[Interview] Former Royal Pirates member James Lee rises to the top with crowdfunded EP, “The Light”

Recently hitting No.2 on iTunes in Singapore with his crowdfunded EP “The Light”, American born Korean musician James Lee opens up about the severe injury he suffered in 2015 and shares how he overcame it with music that he’d written post-accident. For someone who has truly experienced the lowest point of his life, climbing back up had not been an easy journey and he could not have launched the project if not for his fans, shared James.

(Pic Credit: James Lee Official Facebook)

The former bassist of Korean-American rock band Royal Pirates had went through a horrific accident back in 2015 where he suffered from a crushed shoulder and wrist, and as a result was unable to play the bass any longer. He officially left the band in 2017 due to his worsened health implications.

Despite having multiple surgeries and going through a tough rehabilitation, it did not stop James from restarting his hopes as a musician. During his time spent in recovery, James has been writing music and finally had the opportunity to release his solo English EP, “The Light”, after launching a successful Kickstarter campaign.

“The Light” EP is the sincerest project he has ever worked on, containing tracks that he’d written after his accident, as the singer inspires others with lyrics that describe his journey from the darkness of depression to accepting fate with hope.

One of the tracks “Let’s Get Away” features Sooyoung from Girls’ Generation, and it is about getting away from the weight of the world. James has also collaborated with Amber Liu for the song “Perfect”, which sings about dealing with inner demons and addictions.

Even though this EP is not K-Pop, the singer hopes to go back to the foundation of what helped him develop his sound and work on songs that contain a little more Korean element in the near future. But for now, the main message that he wants to convey through “The Light” EP is sincerity and authentic conversation.

Watch our full interview with James to find out what he wants to say to his fans on this successful project as well as updates on his health:

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[Interview] DreamNote shares MIXNINE Experiences, Role Models and Future Goals

Dreamy and sweet-looking, 8 girls with an average age of 18 came together and burst into the K-pop scene with their refreshing charms and bright music.

Formed and debuted under iMe Korea in November 2018, these girls seemingly remind us of the ‘girl next door’ image as they capture attention with their fresh looks and bubbly songs.

Known as DreamNote, the K-pop girl group comprises members BoNi, Eunjo, Lara, Sumin, HanByeol, MISO, YOUI and HaBin.

Featuring a retro, 1960s upbeat pop title song “DREAM NOTE”, their first single album [Dreamlike] gave an introduction on how 8 ordinary young girls stepped into a new world as they dream of their debut and being on stage. Interesting to note, the title song was composed by David Amber and Andy Love, the genius people behind several hit tracks such as “Heart Shaker” and “Yes or Yes” by TWICE.

Albeit not an instant hit, the single album still managed to peak at 26th position on the Gaon weekly chart during the first week of its release, marking a good start for the rookie group.

In March this year, DreamNote made a comeback with their second single album [Dream:us] featuring the title song, “Hakuna Matata”, an up-tempo synth-pop track that sings about feeling confident and achieving their dreams.

Like an upgraded version from their debut single album, this track showcases their cheery vocals and somehow gets people grooving to its catchy lyrics and tunes. Even though they’ve only debuted for 6 months, there are definitely much more potential we see in DreamNote down the road!

Watch our interview below and get to know more about this 8-member girl group as they discussed about their future goals, artistes whom they looked up to, MIXNINE experiences, and more.

In case you didn’t know, 3 members (Sumin, Eunjo and HanByeol) had experiences taking part in the survival program MIXNINE, where Sumin was ranked Top 3 at the final round.

(Video translations & editing: iMe Korea)

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[Interview] A.C.E Talks about Their Love for Singapore Fans and Why They’re Excited to Return for HallyuPopFest

In Singapore recently for a mini Meet & Greet session brought to fans by HallyuPopFest, K-pop boy group A.C.E sat down for a candid interview with us and shared their thoughts on performing at the upcoming mega K-pop festival.

