Exclusive Interview: JBJ Reveals (And Creates) Hilarious Nicknames For Each Member

JBJ was in Singapore for their 1st Fan Meeting recently, and we had the opportunity to sit down for a quick catch-up with the members to find out what they have been up to lately. Check out the exclusive interview with JBJ where they revealed (and created) some hilarious nicknames for one another!

JBJ will be releasing their 2nd mini album [True Colors] on January 17, 6pm (KST) with “My Flower” as their title track. Watch the teaser here!

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[INTERVIEW] Exclusive Backstage Interview with gugudan in Singapore

“Standby, cue! Hello, we are gugudan!” That’s probably one of the most cheery greetings we’ve ever heard as we were greeted by the 9 lovely girls of gugudan ahead of their first Fan Meeting in Singapore on 27 September.

It was their first visit to Singapore which also marked their first ever overseas Fan Meeting out of Korea. As the girls went on to chat about the charms of each member, they also shared the type of concept they’d like to take on for their next album and not to forget leaving a special message for Singapore Danjjaks!

Be sure to catch up with the girls and watch the full interview clip below!

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Special thanks to gugudan, My Music Taste and Jellyfish Entertainment for making this interview possible.


[INTERVIEW] Korean MMA Fighter Song Ka Yeon Shares Thoughts On Her Move To Singapore

Korean mixed martial arts fighter Song Ka Yeon (Sky) has moved to Singapore some 5 months ago to join the Evolve Mixed Martial Arts team, Asia’s top martial arts organization. Familiar to international fans for her appearance in the first season of South Korea’s popular reality show ‘Roommate’, Sky’s sudden move has surprised fans everywhere, and the drastic change intrigued many.

Now based in Singapore at Evolve MMA, she is currently training hard together with the help of the Evolve family. We had the chance to sit down and chat with her to find out more about what she has in mind as a MMA fighter!

Q: What do you think about Singapore so far?

Sky: I think Singapore is very unique in the way people of different cultures and races can live together in harmony!

Q: What are your thoughts about the MMA fighting scene in Singapore?

Sky: I was surprised to see how the people here are so passionate about the sport! Even though they aren’t professional fighters, they are still very committed to the sport.

Q: Why did you decide to pick up MMA?

Sky: I’ve always known that I wanted to practice martial arts since I was young. We learnt a lot of martial arts in high school, and I learnt that in MMA you have to be trained in all sorts of martial arts!

Q: Do you have any famous fighters you look up to?

Sky: My teammates are my idols! We all train very hard together and the team spirit really fuels our passion.

Q: How do you motivate yourself when you encounter obstacles?

Sky: I’ll look up motivational quotes and fighting videos online. Sometimes I can’t find motivation so I’m always searching for something to inspire myself.

Q: What is your main goal as a MMA fighter?

Sky: Every fighter aspires to be a champion, but for me, I want to be a real martial artist. I want to be able to express myself through martial arts, and be a good fighter and a good human being! I also want to keep improving as a martial artist.

We also had a speed-question round with Sky, so look out for updates to find out more about her! For now, Sky only has Jiu-jitsu competitions coming up and no MMA competitions yet, but you can be sure that she’ll be preparing with all her strength for every fight that comes her way. All the best, Sky!

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[INTERVIEW] Actor Lee Jae Yoon Talks About Future Drama Roles, Jungle Experience And Keeping Fit With Exercise

Korean actor Peter Lee Jae Yoon was in Singapore recently to participate in the Puma Night Run 2017 and we had the opportunity to catch up with him through an interview. The actor was best known for his roles in K-dramas Weightlifting Fairy, Kim Bok-joo and Another Oh Hae Young.

Check out our interview below to find out what he’s been up to after wrapping up the drama projects!

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[INTERVIEW] Kim Myung Soo Reveals Thoughts To Hold A Photo Exhibition And Countdowns To Singapore Fan Meet

(Photo: PTO Entertainment Pte Ltd)

Inspirits, are you ready to catch Kim Myung Soo in Singapore? Kim Myung Soo, more affectionately known by his fans as L (from INFINITE), will soon be making his way to Singapore for his first ever solo Fan Meeting on September 23.

