7 K-Pop Idols with Hidden Talents You Never Knew About It

We can’t deny that k-pop idols are full of talents. Besides singing, dancing and rapping, there are other hidden talents that you may not have known about it. These 7 idols definitely surprised us with their hidden talent!

1. Super Junior Heechul

Heechul is really good at guessing songs at an amazingly fast speed. Not only is he able to guess the song names correctly, he’s also able to do perfect reproduction of all the dances!

2. EXO D.O.

D.O. who has always been actively showcasing his vocal and acting abilities, recently surprised everyone with his hidden talent of applying screen protectors on phones. All of us know that it is tough to apply screen protectors perfectly without any bubbles or dust particles, but looks like such issues are not a concern for D.O. at all!

3. BTS Jin

Jin opens a bag of snacks using his toes effortlessly. Look at how the other stars are attempting to do so but failed at it miserably!

4. EXID Hani

Taking selca is definitely a skill that most K-pop idols have in them. However, Hani brings selca-taking to the next level! Who needs a selfie stick when you can just do it with your foot?

5. Orange Caramel Lizzy

Orange Caramel’s Lizzy has a unique talent of being able to locate exactly where the male’s nipples are with just one try. Watch the hilarious cut from 3:11mins onwards!

6. iKON B.I

iKON’s B.I is no doubt one of the most talented k-pop idols in the industry. Since debut, B.I has been showing the charismatic side of him through composing, choreographing and rapping, but do you know that he actually shows a keen interest in flower arrangement?

7. ASTRO Moon Bin

ASTRO’s Moon Bin not only resembles a cute puppy, but also has a good sense of smell too. With just a quick sniff, he is able to identify his members correctly!

Do you know of any other idols who have a hidden or funny talent? Share with us below! 🙂

Show Review

[COVER] EXID Charms Fans At Their Asia Tour in Singapore

Hani, LE, Junghwa and Hyerin from EXID were in Singapore last weekend as part of their Asia Tour. At the press conference that was held prior to the show, EXID revealed that they have been working hard to prepare for this leg of tour.

Having released their latest album [Eclipse] featuring the title track ‘Night Rather Than Day’, Hani and LE shared that they prefer day time over night time, whereas the other two members are the opposite of them.

When asked what genres they would like to explore for their next album, Junghwa answered with a laugh, “bright upbeat songs with pink tennis skirts!”. On the other hand, LE wants to do a charismatic duet with Hani to showcase a girl crush image.

Hani also names the role that each member represents in the group, with LE being the grandmother, Hyerin as the mother and Junghwa as the daughter, adding that Hyerin is the best cook out of them.

If they could choose to eat only one type of food for the rest of their life, Hyerin would pick mackerel, while Junghwa chose her favourite ramyeon, LE with samgyetang (ginseng chicken soup) and Hani with potato chips.

At the showcase, fans were treated to a string of EXID’s hit tracks such as ‘L.I.E‘, ‘Ah Yeah‘ and ‘Hot Pink‘. A few handful of them also walked away with autographed albums and t-shirts designed personally by the members.

Dressed in their album cover outfits, EXID took their newest title track ‘Night Rather Than Day‘ to stage, pulling off a cool and chic look. The girls also sang ‘Boy‘, where they performed a spectacular special dance segment for their fans.

The best stage always comes at the last, as EXID drove fans into a wild frenzy with their signature dance moves for ‘Up & Down‘, the track that rose to fame after a fancam of Hani went viral in 2014. Concluding their first Asia Tour in Singapore, and definitely not the last, July 15 was certainly a memorable night to remember for all LEGGOs in the house!

EXID Asia Tour in Singapore 2017 was organised by OHMYEVENT and Only Entertainment. HallyuSG was proud to be the Official Online Media Partner for this event. 

(Photos: Nicole)