These K-Pop Girls Are Rocking Our Favourite ‘90s Fashion Trends

From small shoulder bags to scrunchies, fashion trends from the 1990s are now everywhere. We’re loving the new takes and reinterpretations of some of these trends that have made a comeback. Here, we round up some of our favourite ‘90s fashion trends as seen on these female celebrities.

Tube Tops

The tight-fitting wardrobe staple is easy to style and looks great with virtually any pair of denim jeans. This versatile piece can also be layered and worn under a jacket or blazer for a dressier look.

Ribbed Cardigans

Ribbed, buttoned cardigans are all the rage now and are basic but trendy pieces that can’t go wrong. They come in fun, pastel colours like blue and pink and are also available in neutral colours like white, brown and black. Style it with a straight-cut mini skirt for a playful look or with a pair of jeans for a more laid-back and casual look.

Baguette Bags

Characterised by its short shoulder strap and narrow, rectangular shape, the Fendi Baguette bag was the it bag back in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Many styles similar to the Baguette have since popped up with slight variations in shape and size, so you’re bound to find one that’ll tickle your fancy.


Clips and pins may be the go-to hair accessories but thick, solid-coloured headbands are making a comeback and can easily amp up one’s look. A wide and chunky headband makes a good statement piece while a regular one adds that finishing touch to complete one’s look.


Available in a variety of colours and designs, scrunchies are versatile and can pretty much match any casual outfit. They can also be worn on your wrist as an accessory whilst providing convenience should you ever need a hair tie when you’re out and about.


Iconic Types Of Bangs Sported By K-Pop Girl Groups

Girl group members are no stranger to new hairstyles and colours, having to change up their look every now and then with each comeback; virtually every girl group has had its fair share of members having bangs in one style or another at some point in time. Regardless of whether the bangs are curly or straight, bangs are well-loved and have been seen on many girl group members.  Here, we take a look at some of the most iconic types of bangs sported by this generation’s girl group members.

See-through Bangs

(Photos: Seola, Sujeong, Yuju, Sejeong)

Arguably the most popular style, see-through bangs are a staple in girl groups – almost every girl group has had at least one member sporting the see-through bangs look. It’s a style that instantly shaves years off one’s age for a more youthful look. While trends come and go, the see-through bangs style will never go out of style, that’s for sure.

Full Bangs

(Photos: Minnie, Momo, Joy, Lisa)

A style that changes up one’s look immediately, full bangs can look either cute or chic, depending on the look the person is going for. The duality is strong with this style, as seen on girl group members like Lisa, Joy, Momo and Minnie who rock it both ways on stage and off-stage.

Choppy Bangs

(Photos: Hyojung, Naeun, Sohee, Jueun)

Choppy bangs were trendy for a while and while they’re not as often sported, it is a quirky style that ends above the eyebrows for an edgy look to stand out from others. They can also be grown out to straight bangs or see-through bangs, depending on how thick the choppy bangs are.

Show Review

Highlights from KAMP Singapore (Ft. Super Junior, NCT 127, Chungha, Stray Kids and More)

The inaugural KAMP festival made its first stop in Singapore for 2 days on 9 & 10 November, with both days boasting a stellar line-up — (Day 1) AleXa, Chungha, Ha Sungwoon, GFRIEND and NCT 127; (Day 2) Momoland, Sonnet Son, WJSN, Stray Kids and Super Junior.

Fans got to interact with their favourite idols as they walked down the red carpet in the afternoon, before a whole night of performances at the Singapore Indoor Stadium – it was truly an unforgettable weekend. Here’s what you may have missed on Day 1:

The exciting night kicked off with the first act, GFRIEND – who treated the audience with an 8-song set. The girls performed fan-favourite “Fingertip”, before raising the energy of the crowd with “Navillera”, “Life Is A Party” and “Vacation”. They truly knew how to set the mood for the night.

Yerin and Eunha even showed their aegyo (cuteness) for the lucky audience that night!

GFRIEND changed up the atmosphere and performed a ballad version of their hit “Rough”, showcasing their powerful vocals. The audience was in awe whenever main vocalist, Yuju, hit her powerful high notes. The girl group ended off their set with “A Starry Sky”, “Fever” and “Time For The Moon Night”.

