EVERYTHING You Need To Know About HallyuPopFest 2018 In Singapore

(In Photo: Wanna One) (Source: HallyuPopFest 2018)

The wait is finally over! For the past one month, the festival had been releasing and teasing the artiste line-up on their social media, and today (27 Jun) the organisers have confirmed more details such as the festival schedule and ticketing information. We will summarise everything into this page for your easy reference because it’s really extensive:

What is HallyuPopFest 2018?

HallyuPopFest is said to be the biggest K-pop music festival in South East Asia, and it will be staged in Singapore for the first time and over 3 days from 7 to 9 September 2018. The festival will feature over 100 K-pop idols, 111 to be exact, who will perform at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

It will be hosted by Korean-American singer-songwriter Eric Nam, and daily activities range from Global Auditions in the morning and throughout the day, followed by Afternoon Showcases and Red Carpet, and ending off with the festival’s finale Evening Concert, which promised power-packed performances that will go on for at least 3 hours daily.

(In photo: Eric Nam)

Who will be performing at the Festival?

The line-up is pretty amazing looking at the star-studded performer list, featuring Wanna One for two nights, as they are slated to prepare a different performance setlist for each night, and other headliners such as Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, NCT 127, BTOB, Apink, Heize, EXID, and many more.

Fans can also look forward to up and coming groups such as UNB, Momoland, VICTON, Dreamcatcher, ONF and more, many of whom will be performing in Singapore for the first time. Check out the complete festival schedule below!

(Source: HallyuPopFest 2018)

What are the Ticket Prices & Fan Entitlements?

There are five standard ticket categories ranging from Cat 1 to Cat 5 (Single day: From S$148 to $298 per day), and the ultimate Daebak! Pass premium tickets. All ticket holders (Cat 1 to Cat 5 and Daebak! Passes) will be entitled to FREE showcase entry aside from the evening concert, applicable for same day activities only.

EXAMPLE: If you purchase the Day 1 ticket (7 Sep), you will be entitled access to Day 1’s afternoon showcases and evening concert. Oh yes, Red Carpet* as well. That’s a pretty good steal. (*Note: Red Carpet will be open to the public too)

(Source: HallyuPopFest 2018)

What about the Daebak! Pass?

Daebak! Pass belongs to the premium category where you can get access to all the fan entitlements that Cat 1 to Cat 5 ticket holders receive, and on top of that, Priority Access to the showcases & concerts, a Dedicated Daebak! VIP Standing zone (red carpet & evening concert), Hi-Touch and Group Photo opportunities, exclusive Daebak! lanyard & pass, and the exclusive goodie bag that comes with it. Prices are S$498 per day and passes are very limited as well — definitely not cheap but it’s really for those who can afford it. (On the looks of it, it’s kinda similar to KCON NY, but KCON is priced much higher for their Diamond/Platinum packages.)

Daebak! (in Korean) = Something Amazing/Awesome  So ticket holders of this premium category, you can expect really up-close interactions with your favourite idols at the festival!

(*Note: Fans are not able to select which idol group/artiste for the Hi-touch and photo opportunity) (Source: HallyuPopFest 2018)

What is the Global Auditions all about?

For the first time ever in Singapore and South East Asia, three of Korea’s biggest K-Entertainment companies Cube Entertainment, Starship Entertainment and Jellyfish Entertainment will be partnering with HallyuPopFest to hold individual global auditions on different days of the festival.

(Source: HallyuPopFest 2018)

If you are an aspiring singer/dancer/actor/actress, you may like to note that the Head of Recruitment from the respective agencies will personally be in town to search for budding talents in the region! This is a dream too good to be true, but yes IT IS TRUEAll ticket holders, regardless of the ticket category, will be entitled to register for all 3 days of auditions. Of course, you’ll have to practice hard and send in your audition video clip for a chance to be shortlisted for the actual auditions by the Korean Entertainment companies at HallyuPopFest.

(NOTE: Auditions will be held in the morning and throughout the day, closed-door. If you are a shortlisted applicant, you will hear from the event organisers on where and what time to report for the actual audition. Find out more on the auditions here.)

If you didn’t already know, the K-Entertainment companies house really notable and talented artistes like your favourite idols, such as:

  • Cube Entertainment: BTOB, HyunA, Jo Kwon, PENTAGON, CLC, Wanna One’s Lai Kuan Lin, (G)I-DLE, and more
  • Starship Entertainment: Soyou, MONSTA X, Boyfriend, K.Will, Jeong Sewoon, Yu Seungwoo, Cosmic Girls (WJSN), and more
  • Jellyfish Entertainment: VIXX, gugudan, actress Jung So-min, Kim Ye-won, and more

When will Tickets go on Sale?