With less than a month to go, we recently had an email interview with the artist to find out what he’s been up to after wrapping up his drama. Check out the interview below and if you’ve yet to purchase your ticket, get yours at SISTIC while limited quantities are still available!

(Photo: MBC)

Q: You recently starred in the MBS historical series, Ruler: Master of the Mask. What is your reaction to the viewers’ positive response to the improvement in your acting?
L: It was a true honor to act together with the great senior actors. I would like to thank everyone for loving Lee Sun’s character (in the drama).

Q: What was your favorite scene in the series? Any memorable filming experience to share?
L: As I like my character (Lee Sun) a lot, every moment was memorable. If I have to pick one, it would be the water torture scenes.

Q: What is one thing you like about your character ‘Lee Sun’?
L: I like that he showed pure love for the female character and he expressed his own will.

(Photo: MBC)

Q: If you could change the ending fate for your character ‘Lee Sun’, what kind of an ending would you wish for him?
L: Killed not by the prince but Daemok? I can only think of this kinda ending.

Q: Have you ever thought of heading to the big screens?
L: I think it might be possible if I really want to try it?!!

Q: What kind of roles or genres would you like to try in the future?
L: I want to try the Thriller genre and play a character with a hidden story.

(Photo: PTO Entertainment Pte Ltd)

Q: What do you do to overcome stress during busy schedules?
L: I listen to quiet instrumental music and spend time by myself.

Q: As a photographer, are there any projects you’re working on and are you planning to release another photobook?
L: I have thought about it a lot but I am not sure when it will be published. Aside from the photobook, I also want to try holding a photo exhibition.

Q: What can fans look forward to at your first solo Fan Meeting in Singapore?
L: You can see (a different side of me), not as L in the group but as Kim Myung Soo. I think you can find some charming points of me which you couldn’t find in L!!

Q: What are your upcoming plans for the remaining of 2017?
L: I would like to meet you (my fans) through my fan meeting. I will do as many promotions as possible. Please show me your love ~~^^

Here’s a greeting shoutout from Kim Myung Soo to all his fans in Singapore! 2017 Kim Myung Soo Fan Meeting in Singapore will be held on September 23 (Saturday) at Resorts World Theatre, Resorts World Sentosa at 7:30pm. Tickets are available for sale via SISTIC from $138 onwards.

Special thanks to Kim Myung Soo for his time and Faith & D Entertainment for arranging the email interview!

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[INTERVIEW] Eric Nam Reveals A Crazy Experience In His Career And Hints At Upcoming Duet Release

Eric Nam was in Singapore over the past weekend for his showcase where he performed several hit tracks and interacted with fans through stage activities. This was the singer’s first showcase in Singapore and fans were delighted with a string of classic hits including his debut title track ‘Heaven’s Door‘ and ‘You, Who?’, a Spring duet track that was released with Somi.

With his quick-witted sense and charms, it is no surprise that Eric has a huge following of fans from all over the world. Prior to the showcase, we had an opportunity to meet the Korean-American heartthrob whom shared some personal experiences of his career and dropped us a hint about his upcoming duet release. Read on to find out more on what went behind the scene!

Q: What does “Eric Nam” mean to you? How do you want your fans to remember you as?
Eric: I want to be remembered as a great performer and singer. But thinking on a grander scale, being an entertainer is relatable and likeable not just from a music perspective but also (involves) hosting, singing, appearing in different TV shows etc. I’ve said this from the very beginning, a big part of the reason I started this (journey) was to become a positive impact on people and the community. At the end of the day, I want to be remembered as a good person. If you are a good person, that leaves some sort of a good lasting impact (on people).

Q: Any plans for a summer release or collaboration?
Eric: Uhm.. That’s a tricky question. I don’t think it’s gonna happen. I wanted it to happen but it’s gonna be hard because of the timing. I would say that there’s a duet in the works and I thought it’s supposed to be (released) in August. I actually recorded it 2 days ago but they might wanna push (the release) to September instead. But something should be coming out soon.

(Is it with a female artist?)
Eric: Yes ^_^ (laughs)

Q: What was the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
Eric: Probably skydiving. I don’t know how i did it. Oh wait, bungee jumping was the worst thing ever. It’s absolutely terrifying. Skydiving — you jump off the plane but somebody is attached to you. So if you die, you will die with someone. Bungee jumping — you’re on the cliff and there’s nobody else. They’re like 3, 2, 1, and I was like “I can’t!” They went 3, 2, 1 again and oh god I jumped. I literally thought I was gonna die. It was the most terrifying thing I’ve ever done.

