Hallyu Spotlight: 5 NCT Dream hits to add to your playlist before the concert

From a remake of H.O.T's classic hit candy to songs that speak about their youth.

Belinda Poh

| June 27, 2024
NCT Dream
NCT Dream performing at the Osaka leg of their The Dream Show 3: DREAM( )SCAPE tour. Photo: SM Entertainment

NCT Dream is coming back to Singapore for the second time this weekend. The boys were last here in May 2023, playing their The Dream Show 2 titled In A Dream at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Then, they played a one-night-only gig here sans member Chenle.

This time, the band will come back as six too, as member Renjun has “health conditions,” according to a statement put out by local promoter Live Nation Singapore.


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While it’s a pity we can’t see the band in its entirety, that wouldn’t stop fans from having fun during the two-day show. Ahead of the concert, here are 5 NCT Dream hits to add to your playlist and stream.

1. Broken Melodies (2023)

Broken Melodies is an emotive showcase of NCT Dream’s vocal prowess, accompanied by its rhythmic drum beats and melody.

This track expresses the pain of being in a long-distance relationship and listeners can almost hear the sincerity in the members’ vocals. Even the band’s rappers belt out in this evocative track.

2. Fireflies (2020)

If there was a song that suits NCT Dream’s image of youth and innocence to a tee, it would be Fireflies (2020). And there’s a reason why.

Fireflies is the official song of the World Scout Foundation. With its punchy melodies and refreshing vocals, this track just makes you feel like the protagonist of a coming-of-age movie.

3. We Go Up (2020)

Catchy, energetic and an overall banger, We Go Up (2020) has to be one of NCT Dream’s representative songs. This number starts with a rap that flows just like a river, before its short transition to vocal portions.

Its addictive portion comes in the chorus with minimal beats to cast the spotlight on the members’ voices.

4. Candy (2022)

Need we say more about NCT Dream’s rendition of this K-pop classic?

The boys add a punch of youthfulness and innocence as they put a spin on H.O.T.’s 1996 tune. Whether it’s the rap verses or the harmonies layered in the vocal lines, the boys have masterfully covered this tune.

5. My Youth (2021)

Continuing the band’s long-running concept of youth, My Youth (2021) perfectly summarises everything they stood for.

A song for their fans, they sing about how they’d remember their youth and the precious memories then. Even if their listeners grow old and eventually leave their fandom.


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