Branded as Southeast Asia’s largest K-pop festival, HallyuPopFest will be returning for two days on May 25 & 26, featuring a brand new artiste line-up this year that includes headliners Super Junior, WINNER, MONSTA X and NU’EST.

Set to perform during the afternoon showcase slot on the first day of the festival, A.C.E will be bringing their hits to stage including new tracks that they’ll soon be releasing. On top of that, they’ll also be joining other artistes to make an appearance at the glamorous Red Carpet event on Day 1 of the festival.

Even though the 5-member boy group only debuted in 2017, they have been steadily making waves as rising rookie stars both individually and as a group.

Besides bagging home the ‘Best Newcomer Award’ at StarHub Night of Stars last year, they have also received recognition at SBS PopAsia Awards (2017) and The Fact Music Awards (2019) for ‘Rookie of the Year’ and ‘Rising Star Award’ respectively.

In light of their upcoming comeback, A.C.E has recently released “If You Heard”, a special song co-written by themselves and dedicated to their fans.

They are slated to drop their second mini album [UNDER COVER] : BECAUSE I WANT YOU TO BE MINE, BE MINE on May 17 at 12pm (KST).

(Update 13 May 2019: Due to unforeseen circumstances, the interview video will not be released on management’s request.)

In all good news, HallyuPopFest has also confirmed that all artistes will be walking the red carpet on their respective performance date, including the headliners such as Super Junior, WINNER and more. The red carpet will be open to the public on both days at the main festival square, HallyuTown.

Expect lots of artiste interactions and plentiful fun for all at the upcoming festival! Single day tickets are available at from S$98 to $288.

Find out more about the activities taking place each day at HallyuPopFest:


[Interview] Hyolyn Talks About Upcoming World Tour and Being the Face of PUMA CaliTravelog

In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia over the weekend to attend the closed-door PUMA Cali Party on April 27, Hyolyn sat down for a quick group interview with us and talked about being a part of the PUMA #CaliTravelog campaign as well as her upcoming plans for the year.

Inspired by the west coast sunny vibes in California, the main theme of the campaign brings to life the spirit of a PUMA Cali girl and Hyolyn is all about the perfect representation of being fun, adventurous and confident.

The K-pop star finds herself fitting into the campaign seamlessly as she’s a big fan of the California culture and the PUMA Cali embodies all the concepts of this culture such as the lifestyle.

She also explains how she really loves the tagline of the campaign — “CALI in your way”, because just as the slogan suggests, she’s one who also works in her own way after embarking on her solo career.

Revealing that sneakers do play a big part to her daily outfit, Hyolyn describes her personal fashion style as “natural” yet “hip”, and shares that she does not like donning too many layers of clothes at any one time.

“I usually pick out whatever I want to wear from my wardrobe, and an essential highlight of my outfit of the day would be shoes. To me, finding the right shoes to match my daily outfit is most important.”

And if she could design her own pair of sneakers, the primary elements she would include in the design would be the color and silhouette.

Set to embark on her solo World Tour this month, Hyolyn will be traveling across the world and making stops in cities such as Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Madrid, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, and more.

On the upcoming World Tour, the female powerhouse expresses her excitement to meet fans and adds that this tour is being planned in order to reciprocate the love received from fans all over the world. Besides asking fans to look forward to her concerts with great anticipation, Hyolyn also promises to work harder to put out better music and performances in her career.

At the PUMA Cali Party, Hyolyn treated fans to a galore of performances including her solo tracks “SEE SEA”, “BAE”, “Dally”, as well as classic SISTAR hits, “Ma Boy”, “Shake It”, and more. She also captivated fans with her solid vocals as she sang soulfully to “Hello, Goodbye”, an OST from popular K-drama, My Love From The Star.

In the upcoming months, Hyolyn is set to feature several other colorways of the iconic PUMA Cali sneakers, so keep a look out on @PUMA.Cali Instagram for the new releases and launch dates soon!