Former Produce 48 contestant, AleXa, made her strong debut on the Singapore stage with her debut single, “BOMB”, filling up the huge stage with her powerful dance moves and strong stage presence. At the red carpet, she encouraged everyone to add this upbeat song onto their workout playlists.

AleXa then busted out powerful dance covers of boy group numbers “DRAMARAMA” and “Warrior”, exuding confidence throughout the stadium. Despite having only just made her debut last month, AleXa proved that she is a force to be reckoned with.

Next up was Ha Sungwoon – who made his return to Singapore, but this time as a soloist. He performed his debut track “Bird”, followed by “Tell Me I Love You”, immediately captivating the crowd with his soothing vocals.

He continued his set with “Don’t Forget”, “Bluemaze”, refreshing tune “Blue”, and lastly “What are you doing today?!”. Despite being a solo act, Ha Sungwoon filled up the entire stage that night with his natural charms and good looks.

Dance queen Chungha took over the stage with her recent hit “Snapping”, showing off her amazing dance skills and power vocals. She exclaimed, “I always get the best energy in Singapore!”

Chungha got the entire audience singing along to “Gotta Go”, “Rollercoaster”, and her debut song “Why Don’t You Know” – songs proved to be loved by everyone, both fans and non-fans alike. The crowd went wild as Chungha ended off her set with “Bang Bang”, a performance in which she played a huge part creating the iconic choreography during her stint on Produce 101 back in 2016.

The last act for the night was NCT 127, kicking off their set with their hits “Fire Truck” and “Cherry Bomb”. Their perfectly synchronized dance moves and high energy proved why they receive so much love and attention not only in Singapore, but all around the world.

Just as we thought the cheers from the audience could not get any louder, NCTzens proved us wrong as their loud chants filled up the entire stadium when NCT 127 performed “Touch”, “Replay” and “Regular”. The sea of bright green light sticks, accompanied by the loud fan chants, was truly a sight that night.

“Even though we are not here (in Singapore), we will always be thankful, and we will always come back,” Mark said, before NCT 127 ended off the night with “Superhuman”.

Check out more photos from the red carpet event on both days:



Ha Sung Woon


NCT 127

Sonnet Son



Stray Kids

Super Junior

(Concert & Selective Red Carpet Photos: KAMP Singapore 2019)


KAMP Announces New Addition to Line-up, Stray Kids To Perform in Singapore for the First Time

(Pic Credit: JYP Entertainment)

K-pop fans, here’s another reason to look forward to the upcoming K-pop music festival, KAMP Singapore 2019, which will be taking place at the Singapore Indoor Stadium for 2 days on November 9 & 10! The festival has today confirmed Stray Kids as the latest addition to its power-packed artiste line-up, as the 9-member boy group joins the Sunday (Nov 10) performing acts to take the stage with their catchy hits.

This scheduled appearance will mark Stray Kids’ first visit to Singapore as a group, so anticipations are running high to see what they have in store for their Singapore fans.

Check out the updated line-up at KAMP Singapore 2019:

9 November 2019 (Saturday): GFRIEND, NCT 127, Ha Sung Woon, Chung Ha
10 November 2019 (Sunday): Super Junior, WJSN, MOMOLAND, Sonnet Son, Stray Kids

Details of KAMP Singapore 2019:
 9 & 10 November 2019 (Saturday & Sunday)
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium
Time: 7PM to 10PM
Ticket Pricing for Each Day: (before booking fees)
CAT 1: S$295 (Standing/Seated) | CAT 2: $250 (Seated) | CAT 3: $180 (Seated) | CAT 4: $140 (Seated) | CAT 5: $100 (Seated)
Ticketing Channel: SportsHubTix

Aside from the evening concert, a red carpet event ‘KAMP Grounds’ will be held at the OCBC Square on each festival day, where fans are in for an up-close engagement session with the artistes gracing the walk of fame. Unlike the usual style of a red carpet event, KAMP Grounds will feature a walkway in between four pens/zones, which give fans a closer access to directly engage with the artistes (think Hi-touch, autograph or even wefie opportunities).

