KANGDANIEL FIRST PARADE World Tour will be held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium

KANGDANIEL will be heading to Singapore in February 2023 as part of his first-ever world tour, FIRST PARADE. Following a successful tour in Seoul, Japan, Manila, and Bangkok, the soloist is set to perform in several cities across Europe before making a stopover in Singapore on February 11th. This upcoming show at the Singapore Indoor Stadium will mark KANGDANIEL’s first solo concert here following the successful Asia Fan Meet tour in 2019.

Tickets to the Singapore concert are priced from S$128 to $308 before booking fees. They will be available for sale via Ticketmaster website, hotline, and all SingPost outlets from December 9th, 10am onwards. In celebration of KANGDANIEL’s birthday on December 10th, all ticket holders will receive a chance to win autographed goodies (such as signed polaroids, T-shirts, and thermal bottles) if the ticket purchase is made on December 9th & 10th.

Other fan benefits include a set of exclusive signed photo-cards for all Cat 1-5 ticket holders, chances to win a group photo with KANGDANIEL, passes for the send-off party, and/or autographed posters. More information will be released on December 5th.

Details of KANGDANIEL Concert FIRST PARADE in Singapore:
Date: February 11th, 2023 (Saturday)
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium
Time: 7PM
Ticket Pricing: (before booking fees)
S$308 / $258 / $198 / $168 / $128

This show is promoted by UnUsUaL Entertainment.

Show Review

Kang Daniel Embraces Fans with Heartfelt Messages at 1st Solo Fanmeeting in Singapore

If we could pick one moment that was especially touching and memorable during Kang Daniel‘s ‘Color on Me’ Fanmeeting in Singapore, it would be his heartfelt messages to fans where he bared nothing but genuineness and sincerity. Throughout the Fanmeeting, Kang Daniel could be seen showing great affection for his fans and doing his best to interact with the audience from all corners.

Held at Singapore Indoor Stadium on August 16, the show marked yet another milestone for the idol star, as he becomes the fastest solo artiste to stage a large-scale Fanmeeting at the stadium in less than a month after his solo debut.

Opening the Fanmeeting with great excitement, Kang Daniel revealed that he is making preparations to release a video for his fans and hinted about filming himself getting on an exhilarating ride in Singapore during this trip.

The singer also shared thoughts on his newly released debut album which contained tracks that he’d personally written during his period of hiatus. Explaining why he’d chosen ‘What Are You Up To’ as the album’s title track, Kang Daniel expressed that it’s a song that represents him well and shows what he’s capable of.

During the Fanmeeting, the idol star also played several games on stage that involved fun forfeits such as dancing for the fans and displaying ‘boyfriend’ poses, which led to explosive screams across the floor.

He also had the opportunity to try durian for the first time, commenting that the taste is “not bad” as he joked that the king of fruit apparently smelled similar to fish.

Fans were treated to a line-up of powerful and charismatic performances featuring all the tracks in Kang Daniel’s debut album, as well as a special performance of Justin Bieber’s “Sorry”, a song revealed to be one of his personal favourites.

Nearing to the end of the show, Kang Daniel was presented with a fan-made video from his Singapore fans that highlighted on the significant moments that took place during his idol journey.

While repeatedly thanking fans for supporting and cheering him on, the singer gave a lengthy but heartwarming speech to conclude the first stop of his Fanmeeting:

“When I was watching this (fan-made) video, I realised that the journey was long and time really flew by very fast. While I was busy with my own stuff, what I’ve noticed was that my fans were always there by my side, watching and supporting me.

I wanted to show my fans more through this album and I wanted to do more for my fans. Please look forward to more albums in the future. I’d like to present a more complete side of me as an artiste who is capable of showing what I want to impress, and when you listen to my songs, I hope they’ll be a source of energy to cheer you up.

It hasn’t been long since my solo debut, but please continue to watch me grow further as I will put up better performances for my fans. I am always grateful to have all of you being there for me.

(Photos by: Nicole)


Kang Daniel Expresses Sincerity to Fans at ‘Color on Me’ Press Conference in Singapore

After a long wait, fans were finally able to catch Kang Daniel perform on stage as he made a highly anticipated solo debut on July 25 with his mini album ‘Color on Me’. Kicking off his Fan Meeting of the same name with the first stop in Singapore on August 16, Kang Daniel greeted local media with all smiles at the press conference and shared more insights into his debut album production.

Having played a huge role in writing lyrics for his own album tracks, Kang Daniel revealed that he’d wanted to show his own style through the lyrics to highlight on the journey he went through to find his own color. The chorus of his title track ‘What Are You Up To’ is one of his favourite lines as it expresses the message he wants to convey to fans.

The idol star also gave a special mention to the song ‘I Hope’, choosing “I hope you smile” as the line that is most special in this track, explaining “I think my fans are most beautiful when they smile, so I hope they’ll smile more”.

On his transition from a boy group member to a solo artiste, Kang Daniel confessed about having more pressure than before as he has to fill the stage by himself now that he’s performing alone. On the other hand, he hopes to continue making good music for his fans and show more of what he’s capable of through this journey.

Despite making headlines for his debut album recording over 450,000 stock pre-orders in just 7 days, the singer remains humble on the success, commenting:

“All I could think of (when I saw the news) was that I’m very thankful to my fans and I will work hard for them. Rather than chasing on breaking records, I just want to show fans my journey, my effort, and tell them that I did my best. I wanted to express my sincerity for them.”

Just two months ago, Kang Daniel also received the official appointment as the promotional ambassador of Busan, voted by the Busan citizens through an event. When asked to recommend a 1 day itinerary for fans visiting the city for the first time, Kang Daniel named Haeundae as an ideal attraction as it boasts a beautiful coastline with many delicious food options.

