Hwasa talks about her “Twits” fan-concert, touring experience, and more

When we asked Hwasa what she misses about Singapore, she told us that its none other than "the fans, of course".

Oliver Chan

| June 21, 2024
Hwasa performing at the Seoul leg of her “Twits” fan-concert tour. Photo: P Nation

When we think about Hwasa, words like charisma, chic and confident come to mind. And local fans are in for a treat, as the MAMAMOO member will bring her “Twits” fan concert to town tomorrow.

She will hold the show at The Star Theatre tomorrow (22 Jun), at 7PM. Ahead of her fan concert, we catch up with the star to ask her some questions about her touring experience thus far, coming back to Singapore as a solo artist, and more.

We know it’s not your first time in Singapore, but you’re bringing your solo fan concert here for the first time and in the capacity of a solo artist. Does that feel different for you?

It’s really different. When we came together as MAMAMOO, and since there were four of us instead of just one, I felt a sense of togetherness. But when I’m here as a solo artist, there’s quite a bit that I have to take care of, so it’s really different.

Sum up your upcoming “Twits” fan concert in just one word.

Twits. (laughs)

You’ve held a few shows of the “Twits” fan concert so far now, were there any memorable moments from the tour to date?

There’s really quite a lot. But when I was in Hong Kong and ended my encore performance, I even removed my microphone packs and in-ear monitors and was on my way to the waiting room, I heard my fans repeatedly shouting “encore”.

So I ran back to the stage and asked what song I should perform for the encore, and my team replied: “Twits”! Thereafter, I did another encore stage and that was really thrilling.


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What’s one song that you would recommend for those who want to learn more about Hwasa?

I’m A B (2021).

We all know that touring is exhausting and tiring. How do you keep your positive energy and stay recharged throughout it all?

That’s really important, for me. Personally, I really love having the synergy with my dancers, and just think positive thoughts to amp up the energy so you don’t feel the fatigue of work.

And that’s how I really stay uplifted throughout it all.

What do you miss most about Singapore?

The fans, of course.

What do you do during your off days or your free time?

I watch movies. In fact, I watch movies quite a bit. Since I’m currently preparing for an album, I’m generally more spontaneous as well and I’d do what my heart tells me to.

For instance, I could just want to be at home the whole day but the next second I’ll be out at a restaurant eating. So it’s quite spontaneous and more spur-of-the-moment right now.


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