delivery of tracks like Stuck in the Middle (2024), and their aspirational hit Dream (2024).

Later in the show, they also sang a cover of Alessia Cara’s Scars to Your Beautiful (2015), a song which they sang for a group evaluation performance.

These performances were a testament to how well-thought-out the group’s lineup was. The seven girls are not merely skilful and capable individuals. Instead, they can come together as a septet to complement one another and perform as a whole.

BABYMONSTER performing at their first Singapore fan-meeting. Photo: YG Entertainment

Between songs, they took a breather and settled for some games and fun, where they interacted with local fans. When asked to tease their upcoming comeback, member Asa cheekily said: “Let’s be together forever,” which prompted nods from her bandmates.

Guess we’d have to wait and see what the girls have in store for us.


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