Special thanks to PUMA Singapore for the invitation to the PUMA Cali Party in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


[Interview] Kevin Woo Shares His Epic Experiences While Filming ‘No Sleep No FOMO’ for 60 Hours

Premiered on March 22, the Viu Original Production ‘No Sleep No FOMO’ is nearing to the end of its 8-episode series and viewers are loving every single episode because it is as real as it gets. The reality travelogue is heavily influenced and driven by social media, as fans get to engage directly with the host and cast members while voting real-time for their choice of missions and the course of their epic adventures.

Through the dedicated hashtags #ViuNoSleepNoFOMO and #ViuEngage, fans and social media followers were able to follow and watch ‘No Sleep No FOMO’ come to life, doubling the fun in this new interactive element introduced by the Viu Original production.

Hosted by Paul Foster, the Hong Kong episode was joined by Korean-American singer and host, Kevin Woo, where they took on various missions to showcase a refreshing twist of the city, all within 60 hours without any sleep. This episode also features a special guest appearance by the Running Man star, Kim Jong Kook, as he joins the duo to complete more missions in the city.

Even though Kevin was not able to be present at the ‘No Sleep No FOMO’ launch party in Singapore last month, we managed to score an email interview with him as he shares more about his filming experiences and gives tips to overcome one’s Fear of Missing Out. Read on to check out the interview!

(Kevin Woo trying out Snake soup for the first time!)

Q: What was an epic experience you’d never imagine yourself doing on ‘No Sleep No FOMO’?
Kevin: Trying out Tai Chi with the elderly in a park. It was such a calm and relaxing experience. I don’t think I’d ever try it on my own.

Q: How was it like trying out snake soup? Would you recommend this dish to others?
Kevin: The thought of it freaked me out at first, but then I heard it was good for my health, so I tried my best to enjoy it. If you lack stamina and want to tell a cool story, you should try it.

Q: What do you think of Kim Jong Kook and Paul Foster as fellow travel companions?
Kevin: It was awesome to have the chance to travel with Kim Jong Kook. He is a veteran in the K-POP scene and I’ve grown up admiring his music and also watched him on the show ‘Running Man’. He was so humble and fun to work with. Paul was so brave to try new things and his positive energy was very contagious.

Q: What was the longest record you held without sleeping and when was the last time this happened?
Kevin: Probably when I shoot music videos which can take around 36 hours without sleep.

Q: Are you someone who likes to go according to plan or is flexible when it comes to traveling?
Kevin: I usually enjoy planning a trip in advance. I like to know where I’m going and who I’m meeting to make the most of my time.

Q: On a scale of 1 to 10, how adventurous are you?
Kevin: I would say 7. Not the most adventurous person but if someone is willing to do it with me, I’m usually down to do it. For example, I’m a bit scared of heights but my friends wanted go cliff jumping, so I gathered up my courage to jump with them.

Q: Could you share some tips to others on how they can overcome their fear of missing out?
Kevin: You can always FaceTime or share pictures and videos with friends or family when you feel like you’re missing out. Or plan your own cool trip to make others feeling like they’re missing out.

Q: If you could experience another episode of ‘No Sleep No FOMO’ and going without sleep for another 60 hours, would you do it again?
Kevin: I don’t think I’d mind because I had the time of my life in Hong Kong and experienced things I would’ve never experienced on my own. Next time, I’d love to try it in a tropical island like Bali!

Catch Kevin Woo in Episode 5 of ‘No Sleep No FOMO’ and be sure to check out the earlier series that are available on and on the Viu app! New episodes will be released every Friday at 8pm in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Myanmar.

In case you missed it, find out what went down at the ‘No Sleep No FOMO’ launch party that took place in Singapore last month:

(Photos Credit: Viu)


[INTERVIEW] Lovelyz Hints at an Amazing Winter Night with Their Singapore Lovelinus

After successfully concluding the Seoul leg of their concert, Lovelyz revealed last month that they will be coming to Singapore really soon for a one-night-only show!