(Will you ever do it again?)
Eric: NO! I will not! I think I might go skydiving but not bungee jumping ever again.

Q: What is one experience that you’d never forget in your career?
Eric: Bungee jumping. (laughs) I had to do that for the TV show and I was like I hate my job! They’re not paying me well enough for me to be risking my life! (laughs)

What else… The most memorable thing… I think every time I step in front of the crowd, it’s like one of the coolest things, no matter how big or small it is. To be able to perform and have people listen to my music and react to it, I think that’s really really cool. I’m always thankful for that as it keeps me going.

Q: What is it about the stage that gets you excited?
Eric: There’s this moment, right before you go on stage, it’s kind of quiet where the lights were off. You have to go on, but you’re nervous and kind of terrified if something were to go wrong. You think about how people will react because every crowd is different, but it’s that moment when you have this rush of adrenaline. Right when you step out on stage and the music starts to play, you feel this big (release of) endorphins and you just get super excited. For me, I think that’s the most fun part about the stage.

Q: What is one song that you’d want to sing for your Singapore fans right now?
Eric: What a Feeling~ I actually don’t know what’s the title, I just came up with that in my head. It’s called ‘Feeling’ right? This morning I played this playlist with some super fun American songs that are super old school but it made me feel so good so I had a good start to the morning. That’s why I would sing, what a feeling~

Special thanks to Eric Nam for taking time out for this interview! Eric Nam 1st Live in Singapore was brought to you by Mode Entertainment and covered by HallyuSG.

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[COVER] Interview With Jay Park, The New Judge For Asia’s Got Talent Season 2

Asia’s Got Talent has today announced that it will be returning for a second season this year. Joining two of Season 1’s judges (David Foster and Anggun), it was revealed that Jay Park will tap in as a new judge for the upcoming talent show on AXN Asia.

At an interview with Jay Park earlier, the Korean-American rapper & producer revealed that he was very excited to be in the scene when he first heard about it. He doesn’t know what kind of a judge he will be as it’s his first time judging a diversity of talents.

“I have to witness it and see my reaction first hand. I’ve done different shows where I judge dancing or rapping, but I’ve never judge talents before. I don’t think I’m gonna be that easy, because my standards are pretty high. We’ll see.” said the global superstar.

As the new judge for the upcoming season of Asia’s Got Talent, Jay Park thinks that good looks may contribute to part of the talent if the said talent is competing as a model, pop star, or comedic act. He feels that it all depends on the type of talent that each individual will showcase.

Quoting from the rapper, “What makes the show exciting is that talents are coming from all over Asia. You don’t know what you’ll be expecting and I want to be surprised. This show will be the judge for their talents.”

When asked if he feels pressured to be part of the judging panel, Jay Park revealed that he felt more excited than anything else. One of the main reasons was because it’s entertaining to see a variety of acts and talents besides singing and dancing.

After meeting David Foster and Anggun today, he thinks that they’re charming and easy going, and further shared that he’s good at showing his true personality.

“I am very respectable to whoever they may be. I don’t feel like I’m better than anyone else because of who I am. In terms of judging talents, I don’t think I’m going to be that easy going. I’m going to be honest but respectable at the same time.”

Season 2 of Asia’s Got Talent will be premiering on AXN in October this year. The series will be hosted by Singapore-based actors Alan Wong and Justin Bratton. With 10 episodes in total, contestants will compete and battle to win the grand prize of USD100,000. Stay tuned to its premiere!

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[INTERVIEW] Exclusive: SF9 Talks About Their Goals For 2017!

We apologise for the long wait, FANTASYs! YouTube has finally fixed the bugs on our channel and the interview video is now ready for release. 🙂

Our team had an opportunity to meet up with SF9 for an exclusive interview a day prior to the boy band’s first Fan Meeting in Singapore, where they talked about what they would do in their free time.

The boys also shared their goals for this year, adding that they hope to promote more and become singers that their fans would be proud of. Without further ado, check out the interview footage below!

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Special thanks to SF9 for their spontaneity, FNC Entertainment for the interview opportunity and IME Singapore for arranging the interview!