If he has a free afternoon to spend in Busan, he’d love to hang out more with his family and cats, and finally end the night  off with a drive in the city.

(Photos by: Nicole)


Upcoming Events Taking Place in August 2019

August is another month to look forward to, with exciting events taking place one after another. In case you missed out any event announcements, here’s a summary of the upcoming events happening this month in Singapore:

1) The Black Skirts [Thirsty] Asia Tour 2019 in Singapore (August 15, 2019)

Indie music fans, here’s one upcoming event that you might not want to miss out on. Come August 15, South Korea’s leading indie singer-songwriter The Black Skirts will be holding his Asia Tour in Singapore at The Pavilion, where fans can look forward to a slew of exciting live performances.

There is currently a special dual ticket combo available for a limited time via the ticketing channel page, with tickets priced as low as S$73.50 each before booking fees. For details of the event, visit here.

2) Kang Daniel Fan Meeting: Color on Me in Singapore (August 16, 2019)

Soon to embark on his first Fan Meeting tour, Kang Daniel will be meeting his fans in Singapore on August 16 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Having amassed over 450,000 preorders for his solo debut album in just a week, Kang Daniel’s immense popularity is evident all over the world.

Tickets to his Singapore Fan Meeting are priced from S$98 to $298, and all VIP and Cat 1 tickets have already been fully sold out. Check out more information of the show here.

3) 2019 NU’EST Concert [Segno] in Singapore (August 24, 2019)

Returning in glory as a full group, NU’EST is set to perform at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on August 24. Their upcoming [Segno] Tour will give fans a full-on concert experience, with fan benefits such as lucky draws for Hi-Touch, Send-off event, Exclusive L-folder or Exclusive autographed Photocard to be won. Tickets are priced from S$148 to $268. For more details, click here.

LATEST UPDATE AS OF 6 AUGUST 2019: NU’EST Concert [Segno] in Singapore has been cancelled due to unforeseen production issues. Here’s the official announcement:

4) 2019 SF9 LIVE FANTASY #2 UNIXERSE in Singapore (August 25, 2019)

Recently making a splash in their comeback with the release of their 7th mini album RPM, SF9 will be hitting up cities for their Asia Tour from August onwards and is set to perform in Singapore on August 25 at the Capitol Theatre. Tickets are priced from S$118 to $238, and VIP ticket holders will be entitled to a guaranteed Hi-Touch, as well as stand a chance to win Group Photo opportunity, signed poster or signed polaroid.

LATEST UPDATE AS OF 19 AUGUST 2019: 2019 SF9 LIVE FANTASY #2 UNIXERSE in Singapore has been cancelled due to “matters arising in the other cities”. Find out more:


UPDATED: Kang Daniel Drops Details for His 1st Solo Fan Meeting Tour

Good news, we’ve secured an exclusive promo code just for fans of Kang Daniel! If you’ve yet to purchase tickets to the Fan Meeting, here’s your chance to receive a whopping 30% discount off for Category 1, 2 and 3 tickets. Simply book your ticket on Klook and key in “HALLYUDANIEL” as the promo code to enjoy the exclusive offer.

Note: This promotion is valid for Singaporean users only, applicable to the Singapore show.

Updated on 7 August 2019:

All VIP tickets to Kang Daniel ‘Color on Me’ Fan Meeting in Singapore have fully been sold out! In all good news, the artiste management has today confirmed more fan benefits for ticket holders of the VIP and Cat 4 tiers, where they’ll stand to win passes to the Send-Off Party. Check out the updated fan benefits below:

Updated on 24 July 2019:

These are the details that you’ve been waiting for! Singapore will be the first stop for Kang Daniel‘s upcoming ‘Color on Me’ Fan Meeting Tour, and special segments are being planned for the show at the moment to reciprocate the love for his fans.

With his soaring popularity, Kang Daniel will be holding his Fan Meeting at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, a feat that is not easily achievable by K-pop solo artiste. Premium gifts such as an exclusive fan will be given to all ticket holders, and a limited edition Kang Daniel EZ-Link card will also be packaged with all VIP and Cat 1 tickets.

Kang Daniel will be the first K-pop artiste who’ll have his image featured on the EZ-Link card and the card is strictly not available for sale. On top of that, all Cat 1, Cat 2 and Cat 3 ticket holders will also stand a chance to win a Send-Off Party pass to catch the idol star up-close, whereas all VIP ticket holders will be entitled to a Meet & Greet Group Photo.

Details of Kang Daniel Fan Meeting: Color on Me in Singapore:
Date: August 16, 2019 (Friday)
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium
Time: 8PM
Ticket Pricing: (before booking fee)
(All Seated Tickets) S$298, $238, $188, $148, $98

All tickets will be available for sale via SportsHubTix website, hotline (+65 3158 8788), Singapore Indoor Stadium Box Office, The Star Performing Arts Centre Box Office, Scotts Square, as well as island-wide SingPost outlets on 27 July from 10am onwards, based on local time. Tickets are also available on Klook here.

Meanwhile, check out the seating plan below:

Original Article:

Exciting news for fans of Kang Daniel! After announcing that he will be dropping his special solo debut album ‘Color on Me’ on July 25 at 6pm (KST), the star has confirmed more promotional activities such as his first Fan Meeting Tour.

His agency KONNECT Entertainment has released an official poster for Kang Daniel’s upcoming solo Fan Meeting Tour, where he will be visiting Singapore on August 16, and Hong Kong on August 18, with more stops to come.

While more information will be announced soon, fans can mark these dates in the calendar and countdown to the idol star’s long-awaited debut!