Iconic Types Of Bangs Sported By K-Pop Girl Groups

Girl group members are no stranger to new hairstyles and colours, having to change up their look every now and then with each comeback; virtually every girl group has had its fair share of members having bangs in one style or another at some point in time. Regardless of whether the bangs are curly or straight, bangs are well-loved and have been seen on many girl group members.  Here, we take a look at some of the most iconic types of bangs sported by this generation’s girl group members.

See-through Bangs

(Photos: Seola, Sujeong, Yuju, Sejeong)

Arguably the most popular style, see-through bangs are a staple in girl groups – almost every girl group has had at least one member sporting the see-through bangs look. It’s a style that instantly shaves years off one’s age for a more youthful look. While trends come and go, the see-through bangs style will never go out of style, that’s for sure.

Full Bangs

(Photos: Minnie, Momo, Joy, Lisa)

A style that changes up one’s look immediately, full bangs can look either cute or chic, depending on the look the person is going for. The duality is strong with this style, as seen on girl group members like Lisa, Joy, Momo and Minnie who rock it both ways on stage and off-stage.

Choppy Bangs

(Photos: Hyojung, Naeun, Sohee, Jueun)

Choppy bangs were trendy for a while and while they’re not as often sported, it is a quirky style that ends above the eyebrows for an edgy look to stand out from others. They can also be grown out to straight bangs or see-through bangs, depending on how thick the choppy bangs are.

Show Review

HallyuPopFest 2019 Rounds up its Exciting K-Pop Packed Weekend

Held over the past weekend (May 25-26) to much fanfare, HallyuPopFest returned to stage at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, 8 months after their inaugural festival in Singapore last year. This year’s 2-day festival saw headlining acts such as Super Junior, WINNER, MONSTA X and NU’EST, as well as a fan-favourite lineup which included Hyolyn, KARD, PENTAGON, (G)I-DLE, and more.

First time in Singapore, up-and-coming girl group GWSN made their way to the red carpet right after the afternoon showcase on the first day of the festival. As newcomers in the K-pop scene, GWSN names Girls’ Generation as their role models, and even did a dance cover of TWICE’s ‘TT’ upon request, inviting cheers from all corners.

The 7-member girl group also conveyed their wishes to take on a powerful and energetic concept for their comeback in the near future.

Back in town for HallyuPopFest, this trip marked A.C.E’s third visit here and the members mentioned Sentosa and Merlion Park as the places they hope to visit if they could have a free day to explore Singapore.

Having travelled around the world to meet their international fans, A.C.E describes music as a universal language for everyone, and added that they were able to feel the energy and communication with their fans through music even though they may not speak the same language together.

The first act to kick off Day 1’s evening concert, N.Flying sent fans into a fit of roaring cheers when they performed their hit tracks “HOW R U TODAY”, “Rooftop” and more.

At the red carpet, the group recounted their reactions when they first found out that “Rooftop” charted at the top on the music charts. Describing it as a surreal feeling that they’re never experienced before, the members shared that they could still feel the nervousness and excitement from that very day, as they thanked fans once more for their love and support.

Dressed in bright red for the red carpet and concert, Oh My Girl sent hearts aflutter with several of their hit numbers that evening, including “Secret Garden”, “Liar Liar”, and their latest comeback track “The Fifth Season”.

Having tried various genres and concepts for their first full length album in 4 years, Oh My Girl revealed that they hope to take on a retro and powerful concept for their next comeback, and would love to release an upbeat and lively song to welcome the approaching summer.

One of the most anticipated groups for HallyuPopFest, NU’EST returned to Singapore as a full force and the wait for them was definitely worthwhile as fans were treated to hot performances at the concert, such as “Hello”, “Segno”, “Bet Bet”, and more.

On what fans will be able to look forward this year, Baekho answered that it has been awhile since the 5 of them gathered as a group, so instead of rushing things out, he hoped that fans could anticipate and watch them grow further. Minhyun added that being able to show their stages and performances is their definition of happiness, and they were glad that they could visit Singapore and perform for the fans.

In related news, NU’EST will be returning very soon for their own concert this August and this will mark their first full-scale concert in Singapore since their last L.O.Λ.E Tour in 2013.


The vocal queen of all genres, Hyolyn treated fans to a power-packed setlist at the concert, as she dominated the stage with all-time hits “Dally”, “SEE SEA”, “Paradise”, as well as a special medley of SISTAR songs.

At the red carpet event, the female powerhouse declared her love for Singaporean food, naming Chilli crabs as one of the must-have dishes whenever she makes a visit here. Hyolyn also named American rapper and songwriter Cardi B as one of the artistes whom she looks up to and hopes to collaborate with if there’s an opportunity in the future.

Finally, the headlining act of Day 1’s evening concert, WINNER got everyone in the crowd cheering and screaming at their loudest the moment they walked the red carpet. Back in town 6 months after their solo concert, members talked about having fond memories of Singapore whenever they visit.