With Mnet’s newest survival program ‘Show Me The Money’ returning for its 6th season and taking flight recently, we had an interview with Dean, one of the producers for the program when we met him in Seoul during the Greenplugged Festival.

In our ‘Show Me The DEAN‘ segment, Dean answered some of the questions that his fans were dying to find out and also discussed about his newest US single, ‘love’. Check out the interview below!

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Special thanks to Universal Music Singapore for having us in Seoul & arranging the interview with Dean!


[INTERVIEW] Bii (毕书尽) Shares A Surprise For Upcoming Singapore Showcase & Drops Hint For 5th Album

Korean-Taiwanese singer Bii (毕书尽) will be returning to Singapore for his music showcaseBii With You, on June 17th at The Star Theatre. With all VIP tickets snapped up within 9 minutes after the ticket sales launch, Bii is for sure one of the highly sought-after artists today with his rising popularity.

As we countdown to the showcase in June, be sure to check out our exclusive interview with Bii! He shared about his love for Singapore, his upcoming plans for the year and what fans can look forward to at the showcase.

Q: You’ve been to Singapore several times. Do you have any memorable or interesting fan encounter in Singapore to share?

I am very impressed by the passion and courtesy of Singapore fans. I like Singapore very much and I think it’s a country that makes me feel very relaxed. Three years ago when I was here to perform at the Spring Wave Singapore 2014, I came across a friendly driver. He introduced me to Singlish and taught me several useful phrases to use on stage. He didn’t know who I was, except for the fact that I was here as a performer. I can’t recall any of the phrases now, but I remembered that we shared many laughter in the car and I was really grateful for the warmth and hospitality.


Q: You’ve been active in producing songs and featuring for drama OST. Will fans be able to look forward to a new album anytime soon?

I am in the midst of producing my 5th solo album. In addition to my own song compositions, this album will also feature some of my favourite musicians. If the recording goes well, I hope to meet all of you with my new album before August this year. Please look forward to it!


Q: Fans love both the Mandarin and Korean versions of your songs as they give a different feel individually. Do you have any plans to release any tracks in Korean again?

Most of my early tracks were first written in Korean, so I recorded both the Mandarin and Korean versions in my first two albums. Moving forward, I think I’ll still be doing it this way, though I won’t really consider producing a full Korean album. If there’s an opportunity to advance into the Korean market in the near future, I hope to create an identity for myself as a Mandopop singer with my music and introduce Mandarin songs to the Koreans.


Q: When you compose the songs, do you write your first inspirations in Chinese or Korean (and translate it afterwards)?

When I was producing my first album, I penned everything down in Korean because my Chinese was really poor back then. For the second album, I tried writing bit by bit in Chinese, but Korean still makes up most of it. In my fourth album, I finally wrote a full song in Chinese! The track is called ’38’. Although the meaning behind the lyrics is simple, I consider this track as my first step towards a full composition in Chinese.

I’ve been wanting to attempt writing a Mandarin rap these days. I used to add in Korean rap in my songs but my fans were not able to understand and it was hard for them to sing along to the lyrics. I hope that I can master Chinese well for my fans and gift another self-composed track with my own Chinese lyrics or rap.


Q: Which kind(s) of music genre is/are your favorite these days?

My favourite genre is still slow-rock.


Q: What do you do in your free time?

Gaming! Haha, I usually don’t head out much. To me, it’s relaxing to stay at home in my free time and do the things I enjoy, like gaming, playing with my dog, practising on my guitar or cooking. On days when I am in an extremely good or bad mood, I will head to the KTV and sing to my heart’s content.


Q: Since Singapore will be a prelude to your first ever large-scale concert in Taiwan, what can fans look forward to at this showcase?

This music showcase will be my first and only show before the Taiwan concert at the end of the year. My plans this year will include the Singapore showcase, filming for a drama, releasing my 5th album, as well as the year-end concert. I can’t multi-task more than one thing at a time, so I was really grateful to my agency whom planned out the timeline for this year and gave me sufficient time to prepare for every schedule.

I had initial plans to return and meet my Singapore fans last year, but wasn’t able to do so due to my packed schedule. Hence I want to specially dedicate this showcase to Singapore before my year-end concert in Taiwan.