Titled “Lovelyz 3 of Winter World”, the girls will be taking Singapore fans on a spellbinding winter wonderland adventure while singing many of their hits such as “Candy Jelly Love”, “Ah-Choo”, “Lost N Found”, and more. Performing in Singapore for the first time ever, all the local Lovelinus are definitely in for a treat next weekend!

Debuted in November 2014, Lovelyz’s lineup consists of 8 members: Baby Soul, Jiae, Jisoo, Mijoo, Kei, Jin, Sujeong and Yein. As Woollim’s first ever girl group, they are more than just your typical idol troop. As the epitome of loveliness, Lovelyz will be charming the Singapore crowd with their powerful vocals and cute performances all night long.

Get your lightsticks ready and fan chants memorized, because not only are they working hard to prepare for the show, they have also hinted some exclusive performances (find out more below)!

Happening on 17 March 2019 (Sunday), 7 pm at ZEPP@BIGBOX, the concert is closer than ever and with less than 10 days till their arrival in Singapore, we have a little something to get you guys a bit more pumped up.

In view of their upcoming concert, we’ve score an exclusive email interview with Lovelyz and here is what the group has to say to all their Singapore Lovelinus’ out there:

1) What are your thoughts about visiting Singapore for the first time?

Baby Soul: I have been looking forward to it and I am curious to see how it’s like!
Jiae: This is my first time visiting Singapore as a Lovelyz member and I want to present a wonderful performance. I am really excited!
Jisoo: I am very excited. I heard that Singapore is a very beautiful place so I am looking forward.
Mijoo: I am looking forward to it and I am excited just thinking of the people waiting for us there.
Kei: As this is my first time, I am even more excited and I want to quickly meet the Lovelinus in Singapore.
Jin: Singapore is a country that I really wish to visit so I am so happy to be given a chance to travel there. More than anything else, I am thankful to have the chance to meet the Lovelinus in Singapore.
Sujeong: Because all of my friends have been telling me how amazing Singapore is, I can’t wait.
Yein: I am so so excited just thinking about meeting our fans in Singapore! And I am really happy because Singapore is a beautiful country that I have always been planning to visit when I have time.

2) Lovelyz has been consistent when it comes to music concept and style. Is there any concept the group would like to explore for the next comeback?

Kei: I want to try challenge an energetic song with a slight ‘Girl Crush’ concept.
Jisoo: I really want to try ‘Girl Crush’ concept.
Me too! ‘Girl Crush’~
Jin: I want to try promoting ballad songs like our BTOB seniors! Lovelyz’s ballad songs are nice..!
Sujeong: I want to try having a title song that has a daydream-like atmosphere.
Baby Soul: I want to try a ‘Girl Crush’ or a chic, dreamlike and mysterious concept.
Jiae: I want to try wearing a uniform and having a ‘Girl Crush’ concept~
Yein: I really (!) wanna try a ‘Girl Crush’ concept~!

3) If you could form a sub-unit in the group with any member(s), who would you pick and why?

Jin: I would pick the members in the ‘Morning Star 새벽별’ unit (Baby Soul, Kei, Jin). We are the only members in Lovelyz that are not using our real name hehe. We presented a ballad song before but if there’s another chance… ^^ I would like to do it again.
Baby Soul: I would pick Sujeong. The genre we would like to try is similar yet our vocal colors differ so I think it will be unique and fun. I think we can release a good song.
Yein: I would pick Mijoo and Sujeong! We are the tallest in the team and our charms are quite different so I think if we were to perform together, we could make an amazing stage.
Jiae: I would pick Baby Soul. I want to do a song with her rapping in it! Hehe.
Jisoo: I want to be in a Hip-hop duo with Baby Soul! Before debuting, Baby Soul practiced rap alone for a long time so if I’m with Baby Soul, I think it will be fun and it will help a lot.
Mijoo: I was in a sub-unit with Sujeong and Yein before but I want to try that again.
Kei: I love the Sujeong-Kei combination.
Sujeong: I would pick Yein and Mijoo. We have released a unit song in our album before but I hope there will be another chance for us to have proper activities as a sub-unit.

