[K-Movie] South Korean Action Comedy ‘The Golden Holiday’ Uncovers Unexpected Mysteries

The Golden Holiday” is an action comedy film that features veteran actor Kwak Do-won as a police detective who becomes a murder suspect during a family trip to the Philippines.

Kwak Do-won plays the character Byung-soo, a laid-back countryside detective who decided to take his family to the Philippines for his 10th wedding anniversary. However, his hidden agenda in fact, is to track down his old friend Yong-bae (played by Kim Sang-ho) who scammed him and got away a few years ago.

In Manila, Byung-soo finds Yong-bae in prison for murder, and hears about the case surrounding ‘Yamashita’s Gold’. Swayed by a share of the Gold that Yong-bae offers, Byung-soo suddenly becomes embroiled in the case.

A familiar face in the industry, Kwak Do-won has appeared in numerous films and dramas, starring in 2017’s Steel Rain and its sequel Steel Rain 2: Summit (2020) and also as an exiled director of the KCIA in The Man Standing Next alongside Lee Byung-hun earlier this year. His latest award to date is ‘Best Actor in an International Film’ and ‘Korea’s Top Star’ for horror film The Wailing (2016).

This hilarious comedy also features Kim Sang-ho who has starred in an array of films and dramas as well, such as The Negotiation (2018) and also the extremely popular Netflix zombie-horror series, Kingdom (2019).

Title: The Golden Holiday
Genre: Action, Comedy
Cast: Kwak Do-won, Kim Sang-ho, Kim Dae-myung, Kim Hee-won
Directed by: Kim Bong-han
Singapore Release Date: 22 October 2020
Runtime: 106 minutes

(Movie Stills: Shaw Theatres)


New Action Noir Series ‘Undercover’ Unveils Its Casting Line-up

(Photo: Netflix)

Netflix has confirmed the casting for its new action noir series Undercover (working title). The outstanding team of actors includes Han So-hee, Park Hee-soon, Ahn Bo-hyun, Kim Sang-ho, Lee Hak-ju and Jang Yull.

Undercover tells the story of Ji-u (Han So-hee), who joins a drug cartel and becomes a mole in the police force to seek the truth behind her father’s death. She encounters harsh truths in the course of carrying out her revenge.

Han So-hee, best known for her recent performance in the hit series The World of the Married, takes on the powerful role of Yun Ji-u, who enters a criminal organization to avenge her father who died under suspicious circumstances. She becomes the organization’s undercover agent in the police force and begins delving into the secret behind her father’s death.

Park Hee-soon portrays Choi Mu-jin, who is the kingpin of Dongcheon, the country’s top drug cartel. He is an indecipherable character who takes Yun Ji-u under his wings and turns her into an undercover agent.

Ahn Bo-hyun, who made an impression as the not-so-hateable villain in Itaewon Class, will play police detective Jeon Pil-do of the narcotics unit, who is Ji-u’s competent, gutsy and scrupulous partner in investigation.

Kim Sang-ho will play Cha Gi-ho, the chief of the narcotics unit. He becomes obsessed with bringing down the Dongcheon cartel before his retirement, mightily clashing with Choi Mu-jin in the process.

Lee Hak-ju, who sent shivers down the viewers’ spine in The World of the Married, will play Choi Mu-jin’s underling Jung Tae-ju, whose unconditional loyalty and obedience earns him the rare trust of his boss.

Jang Yull will portray Do Gang-jae, a cartel member ousted for causing trouble. He later wields his vengeful knife against Yun Ji-u, adding another layer of conflict to the story.

With its promising thrilling action and explosive characters, Undercover will be released worldwide, only on Netflix.

(Source: Netflix)