To get access into one of these zones, simply be a Category 1 ticket holder and you’ll automatically be enrolled into a raffle to win special zone passes. The catch is, only those who purchase Cat 1 tickets before 20 Oct* will be entered into the raffle. (*Note: Find out more information of the respective zones here)

Concurrently, there are 3 contest events for ticket holders to participate and show their support to the performing acts:

1) Fan Art Event — Time to get your creative juices together by drawing or designing an artwork portraying your favourite #KAMPer artiste! This contest is open to all ticket holders regardless of your ticket category. Winning entries will have their artwork exhibited at the backstage and get it aired on KAMP Live Broadcast!

2) Fan Video Contest — Make a short video (up to 1 min) to express your love for your favourite act and submit a story that explains the video. This contest is open to all ticket holders regardless of your ticket category. Winning entries will be announced on site at KAMP Grounds and be broadcasted live, where artistes will be watching at the main stage.

3) KAMP Reporter Event — A chance to be a fan-reporter and ask questions directly to your favourite artistes! Only Cat 1 ticket holders will be able to participate in this event and stand to receive the exclusive access to the Fan Press Zone.

To find out more details of each contest event and their respective mechanics, visit here. In case you missed it, here are the things to note about the upcoming festival:

Things To Know About KAMP, An Upcoming K-Pop Music Festival in Singapore


Follow KAMP Global on their official SNS:
Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

KAMP Singapore 2019 is brought to you by AMP Live and VEZT Korea.


Things To Know About KAMP, An Upcoming K-Pop Music Festival in Singapore

Taking place at the Singapore Indoor Stadium for 2 days in November, KAMP Singapore is expected to welcome a stellar line-up of K-pop artistes including the names of Super Junior, NCT 127, Chung Ha, GFRIEND, and more. Brought to the fans by concert organisers hailing from Korea, Singapore will be the first stop for KAMP and fans can look forward to a high quality stage setup equipped with state-of-the-art production that is sure to leave an impression.

Designed in a way that allows closer interactions and engagements between artistes and fans, the stage will be extended to provide fans an ultimate concert experience like no other. Each day of concert will feature a different artiste line-up, with special elements being planned at the moment. Adding on to the excitement, artistes are said to be preparing smashing performances that fans can greatly anticipate, which will be staged only at the upcoming KAMP festival in Singapore.

Besides the concert, fans can expect to see their favourite stars gracing the red carpet* event at the OCBC Square, as well as get involved in various activities happening at the same venue. (*Note: More information about the red carpet event will be announced soon)

Check out the artiste line-up for each day:

9 November 2019 (Saturday): GFRIEND, NCT 127, Ha Sung Woon, Chung Ha, AleXa
10 November 2019 (Sunday): Super Junior, STRAY KIDS, WJSN, MOMOLAND, Sonnet Son

Details of KAMP Singapore 2019:
9 & 10 November 2019 (Saturday & Sunday)
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium
Time: 7PM
Ticket Pricing for Each Day: (before booking fees)
CAT 1: S$295 (Standing/Seated) | CAT 2: $250 (Seated) | CAT 3: $180 (Seated) | CAT 4: $140 (Seated) | CAT 5: $100 (Seated)


All tickets will be available for sale on August 31 at 10am via SportsHubTix website, hotline (+65 3158 7888), as well as Singapore Indoor Stadium box office, Scotts Square Concierge Desk, island-wide SingPost outlets and The Star Performing Arts Centre Box Office (from 12pm onwards). Stay tuned for more updates to come!

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KAMP Singapore 2019 is brought to you by AMP Live and VEZT Korea.

KAMP Announces New Addition to Line-up, Stray Kids To Perform in Singapore for the First Time

Show Review

GFRIEND Takes Buddies on a Wild Ride at the Singapore Stop of “Go Go GFRIEND!”

“You Are Not Alone”

This sentence was what tugged my heartstrings the most after Saturday’s show. For idols, it was a declaration that they would always work hard and for the fans, it was a promise that they will always be here to support.