I was especially saddened when I wasn’t able to perform for my fans during the public autograph session back in 2015 when I visited Singapore with Dino Lee and Ian Chen for our promotional tour. Although I still made an appearance at the event, I wasn’t able to perform at all because I was feeling so ill and weak that day. It made me feel so terrible and sorry for my fans, so I want to do something special this time to make up for it. I hope to gift my fans a complete showcase with purely my music and me. My live band will also be performing together and I’ve prepared a surprise song for the audience! I’ve never sang this song before, so you can definitely look forward to the showcase!

这场音乐会是我今年很少数的公开活动,因为今年公司对我的计划很简单,就是拍一部戏、发第五张个人专辑以及年底的小巨蛋。我是一个没办法一心二用的人,所以很感谢公司给我很足够的时间可以让我去准备。对于新加坡粉丝家人们其实本来在去年就有计划想回去看看大家,但是时间一直没配合上,所以在今年小巨蛋之前特别把唯一一场的音乐会献给新加坡。因为2015年跟师弟玉玺、彦允去宣传的时候我在最后一场的签唱会前得了肠病毒,虚弱的连自己都吓到。虽然还是有出席见大家,但那天完全唱不了歌。我觉得我欠大家一次,所以特别在这次带着我的Live band一起表演,在这场音乐会我希望给大家完整的我,纯粹只有音乐的我。当然这么久不见一定要带礼物啦,所以我会准备大家没听过的歌当作给大家的小惊喜。只有到现场的观众才听得到喔!

Details of Bii With You LIVE in Singapore
Date: June 17th, 2017 (Saturday)
Venue: The Star Theatre (The Star Performing Arts Centre)
Time: 8pm
Ticket Pricing: (Exclude booking fee)
S$178 (VIP) SOLD OUT! / $148 / $118 / $78
Ticketing ChannelSISTIC

Bii With You LIVE in Singapore is presented by KKBOX and Singtel. Special thanks to KKBOX for arranging this interview with Bii! Click HERE for more information of the showcase!

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[INTERVIEW] Catch Up With ‘MAN To MAN’ Main Leads Park Hae Jin & Park Sung Woong

Man to Man main leads Park Hae Jin and Park Sung Woong recently sat down to answer some questions about their drama that is currently airing on JTBC.

The drama series have received a great popularity since its premiere on April 21, and it is concurrently available for global streaming (except Korea and US) on Netflix at the same time slot as its telecast in Korea, making it Netflix’s first simulcast of a Korean drama in over 20 languages to millions of subscribers across the world.

Special thanks to Netflix, who has obtained exclusive global broadcasting rights to this drama series, we managed to secure an interview with the two male leads where they shared their filming experiences and challenges for this drama.

Q: How did you approach your character? Do you take any reference from other films or dramas?

Park Hae Jin: I referred to a lot of other works for the show. I watched an American TV series ‘Burn Notice’ and other movies with an agent character like the Bourne series and 007 series, but they didn’t seem like a good reference for this specific character that I am playing.

I was more influenced by a movie called ‘Man from U.N.C.L.E’ whose main characters are very witty. I should have shown only the witty side, but our characters actually displayed a lot of comic elements, so I’ll leave it up to the audience on how it’s going to be received.

Q: What was it like to work with Park Sung Woong as your opposite? It’s been 10 years since ‘East of Eden’ where you two worked together.

Park Hae Jin: I was very glad when I heard that I could work together with Sung Woong. We did work together 10 years ago in ‘East of Eden’ but there was not a single shot where we were in the same frame. It felt very fresh to me that I got a chance to work with him after all those years. We definitely became closer to each other while working on this current series.

Q: How about sharing romantic scenes with Kim Minjung?  

Park Hae Jin: Speaking of romance, I would say you’ll see more of bromance. Even with Kim Minjung, our chemistry is more like a quarrelling-with-each-other kind of relationship and not a typical love-each-other relationship. I believe that the audience will find it more fun and interesting.

Q: How challenging was it to do all the stunt work and big actions? Did you enjoy it or did you feel a lot of pressure?

Park Hae Jin: We do have a lot of action scenes but they weren’t that intense. Most of the stunt choreography is very quick, simple and not really big scale. I think the action style matches well with my character, Sulwoo.