Public ticket sales for all categories, including single day Daebak! passes, will be available from 7 July (Saturday), 10am onwards (based on local time) via the following channels:

  • Online Booking:
  • Hotline Booking: +65 3158 7888
  • Others: Singapore Indoor Stadium Box Office, The Star Performing Arts Centre Box Office, Scotts Square Concierge Desk and all SingPost outlets

There will also be a 1-day priority sale for fans who wish to get the best tickets in the house for ALL 3 days. The only catch is, the 3-day pack is only applicable to CAT 1 tickets and Daebak! Passes, and they have to be purchased by the same category. In other words, either a 3-day CAT 1 package (S$298 x 3 days = S$894) or 3-day Daebak! Pass package (S$498 x 3 days = S$1,494), before booking fees. (UPDATE: There will be a 5% priority discount for these 3-day packs, exclusively on 6 July during the priority sale only)

The 1-day priority sale will be on 6 July (Friday) from 10am to 11.59pm (based on local time) via the same booking channels. Check out the seating layout below!

Interesting To Know

Even though this inaugural festival will be held for the first time in Singapore and South East Asia, it is interesting to know that HallyuPopFest 2018 is curated by H.A.H. Entertainment, a homegrown firm backed with two decades of experience in the entertainment business.

The festival will also be produced by Flax & Co., who is the production company behind other notable music events such as the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic’s K-pop Concert, MBC’s ‘Asian Music Network @ DMC Festival’ as well as MU:CON 2017. Definitely sounds very promising ahead!

Have any other Questions?

Didn’t managed to find an answer here to the questions you have? Head over to the Festival’s website @ to read all the FAQs or you can also follow them on their official social media handles:
Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

We will keep all future updates pertaining to the festival on this page so check back often if you need to refer to the latest updates!

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[PHOTOS] Stargram 2018 K-Pop Launching Show (Ft. B1A4, EXID, JBJ and More!)

On February 21, Korean IT company Stargram held a free K-pop concert in celebration of its launch in Singapore, inviting the appearances of K-pop stars B1A4, JBJ, EXID, Korean singer Kwak Dong Hyun, violinist Eugene Park as well as LED performance team, Optical Crew.

Stargram, which specialises in the next generation of technology — Blockchain and O2O, has set their foot in Singapore and is planning to expand to the Southeast Asia region with the introduction of Stargram Coin, a form of celebrity-popularity-based digital currency that can be used to purchase star-related products such as concert tickets, albums, collectibles and more.

As the concert kicked off with JBJ as the first artist line-up, fans were able to enjoy exhilarating performances from the boyband, including their latest title track ‘My Flower‘.

The boys were recently in Singapore for their first Fan Meeting last December, and mentioned that they were grateful to be able to meet Singapore Joyfuls again within such a short time frame.

(WATCH: Check out our exclusive interview with JBJ during their first visit to Singapore!)

Continuing the show on a new high, EXID treated fans to a string of their hits such as ‘Ah Yeah‘, ‘Night Rather Than Day‘, ‘Up & Down‘ and more. The girl group was also in Singapore for their first Asia Tour last July, revealing that they had practised hard for the performances that evening.

The finale of the night went to B1A4, whom stole the show with their all-time hit tracks ‘What’s Happening?‘, ‘Baby Good Night‘, ‘A Glass of Water‘, as well as their latest song ‘Rollin’‘. Back in Singapore to perform after four years, it was an evening of nostalgia for fans of the boyband as B1A4 took to the stage. Definitely a night to remember, we’d say.

For those who missed the show, here are more photos of the Stargram 2018 K-pop Launching Show in Singapore: (Also check out our Instagram for the highlights!)


Eugene Park

Optical Crew


Kwak Dong Hyun


(Photos: Nicole)


Catch B1A4, JBJ, EXID and more for FREE at 2018 Stargram Launch K-pop Show in Singapore!

This February 21st, catch your favourite K-pop stars performing in Singapore to celebrate the launch of Stargram Singapore!

Stargram, a Korean IT company specialising in the next generation of technology — Blockchain and O2O, has set their foot in Singapore and is planning to expand to the Southeast Asia region with the introduction of Stargram Coin, which is a form of celebrity-popularity-based digital currency that can be used to purchase star-related products such as concert tickets, albums, collectibles and more.

The upcoming concert will feature a stellar line-up of K-pop stars, such as JBJ, B1A4, EXID, Eugene Park, Kwak Dong Hyun and LED performance team, Optical Crew. Best of all, the concert is FREE as Stargram would be giving away a total of 5,400 seated tickets divided into 3 categories.

Sounds too good to be true? HallyuSG has reached out to Stargram Singapore and we are pleased to confirm that the K-pop show is indeed happening with the purpose to “bring people together and keep a friendly fellowship with Singapore and Southeast Asia through K-pop“.

All you have to do to win the tickets is:

1. Visit Stargram Singapore’s Facebook Page HERE and click on the tab ‘K-pop Show 2018

2. Simply fill in your particulars and successfully refer at least 3 friends in order to qualify for the draw to win a pair of tickets to the show.

3. Top 200 referrals will be awarded with Cat A tickets, followed by the next 700 referrals for Cat B tickets and the next 1,800 for Cat C tickets. To secure better seats, continue to refer more friends and increase your chances of winning!

The contest will end on 17 February and winners will be informed via email by 19 February 2018.

Details of 2018 Stargram Launching K-pop Show
Date: February 21st, 2018 (Wednesday)
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium
Time: 6pm
Artist Line-up: JBJ, B1A4, EXID, Eugene Park, Kwak Dong Hyun, Optical Crew

For more information, visit Stargram’s Facebook page HERE and follow us on social media for the latest updates on this event!