GFRIEND is a group comprising 6 girls from Source Music. Debuted in 2015 and with a successful career spanning close to 5 years, these girls are definitely one of Korea’s current representative girl groups. Well known for their explosive vocals, sleek dance moves and addictive tunes, the sextet has finally made their way back to Singapore to greet their local fans after a long 1,050 days.

And boy, did they not disappoint on their latest visit. Over the span of almost 3 hours, local Buddies (the name of their fans) were taken on a wild ride along with the girls. Starting off the night’s show on a high note with their infectiously cheery tracks, GFRIEND made their long-awaited appearance onstage wearing bright pastel, coordinated outfits while dancing to well-known hits such as “Me Gustas Tu”, “Life Is A Party”, “Vacation” and more.

Riding onto that energetic momentum, GFRIEND also gave Buddies a glimpse into their lives pre-debut when they showcased never-before-seen performances halfway into the set. Split into two different sub-units, “World Peace” and “Hug Hug”, the contrasting concepts gave fans a chance to know more about the group’s could-bes and what-ifs.

The former, which consisted of members SinB, Sowon, and Yuju had an edgier and chicer concept, while the latter, which consisted of Eunha, Yerin, and Umji had a more flamboyant, playful one. Accompanied with a humorous VCR that depicted the behind stories of each of the group names and songs, this portion was definitely a hit with the crowd as they entranced us with their adorable antics.

Though the concert began with a refreshing and youthful vibe, as the night went on, the girls made a 180-degree change to show off a more mature yet refined style and color of theirs. Versatility at its finest, we were impressed at their abilities to pull off a variety of styles without compromising on both their song and dance quality.

For one, we are very sure that their performances of “Only 1”, “L.U.V.” and “You Are Not Alone” blew the crowd away. Their ability to bring out the emotions of the song while dancing to those body busting routines was definitely one outstanding highlight to remember.

Even after performing all those crazy dance routines, GFRIEND always made it a point to interact with their fans as much as they possibly could. Occasionally, members would come right up to the edge of the stage to get closer to their fans while waving and blowing kisses nonstop. So much so that I’m pretty sure every fan walked away with at least something to remember them by.

There was just one portion of the concert that left us and the other fans quite unsatiated, and it was when GFRIEND did not perform their latest track “Fever (열대야)” as it was not on the original setlist. However, not wanting to disappoint the eager crowd, the girls performed a small snippet of the tropical-influenced dance track – Acoustic. They didn’t have the audio track for the song due to some technical difficulties but seriously, props to them for knowing their fans so well and giving them what they want.

Overall, the concert was a feast for the ears and the eyes. The girls were outstanding, the setlist was mostly well planned out and we learned so much about the group. Here’s to hoping they will visit our sunny shores again in the very near future!

(Photos: Source Music)


Upcoming Events Taking Place in July 2019

July is another exciting month for K-pop fans in Singapore, as the weekends are packed with concerts and fanmeetings happening one after another. In case you missed any event announcements, check out what’s happening this month in Singapore:

1) 2019 Kim Jae Hwan Fanmeeting [MIN:D] in Singapore (July 6, 2019)

Get ready to be mind-blown with live performances by the vocal powerhouse because Kim Jae Hwan will be holding his first-ever solo Fanmeeting in Singapore on July 6 at The Star Theatre. The title of the Fanmeeting [MIN:D] means “Time to share his mind with WIN:D”, so fans will be able to look forward to more interactions with the singer during the show.

Fan benefits for the Fanmeeting include Hi-Touch for all attendees, as well as Group Photo opportunity, signed posters and CDs for the different ticket tiers, priced from $98 to $238. Find out more details of the show here.

2) Bae Jin Young 1st Asia Fanmeeting Tour in Singapore (July 7, 2019)

As part of his Asia Fanmeeting Tour, former Wanna One member Bae Jin Young will be staging his show in Singapore on July 7 at NUS Centre For The Arts, University Cultural Centre Hall. At this Fanmeeting, Bae Jin Young will meet fans with new sides and showcase different styles of performances. He is set to debut in CIX, a 5-member boy group later this year.

