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Show Review: Concepts of youth and growth still at the core of NCT Dream’s music

Haechan said that the next time NCT Dream makes their way back, fans can rest assured that they'll be back as a complete septet.

Avier Tan

| June 30, 2024
NCT Dream
NCT Dream at their THE DREAM SHOW 3: DREAM()SCAPE concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Photo: Live Nation Singapore

Since their debut with Chewing Gum (2016) in 2016, K-pop boy band NCT Dream has sung about their youth. Till today, that concept, along with themes of growth, remains an overarching subject for the septet’s music.

It’s fitting for the band; as each member boasts a unique and alluring youthful appeal. And I can see why some 9,000 fans have turned up to watch them in the flesh at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

NCT Dream
NCT Dream’s first of two shows this weekend saw some 9,000 fans in attendance. Photo: Live Nation Singapore

The group, sans Renjun, played their first of two shows here on Saturday (29 Jun), part of their third instalment of The Dream Show. The tour, titled DREAM()SCAPE, was named after their EP which dropped in March.

Naturally, the EP has found itself weaved into the show’s setlist. Hip-hop dance track Box (2024) served as the show opener while they closed their set with Smoothie (2024).

These songs showed a more mature side of the boys (though, ironically, they’re only in their early twenties). But the setlist offered a balance of upbeat hits for a mix, like crowd-favourite Fireflies (2020) and We Go Up (2020).

My amusing discovery midway through, was that the group had quite several song titles named after food items. Case in point: other than Smoothie, there were Pretzel (2023), Yoghurt Shake (2023) and Candy (2022).

Well, Candy might not be originally by the band, but there’s no doubt that they put a commendable spin on it. It was also one of the tracks that got the loudest cheers during the nearly three-hour gig.

NCT Dream
NCT Dream sang songs named after food items, including Candy, Pretzel and Yoghurt Shake. Photo: Live Nation Singapore

Fans went feral mostly during members’ talk sets, or between-songs interactions. “Do you like NCT Dream when we’re at our cutest? Sexiest? Or when we’re at our brightest,” Mark asked in English.

While it’s hard to distinguish which it was by the screams, we’d safely assume fans loved the group when they were at their sexiest. Like I said, the lads have got charisma.

But the best part of it? They know how to capitalise on it: think their abs-barring biker jackets, bromance moments on stage, casual winks, dance breaks and more.

NCT Dream performs a dance break while singing Skateboard. Photo: Live Nation Singapore

The crowd loved it. And I loved watching that interaction.

What came as a slight pity though, was that member Renjun was unable to come along due to “health conditions”.

“We’re not here as 7Dream (as a complete septet) this time, but the next time we come back, it’ll be,” Haechan said. “See you at The Dream Show 4,” Jeno added.


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