4) What do your fans mean to you? Describe Lovelinus in three words and elaborate on why you chose these three words.

Sujeong: Energy, love and warmth. I need to have Lovelinus to have strength while performing, because they always watch us warmly with their love!
Jisoo: Food! Clothing! Shelter! These are the basic things humans need, and Lovelinus is what Lovelyz need.
Baby Soul
: Love, strength, and encouragement. Because of Lovelinus’ overflowing love and presence, we are able to gain strength, courage and continue forward.
Mijoo: Light, Star, Love! Lovelinus are lovable people that are always shining brightly like a star.
Yein: The reason I exist, a present and a blessing.
Jiae: Power, energy and energizer. They all have the same meaning but because of our fans, it doesn’t matter if there are just 1, 10 or a few, even when I am exhausted, I can feel all my tiredness disappear.
Kei: The sky. I can see it whenever I look up and just like the sky, I also want to be a comforting existence for our fans.
Jin: Halfway mark. After meeting Lovelinus and learning of their love, I feel as though all the thoughts I had till now are slowly changing hehe.

5) What is one variety show that Lovelyz would like to go on and why?

Yein: “Radio Star”. I think it will be fun if we go there and disclose each other’s secrets! Haha.
Jin: I want to film a Lovelyz reality show once more!
Mijoo: We have not been on “Running Man” as a whole before but I think it will be fun.
Kei: “New Journey to the West” is a program I have been watching well recently so I would love to appear there!
Baby Soul
: “Running Man” will probably be funny. I think it goes well with us – Running, games and all.
Jiae: I want to film a Lovelyz reality show! It’s been a long time since we filmed that and I think there are many fans who have been curious about our daily lives recently.
Jisoo: Our own reality show. Because I want to show fans our most natural, comfortable selves.
Sujeong: “The Return of Superman” is a program I watch every week and I really want to appear there so I can meet the kids in real life

6) If you could film a reality show involving your fans, what would you like to do or how would you spend the day together?

Mijoo: Just having fun together without having a single thought.
Baby Soul
: Just like the reality TV show “Three Meals a Day”, I want to go to a village and catch fish, farm vegetables and cook with fans.
Jiae: A day we will never forget! A day that we will not stop smiling!
Yein: I want to have some traditional experiences together! Play some Korean traditional games, etc.! Haha.
Jisoo: I want to volunteer. I want to make things people would need and cook.. And leave a lot of memories. I think I will feel proud and good.
Sujeong: Recently I have become interested in cooking so I want to cook for our fans.
Kei: I want to go for an MT~ We can grill some meat and play some games, I want to spend a fun day.
Jin: I want to organize a sports meet!

7) Lots of thoughts were put into the outfit concept for “Destiny”, such as the matching of lunar phases. What is one other thing that Lovelyz has put a lot of thoughts in?

Jisoo: Actually, compared to ‘Destiny’ and since ‘Lost N Found’, our stylist asked us the style of clothing we wanted to try and then they personally designed it. The shape and length of a skirt was all done according to what the members wanted.
Jiae: We put a lot of thought in our live performance at that time~! Because it’s been a long time since coming back from our last album, we wanted to show our improved selves.
Mijoo: We put in much effort musically.
Jin: During ‘That Day’, I lost too much weight that I did not look good on screen. So since then, I have been eating a lot and putting in more effort to gain some weight.
Yein: The stage outfits were really pretty and the Earth rotation dance was quite cool so we worked really hard to express it well.
Baby Soul: We emphasized a lot on a song’s lyrics and expression.
Kei: Our live performances! We put a lot of thought into our performances because we always want to show great stages.
Sujeong: The decorations on our wrist and the details in the fabric.

