MOKKOJI KOREA Launches K-pop Stars Online Fan Meetings and K-Lifestyle Experiences

Catch your favourite K-pop stars through online live streaming and engage with some popular influencers and YouTubers through various contents offered by online content platform, MOKKOJI KOREA.

Hosted by MCST (Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism) and organised by KOFICE (Korea Foundation for International Cultural Exchange), MOKKOJI KOREA is an online platform that connects people all over the world with Korean culture, lifestyle, food experiences and more.

(Photo Credit: AB6IX, Lovelyz, Teen Top, Golden Child Official FB Pages)

Its K-pop stars live streaming line-up includes 15 groups namely, AB6IX, Lovelyz, Seven O’Clock, Teen Top, D-Crunch, APRIL, DONGKIZ, MCND, D1CE, 3YE, ONEUS and Cignature, with 2 more groups to be announced. Beginning with Golden Child‘s online Fan Meeting on 20 October, fans will be able to catch the live sessions every Tuesday, with a replay on Fridays.

MOKKOJI KOREA is expected to run from now till January 2021. For more details of the schedules and programs, visit their official website here.


These K-Pop Girls Are Rocking Our Favourite ‘90s Fashion Trends

From small shoulder bags to scrunchies, fashion trends from the 1990s are now everywhere. We’re loving the new takes and reinterpretations of some of these trends that have made a comeback. Here, we round up some of our favourite ‘90s fashion trends as seen on these female celebrities.

Tube Tops

The tight-fitting wardrobe staple is easy to style and looks great with virtually any pair of denim jeans. This versatile piece can also be layered and worn under a jacket or blazer for a dressier look.

Ribbed Cardigans

Ribbed, buttoned cardigans are all the rage now and are basic but trendy pieces that can’t go wrong. They come in fun, pastel colours like blue and pink and are also available in neutral colours like white, brown and black. Style it with a straight-cut mini skirt for a playful look or with a pair of jeans for a more laid-back and casual look.

Baguette Bags

Characterised by its short shoulder strap and narrow, rectangular shape, the Fendi Baguette bag was the it bag back in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Many styles similar to the Baguette have since popped up with slight variations in shape and size, so you’re bound to find one that’ll tickle your fancy.


Clips and pins may be the go-to hair accessories but thick, solid-coloured headbands are making a comeback and can easily amp up one’s look. A wide and chunky headband makes a good statement piece while a regular one adds that finishing touch to complete one’s look.


Available in a variety of colours and designs, scrunchies are versatile and can pretty much match any casual outfit. They can also be worn on your wrist as an accessory whilst providing convenience should you ever need a hair tie when you’re out and about.


Iconic Types Of Bangs Sported By K-Pop Girl Groups

Girl group members are no stranger to new hairstyles and colours, having to change up their look every now and then with each comeback; virtually every girl group has had its fair share of members having bangs in one style or another at some point in time. Regardless of whether the bangs are curly or straight, bangs are well-loved and have been seen on many girl group members.  Here, we take a look at some of the most iconic types of bangs sported by this generation’s girl group members.

See-through Bangs

(Photos: Seola, Sujeong, Yuju, Sejeong)

Arguably the most popular style, see-through bangs are a staple in girl groups – almost every girl group has had at least one member sporting the see-through bangs look. It’s a style that instantly shaves years off one’s age for a more youthful look. While trends come and go, the see-through bangs style will never go out of style, that’s for sure.

Full Bangs

(Photos: Minnie, Momo, Joy, Lisa)

A style that changes up one’s look immediately, full bangs can look either cute or chic, depending on the look the person is going for. The duality is strong with this style, as seen on girl group members like Lisa, Joy, Momo and Minnie who rock it both ways on stage and off-stage.

Choppy Bangs

(Photos: Hyojung, Naeun, Sohee, Jueun)

Choppy bangs were trendy for a while and while they’re not as often sported, it is a quirky style that ends above the eyebrows for an edgy look to stand out from others. They can also be grown out to straight bangs or see-through bangs, depending on how thick the choppy bangs are.