Tickets to the Fanmeeting are priced from $98 t0 $238, and all attendees will be entitled to receive an official poster and a Hi-Touch with the star. Check out more details here.

(Pic Cr: ONE Production)

3) TWICE World Tour 2019 ‘TWICELIGHTS’ in Singapore (July 13, 2019)

TWICE is returning for their 3rd World Tour this July 13 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium! Fans will be in for a treat with a fantastic production for the show that includes brand-new stage setup, spectacular visual effects and impressive sound system. This concert will also showcase the unique characters and charms of all 9 members, who each light up the stage in their own special way.

At the time of posting, limited tickets are still available for seats with restricted view, so grab your tickets fast if you haven’t already! Check out more details of the concert here.


GFRIEND will be holding their Asia Tour [Go Go GFRIEND!] in Singapore on July 20 at The Star Theatre. This return will mark 3 years since their last show in Singapore and fans cannot wait to catch the girl group performing to their catchy hit tracks! Tickets are priced from $148 to $228, and more details can be found here.

In related news, the girl group will be making a comeback on July 1 with their seventh mini album, [Fever Season].

(Pic Cr: ONE Production)

5) NCT 127 WORLD TOUR ‘NEO CITY: SINGAPORE – The Origin’ (July 20, 2019)

Get ready for the biggest hits on the stage! Making a grand return to Singapore with their first-ever full fledged concert, NCT 127 will be performing on July 20 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. The boy group has been making huge waves across the globe, dominating various domestic and international music charts with their songs. Their World Tour kicked off in January this year and they’ve since travelled to multiple destinations in Asia, North America and Europe.

Catch the global sensation in Singapore this July, with ticket categories ranging from $168 to $288. More details of the show can be found here.

6) Sam Kim 2019 Concert in Singapore (July 26, 2019)

Korean-American singer-songwriter and guitarist, Sam Kim will be singing live at his concert in Singapore on July 26. Fans can look forward to captivating performances by the singer at the concert, which will be held at Zouk Singapore. General admission tickets are priced at $75 and more details can be found here.

7) AB6IX 1st Fanmeeting [1ST ABNEW] in Singapore (July 27, 2019)

One of the fastest rising boy groups in the K-pop scene this year, AB6IX will be meeting fans at their 1st Fanmeeting in Singapore on July 27 at The Star Theatre. Besides performances, fans can also get to find out more about this talented boy group at the upcoming Fanmeeting.

All Cat 1 ticket holders will be entitled to a Hi-Touch with the boys, while other fan benefits include lucky draws to win group photo opportunities, signed posters and CDs. Tickets are priced from $98 to $238, and more details of the show are available here.


GFRIEND To Meet Local Buddies at Their Asia Tour in Singapore on July 20

After 3 years, GFRIEND will be returning to Singapore for an upgraded full scale concert as part of their Asia Tour [Go Go GFRIEND!]. Kicking off their Asia Tour in Seoul for two nights on May 18 and 19, GFRIEND will continue on to other cities such as Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Manila, Taipei and Yokohama.

Known for their catchy songs and powerful dance choreographies, GFRIEND will be performing their hits at the upcoming concert, where they have also specially prepared some sessions to get up-close with their fans.

Date: July 20, 2019 (Saturday)
Venue: The Star Theatre, The Star Performing Arts Centre
Time: 7pm
Ticket Pricing: (before booking fees)
S$228, $188, $148

All tickets will be available for sale via APACTix website, hotline (+65 3158 8588), Singapore Indoor Stadium Box Office, The Star Performing Arts Centre Box Office, Scotts Square and islandwide SingPost outlets on April 20 (Saturday) from 10am onwards.

Fans who purchase the Category 1 or 2 tickets will stand a chance to win a sound check pass (250 winners) or Hi-Touch session (450 winners) with GFRIEND. Cat 1 ticket holders will also be enrolled into a separate lucky draw to win a signed poster (50 winners) or group photo opportunity (30 winners) with the K-pop sweethearts!

Stay tuned to us for the latest updates!