8) Are there anything that the members have taken interest in recently?

Jiae: Personally, I fell for passionfruit ade.
Jisoo: Eating! Not recently but always~
Mijoo: Writing lyrics.
Sujeong: I have taken an interested in slime.
Kei: Clothes. Since spring is coming, I have been trapped by those pretty spring outfits.
Jin: Meat?!!!! Kekeke
Baby Soul: Reading, watching films, composing and exercising.
Yein: Watching dramas.

9) What can Lovelinus look forward to at your upcoming concert in Singapore?  Will there be any surprise element being prepared for the fans?

Baby Soul: We plan to perform new stages we have never shown before so please look forward to them!
Jiae: As this is our first time to meet Singapore Lovelinus, we are currently working really hard to prepare even better stages! Please look forward to it!
Jisoo: We are going to show new stages, different from those previously shown in our Seoul concert so please! Come and see us!
Mijoo: Secret~
Kei: We have many stages that cannot be seen on music broadcasts and can only be seen at our concerts~ So please keep a lookout for it and we want to create an unforgettable memory with our Singapore Lovelinus!
Jin: That~~ You just have to see it for yourself at the concert~!!!
Sujeong: We are going to perform songs that are not included in our Korea concert! Look forward to it!
Yein: We may perform songs that are not included in our Korea concert!! And we are working hard on preparing for it!!! So please look forward!!! Haha.

Are you guys excited yet? For more information about  Lovelyz 3 of Winter World, find out more below:

Tickets are still available via and prices range from S$88 to $218. All ticket holders are also entitled to a whole bunch of benefits so what are you waiting for? Get your tickets to meet Lovelyz and stay tuned to our channels for the latest updates!

(Photo Credits: Woollim Entertainment / IME Singapore)


[INTERVIEW] Xander Shares His Love for Food and Wants to Try This Dish Next!

After embarking on a 2-city culinary adventure in Semarang (Indonesia) and Manila (Philippines) last year for tvN Asia’s original production Wok The World, Alexander Lee, more widely known to his fans as Xander, was invited to be part of the judging panel for the finale of the program, Wok The World Cooking Competition.

Held on January 5, 2019 at the Adventure Cove Waterpark, Resorts World Sentosa, the competition saw 5 home cooks from Singapore, Hong Kong, and the Philippines competing against each other to vie for the grand prize, as they whipped up creative dishes making use of limited edition sesame oil, as well as dark and light soy sauce that were specially made for Wok The World.

The competition comprised a reputable judging panel such as world-renowned chefs, Alvin Leung, Eric Chong and Li Kwok Kwong, as well as show host Xander.

Xander, who has been to Singapore multiple times, sat down for a quick interview with us where he shared more about his very own gastronomic journey. When asked to name his favorite local dish, the international star commented that he really enjoyed pepper crabs or bak kut teh (pork ribs soup dish), and at any time, pepper crabs would win hands down over chilli crabs or salted egg crabs. He added that he’s not so loyal when it comes to food, though durian remains as a firm favorite for him.

Fans of Xander would know that the star is a total foodie, and he affirmed this statement by declaring that he’s someone who lives to eat rather than eat to live. If there’s a dish that he would like to try next, it would be Lo Hei, a type of Cantonese-style raw fish salad traditionally and commonly eaten during Chinese New Year, a.k.a the prosperity toss.

Apart from participating in the filming for Wok The World, Xander was also casted as the male lead in the 105-episode drama comedy romance series, My Korean Jagiya, which aired in the Philippines from August 2017 to January 2018. Being on a Philippines drama has gained him many regional fans, and even though he has been in the entertainment scene for 10 years, the humble star spoke about his desire to “try something new and challenging” in the new year.

On whether he has plans to release any music, Xander replied that he does not have any intention on this, though he always end up returning to do music. As for dramas, he hopes that there’ll be opportunities to film one in Singapore or Hong Kong in the near future.