7 K-Pop Idols with Hidden Talents You Never Knew About It

We can’t deny that k-pop idols are full of talents. Besides singing, dancing and rapping, there are other hidden talents that you may not have known about it. These 7 idols definitely surprised us with their hidden talent!

1. Super Junior Heechul

Heechul is really good at guessing songs at an amazingly fast speed. Not only is he able to guess the song names correctly, he’s also able to do perfect reproduction of all the dances!

2. EXO D.O.

D.O. who has always been actively showcasing his vocal and acting abilities, recently surprised everyone with his hidden talent of applying screen protectors on phones. All of us know that it is tough to apply screen protectors perfectly without any bubbles or dust particles, but looks like such issues are not a concern for D.O. at all!

3. BTS Jin

Jin opens a bag of snacks using his toes effortlessly. Look at how the other stars are attempting to do so but failed at it miserably!

4. EXID Hani

Taking selca is definitely a skill that most K-pop idols have in them. However, Hani brings selca-taking to the next level! Who needs a selfie stick when you can just do it with your foot?

5. Orange Caramel Lizzy

Orange Caramel’s Lizzy has a unique talent of being able to locate exactly where the male’s nipples are with just one try. Watch the hilarious cut from 3:11mins onwards!

6. iKON B.I

iKON’s B.I is no doubt one of the most talented k-pop idols in the industry. Since debut, B.I has been showing the charismatic side of him through composing, choreographing and rapping, but do you know that he actually shows a keen interest in flower arrangement?

7. ASTRO Moon Bin

ASTRO’s Moon Bin not only resembles a cute puppy, but also has a good sense of smell too. With just a quick sniff, he is able to identify his members correctly!

Do you know of any other idols who have a hidden or funny talent? Share with us below! 🙂

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[COVER] EXID Charms Fans At Their Asia Tour in Singapore

Hani, LE, Junghwa and Hyerin from EXID were in Singapore last weekend as part of their Asia Tour. At the press conference that was held prior to the show, EXID revealed that they have been working hard to prepare for this leg of tour.

Having released their latest album [Eclipse] featuring the title track ‘Night Rather Than Day’, Hani and LE shared that they prefer day time over night time, whereas the other two members are the opposite of them.

When asked what genres they would like to explore for their next album, Junghwa answered with a laugh, “bright upbeat songs with pink tennis skirts!”. On the other hand, LE wants to do a charismatic duet with Hani to showcase a girl crush image.

Hani also names the role that each member represents in the group, with LE being the grandmother, Hyerin as the mother and Junghwa as the daughter, adding that Hyerin is the best cook out of them.

If they could choose to eat only one type of food for the rest of their life, Hyerin would pick mackerel, while Junghwa chose her favourite ramyeon, LE with samgyetang (ginseng chicken soup) and Hani with potato chips.

At the showcase, fans were treated to a string of EXID’s hit tracks such as ‘L.I.E‘, ‘Ah Yeah‘ and ‘Hot Pink‘. A few handful of them also walked away with autographed albums and t-shirts designed personally by the members.

Dressed in their album cover outfits, EXID took their newest title track ‘Night Rather Than Day‘ to stage, pulling off a cool and chic look. The girls also sang ‘Boy‘, where they performed a spectacular special dance segment for their fans.

The best stage always comes at the last, as EXID drove fans into a wild frenzy with their signature dance moves for ‘Up & Down‘, the track that rose to fame after a fancam of Hani went viral in 2014. Concluding their first Asia Tour in Singapore, and definitely not the last, July 15 was certainly a memorable night to remember for all LEGGOs in the house!

EXID Asia Tour in Singapore 2017 was organised by OHMYEVENT and Only Entertainment. HallyuSG was proud to be the Official Online Media Partner for this event. 

(Photos: Nicole)


[UPCOMING EVENT] EXID Confirms Date For Upcoming Asia Tour In Singapore

Singapore LEGGOs, get ready to hear and watch EXID perform live in Singapore this July! Be prepared to be thrilled by one of the hottest K-pop girl groups who is well known for several hit tracks like Up & Down, Ah Yeah, L.I.E, and Night Rather Than Day, a title track from their third mini album [Eclipse] that was released in April this year.

Details of EXID Asia Tour in Singapore 2017
Date: July 15th, 2017 (Sat)
Venue: Kallang Theatre
Time: 7:30pm
Ticket Prices: (Excluding booking fees)
CAT 1 S$228 | CAT 2 $198 | CAT 3 $168 | CAT 4 $138

Tickets will go on sale on 17 June, 12pm onwards via Apactix.  Tickets are also available at Singapore Indoor Stadium Box Office and all Singpost Outlets. All Cat 1 ticket holders will be entitled to an exclusive 4R photo for the group photo opportunity (25 pax per group photo) and a hi-touch session with EXID after the show.

EXID Asia Tour in Singapore 2017 is organised by OHMYEVENT and Only Entertainment. HallyuSG is proud to be the Official Online Media Partner for this event. Stay tuned to us for the latest updates!