GFRIEND Announces Their 2nd Visit to Singapore

(Photo Credit: Naver Music)

K-Pop sweethearts, GFRIEND, will be coming to Singapore again really soon. As part of their Asia tour, the group of 6 will be meeting their local Buddies on Saturday20th of July 2019 at The Star Theatre. On top of stopping by Singapore, they will be popping by Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Manila, and Taipei as well.

This event marks the 2nd time GFRIEND will be in Singapore, with their first visit here being 3 years ago. Previously, they were here for a showcase and even then, the response for these girls were hot. Having grown leaps and bounds since then, many Buddies here are excited to see what the girls can now bring onto the table. With their explosive dance numbers and powerful vocals, I’m sure many can’t wait to see them once more!

For more details, check out the link below:

GFRIEND To Meet Local Buddies at Their Asia Tour in Singapore on July 20



10 Most Anticipated K-Pop Comebacks And Special Releases This Summer

1. EXO

Anticipated to be one of the hottest summer comebacks this year, EXO has been dropping individual member’s teasers for their upcoming 4th Full Album [THE WAR]. The digital album release is set for July 18 and EXO will hold their first comeback stage on M COUNTDOWN on July 20th with their title track ‘Ko Ko Bop‘. Check out the MV teaser HERE!

2. Jung Yong Hwa

It has been two and a half years since his previous solo album promotions and Jung Yong Hwa is ready to make a solo comeback with a full album release [DO DISTURB] on July 19. The singer will drop his summer album with six new tracks including the upbeat title song ‘여자여자해 (That Girl)‘. Watch the MV trailer HERE!

3. Akdong Musician (AKMU)

Akdong Musician has been teasing fans with mysterious trailers for their sudden comeback and it is finally confirmed that the brother-sister duo will be releasing two tracks called ‘Dinosaur‘ and ‘My Darling‘. Both tracks are written and composed by Lee Chan Hyuk and are slated to drop on July 20 at 6pm (KST). Watch the MV teaser for ‘Dinosaur’ HERE!


While we do not know much details about WINNER‘s upcoming release yet, a source from YG Entertainment has confirmed that they will be joining the list of summer comebacks in late July or early August. Sounds like an exciting plan for the group!

5. GFriend

GFriend is set to make a comeback soon! Their label Source Music has released a statement on GFriend’s comeback in late July and we’re excited to see what kind of concept the girls will showcase in their upcoming release.


Pledis Entertainment has confirmed that NU’EST will be releasing a special song for their fans on July 25. Though Minhyun will not be participating in this single (while he concentrates on the debut with Wanna One), anticipation is rising for the group who has received lots of love from Produce 101 Season 2. The special track will be produced by Kiggen, the same producer for ‘Oh Little Girl’ during the 101 concept evaluation stage. There will not be any scheduled broadcast promotions for this release, but NU’EST is said to be planning for their 4-member unit comeback (as NU’EST W) in the later half of 2017. 🙂


MONSTA X will be releasing a special summer song on July 27! Announced through their official Twitter account on July 17, the group will be dropping their digital single album [NEWTON] before the end of the month. Just when summer calls!

8. CLC

CLC will be making a surprise comeback with their 6th mini album [FREE’SM], slated for release on August 3 at 6pm (KST). The group has been receiving much attention for their transformation from their last release ‘Hobgoblin’, making us anticipate what their concept and style will be for the upcoming mini album.

9. Girls’ Generation

An album is in the making for Girls’ Generation’s comeback in August! Many are speculating that the album will be released during the same period as their debut anniversary date (Aug 5) to commemorate the group’s upcoming 10th anniversary. It is said that the title track has already been decided and filming for the music video will commence this month. Sounds super exciting already!

10. Taeyang

The excitement is real for VIPs and YG fans! Taeyang will be making a solo comeback with not one but TWO title tracks and is said to have began filming for one of the music videos. What’s even more anticipating is that the singer has participated actively in this album production including the brainstorming process and direction of the music videos too! There’s no confirmed timeline on the comeback yet, but we all know that the wait’s gonna be worth it.

With all these artists and groups on the list, whose comeback or special releases are you looking forward to the most?