WINNER also shared their source of inspiration that goes into their album making, stating “Whenever we produce music, we think of our fans and us singing out loud to it. That’s how our music came about.”

It was a complete party later at the concert as WINNER drove fans into a new high with their hit songs one after another. From their debut song “Empty” to their classic and latest hits “AH YEAH”, “MILLIONS”, “REALLY REALLY” and more, they ended the concert on an incredibly explosive note, leaving fans screaming for more.

The second day of HallyuPopFest began with the afternoon showcase, which was led by up-and-coming artistes TREI, Kanto, and VERIVERY.

3-member idol group TREI, was the first group to make an entrance on the red carpet, as the trio greeted fans in their biggest enthusiasm and talked about their desire to return to Singapore for a concert in the near future.

As self-producing idols, TREI shared that their fans were the source of inspiration when they make music. Even though it has only been 3 months since their debut, they would like to do a collaboration with other artistes in the future when the opportunity arises.

Rapper Kanto was next on the red carpet, drawing attention as he walked in style and made his way to the stage in all smiles.

On his upcoming plans for the second half of the year, Kanto revealed that he’d be busy with performances all throughout summer. He also added that he had been preparing for a collaboration track by himself, naming NU’EST Baekho and A.C.E Chan as the ones he hopes to join forces and work with.

Shortly after, VERIVERY took the red carpet stage and greeted fans in all corners with their trademark introduction. The 7-member boy group from Jellyfish Entertainment shared that their goal for 2019 is to receive a rookie award at the end of the year, as they promised to work harder to show a better and improved version of themselves for the next album.

The opening act of Day 2’s evening concert, (G)I-DLE made an appearance at the red carpet and shared their excitement of being in Singapore to perform for the fans.

Prior to their debut, they have visited Singapore for an album jacket photoshoot, where member Yuqi recalled about the bungee jumping experience they had at Sentosa, exclaiming that it was one of their fondest memories in Singapore.

The girl crush group also discussed on what they hope to achieve by the end of this year, which is to top the music charts with their new album.

During the concert, they showed off their charismatic charms with powerful songs like “MAZE”, “HANN”, and their highly well-received debut track, “LATATA”.

Another fan-favourite act of HallyuPopFest, KARD candidly talked about switching parts of their song with another member and as usual, fans were able to see their great chemistry with one another even when they’re not performing.

J.Seph picked Jiwoo’s part, explaining that she gives off a great impact and a lot of energy when she sings. On the other hand, Jiwoo chose B.M and said she don’t mind trying out his rap part someday.

Although they do not have any fixed plans next, KARD hopes to greet fans with another album as soon as they can, and in the meantime, they will be working hard towards achieving this goal.

Also the only co-ed group to grace the festival, KARD pumped up the crowd at the concert with their incredible energy and addictive tracks such as “Oh NaNa”, “Don’t Recall” and “Bomb Bomb”, which had everyone singing along!

Set to return this November for their very own World Tour, PENTAGON revealed that Singapore will be their last destination for the tour and they are looking forward to deliver hot performances for the fans.

When asked which member is most different on and off stage, a majority of the members picked Wooseok, to which Hongseok explained, “Off the stage, he (Wooseok) is a really fun guy with a sense of humour, but on stage he’s so serious and unfunny.”

PENTAGON was the third artiste to take the stage during the concert and they treated fans to a setlist that comprised songs of a variety of genres. These included the feel-good “Shine”, the mellow and sweet “Violet”, as well as the bold and slightly retro “Critical Beauty”.

MONSTA X played it cool wherever they go. Treating fans to their best hits that evening, the group performed high energy tracks that were representative of their unique and strong style, such as “DRAMARAMA”, “Alligator” and “From Zero”. During their performance of “Need U’, they even went around the stadium to get up-close with fans!

Even though Jooheon and I.M filmed their mixtape MV Be My Friendin Singapore previously, the group hoped to shoot another one here again if they could travel overseas for an MV shoot. And if there’s an opportunity, Shownu added that he would love to try a variety of Singaporean dishes for his Mukbang broadcast in the future.

The Kings of K-Pop, Super Junior was the finale act of the night and they truly ended HallyuPopFest 2019 with a bang as they performed classic hits such as “Sorry Sorry”, “Bonamana”, “One More Chance”, “Miracle”, and even surprised fans with special solo stages by Yesung and Ryeowook, as well as a unit stage by Super Junior D&E!

When asked what’s their secret to maintaining a great teamwork, Leeteuk says, “There’s no particular secret. We’ve spent a long time together, so we think of ourselves and our fans as a family.”

Adding that Kyuhyun has officially completed his mandatory military service, they are looking forward to release a new album together as a team in the later half of this year.

For the concertgoers who attended the festival and were treated to a K-pop packed weekend, HallyuPopFest 2019 definitely wrapped up on a memorable note.