In case you missed it, catch up on the 6-episode Wok The World series on Viu with subtitles and also check out our interview with Nichkhun, who’s one of the show hosts too!


[INTERVIEW] “Quiz from God” Leads, Ryu Deok-hwan and Yoon Joo-hee Share Their Thoughts on Filming a 5th Season

For avid fans of the cult favorite “Quiz from God” series, you’ll be happy to know that this forensic crime drama is back for its 5th season! After a 4-year hiatus, the fifth installment of the series, “Quiz from God: Reboot” is back to bring your brains on a wild ride with its mindboggling mysteries and suspenseful settings.

The series first aired on cable channel OCN back in 2010 and it follows the lives of genius surgeon Han Jin-woo (played by Ryu Deok-hwan) and his team as they gather together to investigate a bout of rare disease-related deaths that mysteriously plague the country.

For this season, the story starts off as Han Jin-woo, who has secluded himself on the mountains away from society, finds a cause to a series of murders. As he begins to dig deeper into the deaths, he finds out that it’s more than just a natural cause.

Reprising the role of surgeon Han Jin-woo and detective Kang Kyung-hee, are long-time actors Ryu Deok-hwan and Yoon Joo-hee respectively, both of whom have starred in this series since its inception.

Prior to this series, Ryu Deok-hwan has acted in drama hits like “Ms. Hammurabi” and “Sovereign Default”, while Yoon Joo-hee has acted in “Iris II” and “Whisper”. Read on to check out our email interview with the two leads and find out what they have to say about “Quiz from God: Reboot”!

Q: Both of you have been playing this role for the past 8 years, how does it feel to be back for the 5th season?

Ryu: I think the word ‘honored’ suits the best when expressing my feeling. I just feel very grateful and honored of (sic) all the fans who have waited for me for 2 years of my military service and come back to watch this drama.

Yoon: Coming back with Quiz from God 5, I had some pressure but was excited at the same time. My character, Kang Kyoung-hee has evolved and get more mature along the way, so I paid much effort in her changing interactions with different characters.

Q: Both of you must have great chemistry working alongside each other in the drama. Are there any traits that you have discovered about each other along the way?

Ryu: Joo-hee loves to play jokes and she is very good at making people feel comfortable. Although I’m usually awkward being around actresses, she is definitely not one of them. She is an exception after we’ve worked together for the past 8 years. I think our audience spot us acting like bread and butter in this drama, and this makes the relationship between Jin-woo and Kyung-hee look cute and sweet.

Yoon: Working on the same series for 8 years made the set feel like home to me, and everyone feel like family that’s always been there for you, and won’t go anywhere.

Q: Describe each of your character in one sentence.

Ryu: Jin-woo is a super genius. (Not just genius, it has to be ‘super’ genius.)

Yoon: Kang Kyung-hee and I had so much in common, she is a perfect role for me. Whenever the camera starts rolling, I just become her.

Q: What makes this season different from the previous seasons and is there anything you want fans to look out for in this series?

Ryu: If there’s a difference from 4 years ago, “Quiz from God: Reboot” has a whole different point of fundamental perspective on the society compared to the last season (sic). Han Jin-woo, the role I’ve played, was more like a person who confronts irrationality of the society and gets upset about it, but now he has turned into a person who has no choice but to accept all the irrational situation, which never stops, and his anger has been growing inside of him. Looking into a positive side, I’d say he’s evolving.

Yoon: This season has a bigger scale in story and many fresh elements as the story develops. For my role, Kang Kyung-hee, she has come a long way to become a team leader. You can see her shine in this season.

Scoring an average of 2% ratings each episode, the hype is real, and I dare say this OCN Original show is doing pretty fine for a non-prime time drama. So, if you haven’t already started watching it, what are you waiting for? “Quiz from God: Reboot airs on tvN Asia every Thursday and Friday at 8:30 pm, Singapore time (just one day after the original airs in Korea).

