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[COVER] Kim Myung Soo Expresses His Wish To Remain Active As Both A Singer And An Actor

Kim Myung Soo, better known by his stage name L, was in town recently (23 Sep) for his solo Fan Meeting in Singapore. This trip marked his first ever visit to Singapore without the company of his members and L revealed that he was really nervous but thrilled to meet Singapore fans again.

Prior to the fan meeting, an open press conference was held at West Coast Plaza where L shared more insights of his career and how he felt being a singer and an actor.

“As a singer, I’m able to interact with the fans on-stage and also express my love for them through singing and dancing. Whereas as an actor, I’m able to show a different side of me that you will not see on-stage. I still hope to continue being both a singer and an actor.”

L also expressed his interest in releasing a solo album, filming a new drama and holding another fan meeting in Singapore in the future.

When asked if there’s any life motto that motivates him, L shared that he lived by the motto of “Carpe Diem” which means ‘To Seize The Day‘.

He added, “When you’re in a difficult situation, always think positively so that you (can) endure and overcome the challenges.”

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During the fan meeting, L showed off his vocal skills through soulful ballads, such as ‘It’s Okay Even If It’s Not Me‘, an OST track from his recent drama, Ruler: Master of the Mask. He also gave fans a treat by re-enacting some scenes from the drama, and promised to return to Singapore after filming more dramas.

Photo: PTO Entertainment Pte Ltd

Though this trip to Singapore was a short one for him, L was able to capture some photographs that he took around Singapore (and over the world), as he shared his passion for photography with fans.

Towards the end of the fan meeting, L got teary while watching the video that fans have compiled for him. He was initially worried about the fan meeting as he was not in the perfect condition, but reassured fans that he was feeling better already. The evening ended on a sweet note with L taking a final selfie with all the fans.

Till the next time, we look forward to the day L returns to Singapore again for another solo Fan Meeting or a concert with his INFINITE members!

Kim Myung Soo Fan Meeting in Singapore was organised by Faith & D Entertainment and covered by HallyuSG.

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[INTERVIEW] Kim Myung Soo Reveals Thoughts To Hold A Photo Exhibition And Countdowns To Singapore Fan Meet

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Inspirits, are you ready to catch Kim Myung Soo in Singapore? Kim Myung Soo, more affectionately known by his fans as L (from INFINITE), will soon be making his way to Singapore for his first ever solo Fan Meeting on September 23.

With less than a month to go, we recently had an email interview with the artist to find out what he’s been up to after wrapping up his drama. Check out the interview below and if you’ve yet to purchase your ticket, get yours at SISTIC while limited quantities are still available!

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Q: You recently starred in the MBS historical series, Ruler: Master of the Mask. What is your reaction to the viewers’ positive response to the improvement in your acting?
L: It was a true honor to act together with the great senior actors. I would like to thank everyone for loving Lee Sun’s character (in the drama).

Q: What was your favorite scene in the series? Any memorable filming experience to share?
L: As I like my character (Lee Sun) a lot, every moment was memorable. If I have to pick one, it would be the water torture scenes.

Q: What is one thing you like about your character ‘Lee Sun’?
L: I like that he showed pure love for the female character and he expressed his own will.

(Photo: MBC)

Q: If you could change the ending fate for your character ‘Lee Sun’, what kind of an ending would you wish for him?
L: Killed not by the prince but Daemok? I can only think of this kinda ending.

Q: Have you ever thought of heading to the big screens?
L: I think it might be possible if I really want to try it?!!

Q: What kind of roles or genres would you like to try in the future?
L: I want to try the Thriller genre and play a character with a hidden story.

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Q: What do you do to overcome stress during busy schedules?
L: I listen to quiet instrumental music and spend time by myself.

Q: As a photographer, are there any projects you’re working on and are you planning to release another photobook?
L: I have thought about it a lot but I am not sure when it will be published. Aside from the photobook, I also want to try holding a photo exhibition.

Q: What can fans look forward to at your first solo Fan Meeting in Singapore?
L: You can see (a different side of me), not as L in the group but as Kim Myung Soo. I think you can find some charming points of me which you couldn’t find in L!!

Q: What are your upcoming plans for the remaining of 2017?
L: I would like to meet you (my fans) through my fan meeting. I will do as many promotions as possible. Please show me your love ~~^^

Here’s a greeting shoutout from Kim Myung Soo to all his fans in Singapore! 2017 Kim Myung Soo Fan Meeting in Singapore will be held on September 23 (Saturday) at Resorts World Theatre, Resorts World Sentosa at 7:30pm. Tickets are available for sale via SISTIC from $138 onwards.

Special thanks to Kim Myung Soo for his time and Faith & D Entertainment for arranging the email interview!


[UPCOMING EVENT] INFINITE’s L (Kim Myung Soo) Sets Date For Solo Fan Meeting In Singapore

Kim Myung Soo, better known by his stage name as L, will be holding his solo Fan Meeting in Singapore this September. The INFINITE member recently starred in the MBC historical series, Ruler: Master of the Mask, and received raved reviews for his acting and performance in the drama. This will be L’s first solo Fan Meeting in Singapore, while INFINITE is said to be making their comeback in August.

Details of 2017 Kim Myung Soo Fan Meeting in Singapore
Date: September 23rd, 2017 (Sat)
Venue: Resorts World Theatre, Resorts World Sentosa
Time: 7:30pm
Ticket Prices: (Excluding booking fees)
CAT 1 $238 | CAT 2 $188 | CAT 3 $138

Cat 1 ticket holders will be entitled to a group photo (20 per group) and Hi-touch session with Kim Myung Soo after the Fan Meeting, while Cat 2 ticket holders will be entitled to the Hi-touch session. All tickets will be available for sale via SISTIC from 12 August, 10am onwards.

Stay tuned to this space for the latest updates on the above event!

2017 Kim Myung Soo Fan Meeting in Singapore is organised by Faith & D Entertainment.