There won’t be lots of long action sequence but I’m sure it will give a big impact to the audience. This is my first time trying out an action genre, so I had to train at the stunt school to get ready for the role. I’ve been personally training for a type of martial art called Krav Maga and it was very helpful in preparing for the role.

Q: What was the biggest challenge and the most rewarding thing you experienced while shooting ‘Man to Man’?

Park Sung Woong: My character Woonkwang is supposed to be very upbeat, but nobody really expect to see that side from me. Director Lee Changmin did know that I have that character inside me since we worked together for ‘Remember: War of the Son’. I had to be almost ten times more vivacious than how I did for ‘Remember: War of the Son’, but PD Lee could not hold his laughter while directing behind the monitor. Because of that, we had to reshoot the scene several times. That made me feel very rewarding since it explained a lot about how funny I was while acting.

The challenging part was, sometimes I had a moment when I got a little confused about myself and Woonkwang. Usually I don’t hold my head so high on set, but I easily got high spirited and acted as though I’m Yeo Woonkwang even off camera while I was shooting this series. That was the most challenging part.

It took me almost one month to get out of the character but I still feel a bit hazy. Back then I was working on a musical called ‘Bodyguard’, so I got to feel fresh and new on stage while playing the musical. But whenever I came back to set, I became Yeo Woonkwang again, so I was very confused. I even considered getting a counseling session as Hollywood actors do. It was hard for me to come back to reality, but I’m fine now.

Q: Seems like you relate to the character very deeply.

Park Sung Woong: Well, I usually go into characters deeply, but it was my first time feeling this kind of emotion and I’ve been just hazy the whole time. I usually memorize my lines days before the shoot, but this time I didn’t do that, on purpose, just to be like Yeo Woonkwang. I asked for a few minutes to memorize the lines right between the rehearsal and the shoot and worked on it for about a minute by myself.

Q: Now you are back to normal, right?

Park Sung Woong: I am. And another thing I feel really grateful is, I just got into another project and started shooting recently. I could feel that I’ve levelled up as an actor. I wasn’t very specific about acting before but now I’m more focused on the details. It all started from this multi-layered character, Yeo Woonkwang.

There were lots of ups and downs. I discussed a lot with the director, asking him ‘Can I go this far?’ and he said ‘You can certainly do whatever you want with this character’. Sometimes I go high like rocketing the sky and suddenly I go down like drilling into underground, but throughout all this process, I feel like Yeo Woonkwang is Park Sung Woong, and it made me feel more philosophical.

Q: Describe Park Hae Jin in a line (After getting to work with him).

Park Sung Woong: 김설우만큼 멋있는 배우 (A cool actor like Kim Sulwoo).

Q: Describe Man to Man in a line.

Park Sung Woong: 모두가 빠져들 드라마 (A drama that everyone will fall in love with).

Q: Since Man to Man took over the time slot of JTBC’s strongest rating drama ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’, does this give any pressure to the cast and crew?

Park Hae Jin: Rather than feeling pressured, we were more thankful to the ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’ team. They proved that it can be a successful time slot for a drama series.

Q: Please give a shout-out for your Singapore fans.

Park Hae Jin: I really appreciate your endless support. I wish I could visit you more often. I’ll always keep your love and support in my heart and will do my best for everything. Thank you!

Park Sung Woong: A lot more exciting stories are coming up in Man to Man. I look forward to your love and support for this drama. Thank you!

Catch Man to Man every Friday & Saturday, 10pm (SGT), on Netflix exclusively as global streaming (except Korea & the US) will be available at the same time slot as its broadcast on JTBC!

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[INTERVIEW] Ji Chang Wook Greets Fans With New Movie, Fabricated City!

Actor Ji Chang Wook was recently in Malaysia to promote his big screen debut in Fabricated City and we had the chance to speak to him about his role in the movie. Catch up with him in this exclusive video!

Make sure you watch till the end as the actor also left a greeting for his Singapore fans!

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READ the coverage of Ji Chang Wook’s special appearance in Malaysia:

Special thanks to Sony Pictures Releasing, Singapore for having us there and arranging this interview! Fabricated City opens in Singapore theatres on 20 April 2017.

Video: Nicole & Sony Pictures Releasing, Singapore
Video Editing: Nicole