(Photo Credits: tvN Asia)


[INTERVIEW] Nichkhun Shares His Love for Eating and Talks About His New Culinary Show, “Wok The World”

Being a chef is not easy!” exclaimed Nichkhun as he talked about how it was liked working alongside ‘Demon Chef’ Alvin Leung and MasterChef Canada Winner Eric Chong. The trio were recently in town to film for tvN Asia’s latest production “Wok The World” and we were fortunately able to score an interview with the Thailand Prince himself during his downtime.

During the insightful albeit short interview, Nichkhun revealed that although the trio never got the chance to cook with one another, he has learned a lot about the food and its history from the talented chefs during the filming. Furthermore, his experiences with the two chefs taught him that being a chef is more than just knowing how to cook – It’s about knowing the importance of each and every ingredient and combining them to create a new dimension to its taste.

Curious to find out what went down during the interview? Check out the video below to find out more about Nichkhun and his thoughts on eating, cooking, and food! Special thanks to Nichkhun for taking time out to join us for this interview. 😁

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To find out more about Nichkhun’s latest show, “Wok The World”, check out the link below! “Wok The World” will premiere on tvN Asia and Viu Singapore from 26 November (Every Monday) at 10:30pm (GMT+8). 

2PM’s Nichkhun will be in Singapore Next Week to film ‘Wok The World’ with World Renowned Chefs!


Interview: VAV chats about latest Latin pop remake “Señorita” and wants their fans to know THIS about them!

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7-member boy group VAV has recently made a comeback with an upbeat Latin pop track titled “Señorita”, which is a remake song originally sung by German singer Kay One. Just last week, the boy group surprised fans with a flash mob performance at Seoul’s Han River, as they delivered a passionate dance of their latest single.

Having garnered over 12 million views for the song’s MV in barely two weeks after its release, VAV has been making waves for “Señorita”, which proves to be a hit amongst the local and international fans.

Recently, we caught up with the boy group who took some time off to share more about their new release — and they also revealed things that they’d like their fans (VAMPZ) to know about them, as well as their favorite tracks, favorite emoticons, and more.

Check out the full interview below and be sure to catch the official MV of “Señorita”!

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[FEATURE] VAV Leaves to Find Their Beloved in Their Latest Comeback, “Señorita”!


[FEATURE] VAV Leaves to Find Their Beloved in Their Latest Comeback, “Señorita”!

After wrapping up their overseas activities, VAV has released their 5th digital single and recently came back with a Latin pop track titled, “Señorita” on October 11th. The song is a remake, originally sung by German singer Kay One and it’s a track filled with trendy hip-hop beats and Latin pop melodies that are sure to get you hooked.

Members Ayno and Lou also took part in writing the lyrics for the song’s rap, so fans can definitely look forward to the track being filled with the members’ passionate emotions. Though the members have mentioned that it’s their first time trying out a Latin pop concept, the group once again proves that they are versatile idols capable of swinging you away with their romantic wild west concept and their awesome vocals!

Since its release on the 11th, this song proves to be a hit amongst the international fans. Not only has the song entered the Top 10 charts in the US and Mexico, the music video has also achieved more than 440,000 views in just 4 days! To commemorate the release of yet another successful single, we will be revealing a special interview just for all the VAMPZ out there so stay tuned to our channels to be the first to catch the exclusive release! 😉


[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] Get Personal with Girls’ Generation’s YOONA in Singapore

No distance is too far, no time is too long. Despite visiting our sunny island just a few weeks back, Girls’ Generation’s YOONA has returned for her solo Fanmeet last week and fans just cannot get enough of this ball of sunshine. During her short visit here, we managed to catch up with YOONA for an exclusive interview before the start of her highly-anticipated Fanmeet.

Watch the full video to find out what YOONA has been up to lately and get up-close and personal with her as she answers some of your burning questions!

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Special thanks to YOONA for taking time out to join us for this interview! 😁

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