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Show Review: Byeon Woo-seok saves the day with his warmth, sincerity and charms

Byeon Woo-seok enthralled fans with his warmth, sincerity and charms at his first ever Singapore fan meeting.

Avier Tan

| July 1, 2024
Byeon Woo-seok
Byeon Woo-seok at his Singapore fan meeting. Photo: @chsanago/X

South Korean actor Byeon Woo-seok is more relatable than you might think he is. At his first Singapore fan meeting, the 32-year-old actor said: “I lie down at home a lot, on the sofa, just watching television (in my free time)”. An audible wave of laughter erupts from the crowd at the Singapore Expo.

That statement perfectly describes Byeon’s charms: he’s warm and sincere with a touch of authenticity.

At the fan meeting, he also interacted with fans, re-enacting iconic scenes from his beloved series Lovely Runner (2024) with them. But he takes it a step forward and makes it a point to take an individual photo with each lucky fan.

Most might know him from the series, so he also brought live some Original Soundtracks (OSTs) from the drama. These were songs like Loveholic (2003), I Think I Did (2024) and crowd favourite Sudden Shower (2024).

Byeon puts his heart and soul into everything he does, whether acting or singing live for his fans. So much so that you can feel it even from a distance.

Though, his charms can only enthral that far.

His Singapore fan meeting, which totalled only some 100 minutes, was initially off to a bumpy start after almost an hour’s delay. Talk sets were also largely choppy, though Byeon attempted to spice it up with engaging responses.

“I ate Tteokbokki for lunch today,” he shared a TMI of the day. That’s really how genuine and amusing he is.

At one point when a fan-made video played on screen, he tried to hold back his tears. But his efforts proved futile. “(I cried because) this was played at an unexpected time,” he quickly devised an impromptu joke.


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To his defence, the production team usually screens videos of such nature near the end of the show; so that came unexpectedly.

We can only hope that the next time he returns, it’ll be played at a more appropriate juncture. But the next time he’s back may well be for leisure instead, hoping to explore more of this city he calls “beautiful”.


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