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Show Review: Hwasa dazzles at solo fan concert named after her fans

Though Hwasa admitted she was shy at times, that didn't stop her from dancing her heart out to hits like Twits, Maria, and more.

Avier Tan

| June 23, 2024
Hwasa performed at her Twits fan concert held at The Star Theatre. HallyuSG Photo: Avier Tan

Hwasa is known for her bold and strong performances. Above that, she’s also recognised for being unapologetically herself and standing firm for what she believes in. But behind that charismatic facade lies a pure, shy and sometimes comical star.

That’s what I concluded from her approximately three-hour Twits fan concert yesterday (22 Jun) held at The Star Theatre.

For context, her fans are affectionately called Twits. And hence the name of the gig.

“When I first planned this fan concert, I immediately thought of Twits,” she said. It’s not a curse, she hurriedly clarifies, but “I felt like I was a twit looking at this job (I’m doing now) since I was young, and now I still feel like I perform like a twit”.

That’s the exact word the 28-year-old used to summarise her fan concert too, speaking to HallyuSG via a pre-show interview.

Hwasa performed at her Twits fan concert held at The Star Theatre. HallyuSG Photo: Avier Tan

When she previously toured with her MAMAMOO bandmates Solar, Wheein and Moonbyul, she told fans she’d leave most of the talking to them. Instead, she mainly hyped them up, reacting to their talk sets and clapping along to them.

With the spotlight only on her now, Hwasa still remains slightly meek at times.

For most of it though, she thrived in owning the stage with hits like I Love My Body (2023) and I’m A B (2021). During her show-opener Twit (2019), she even cheekily removed her silk robe to reveal her performance fit.

“I would always remove a piece (of clothing), so my stylist is worried,” she joked. “I want to give you everything,” she later added. Not in the way you’re thinking, though.

Rather, she meant that she’d shower her fans with love and serve up impromptu and exclusive bits.

She screened an unreleased video of her doing the previously trending Wop dance challenge, one she filmed during an awards ceremony earlier this year. To prove that she’s also in the know of current trends, Hwasa was game to perform the Malatanghulu challenge live, twice.

Hwasa performed solo hits like Twit, I Love My Body and more at her first solo fan concert. HallyuSG Photo: Avier Tan

Sharing something closer to heart, she also did a cover of Meghan Trainor’s Remind Me (2022). “I listen to this song a lot whenever I feel vulnerable,” she shared. Her soulful rendition struck a chord with the crowd and emcee April Kim, who teared after her performance.

“When you sang the song you made it sound like it was your own version,” Kim said. That was the “best compliment a singer can ever get,” according to Hwasa herself.

Another segment of the show that sent fans into hysteria would probably be her MAMAMOO medley.

It’s timely, considering how the quartet recently commemorated their tenth anniversary since their 2014 debut. She mashed up tracks like Décalcomanie (2016), Dingga (2020), Hip (2019) and more.


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