(Photos: Nicole & Meixian)


EVERYTHING You Need To Know About HallyuPopFest 2019 In Singapore

Once again, the wait for K-pop fans is over. After teasing on social media with various hints of the artiste line-up, the full information has now been released for HallyuPopFest 2019, including the festival schedule and ticketing details. We will summarise everything into this page for your easy reference because it’s really extensive.

What is HallyuPopFest 2019?

Returning for its second edition, HallyuPopFest establishes itself as South East Asia’s largest K-pop festival that aims to bring fans closer to their favourite Korean stars. Just like last year, the festival will feature afternoon showcases, evening concerts, red carpet events and fan engagement opportunities.

Contrary to last year’s festival, this year’s event will take a miss on the global auditions and instead, replace this segment with an all-new HallyuTown event which will be open to the public with a variety of booths to enjoy, ranging from K-Food to K-Beauty, K-Lifestyle and more. The HallyuTown will also function as the main festival square where the daily Red Carpet* event will be held. (*Note: Red Carpet is free and open to the public. All artistes will be attending this event.)

Additionally, something new to look forward to will be a dedicated Fan Support area for fans to show their love and support for their idols.

When and Where will the Festival be Held?

HallyuPopFest 2019 will be held over 2 days on May 25 and 26 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Each day’s activities will kick start at 1pm where the afternoon showcases will be staged, followed by the red carpet event at 3:30pm, artiste engagement sessions from 5pm, and finally the evening concert at 8pm, with the exception of the HallyuTown festival square that opens from 10am on both days.

The festival’s finale (i.e. evening concert) promises power-packed performances that will go on for at least 3 hours each day, where headliners will perform their individual sets of at least 30 minutes each. The afternoon showcase will run for about 2 hours long.

Who will be performing at the Festival?

Besides the popular ones, fans can also look forward to up and coming groups who will be performing in Singapore for the first time. However it seems like this year’s line-up has a lot more boy groups in general. The star-studded performer list includes:

DAY 1 (May 25, Saturday)
Showcase: A.C.E, GWSN
Evening Concert: N.Flying, Oh My Girl, NU’EST, Hyolyn, WINNER

DAY 2 (May 26, Sunday)
Showcase: KANTO, TREI, VeriVery
Evening Concert: (G)I-DLE, KARD, PENTAGON, MONSTA X, Super Junior

What are the Ticket Prices & Fan Entitlements?

There are five standard ticket categories ranging from Cat 1 to Cat 5, priced from S$98 to $288 for each festival day. Similar to last year, all ticket holders will be entitled access to both the showcases and evening concert, applicable for same day activities only.

EXAMPLE: If you purchase the Day 1 ticket (May 25), you will be entitled access to Day 1’s afternoon showcases and evening concert.

This year, there’s no more DAEBAK passes but there will be a new HallyuPass that entitles the pass holder to the Artiste Engagement session with 1 performing act of the same day.

HallyuPass is only available for Cat 1, Cat 2 and Cat 3 ticket holders to purchase at an additional top-up of S$68 (each ticket can purchase 1 HallyuPass only), and pass holders will participate in a random draw to determine the artiste you will be meeting before the Artiste Engagement Session on the event day itself. Check out the full Artiste Engagement schedule below!

When will Tickets go on Sale?

Public ticket sales for all categories will be available on March 30 (Saturday) from 10am onwards (based on local time) via the following channels:

  • Online Booking:
  • Hotline Booking: +65 3158 7888
  • Others: Singapore Indoor Stadium Box Office, The Star Performing Arts Centre Box Office, Scotts Square Concierge Desk and all SingPost outlets

There will also be a 1-day Priority sale for all SingTel mobile subscribers and HallyuPopFest newsletter subscribers on March 29 from 10am to 11:59pm. Check out the seating layout below!

Have any other Questions?

Didn’t managed to find an answer here to the questions you have? Head over to the Festival’s website @ to read the FAQs or you can also follow them on their Facebook here.

For those who’ve missed out on HallyuPopFest 2018, find out what went down last year:

We will keep all future updates pertaining to the festival on this page so check back often if you need to refer to the latest updates!

Show Review

[COVER] Oh My Girl Treated Fans To Nostalgic Hits At Their 1st Fanmeet In Singapore

7-member girl group Oh My Girl was in town last weekend for their 1st Fanmeet in Singapore, drawing in fans from the region and neighbouring countries to attend their first ever overseas Fanmeet in South East Asia. A press conference was held ahead of the Fanmeet on the same day where the girls chatted on casual topics such as their hidden talents, places they wish to visit in Singapore, and their resolutions for the second half of 2018.

Speaking to the media at the press conference, the members talked about their desire to star in Oh My Girl’s very own reality show that is 100% real and unscripted, so that fans could discover more of their real charms and true selves. Seunghee also added that one of their hidden talents is doing impersonations, such as using their body motions or expressions to imitate things.

As this visit marked Oh My Girl’s first trip to Singapore, the girls were excited to meet their fans and shared that all members took time to pick up some English skills just so they could better communicate with fans. Binnie also took the opportunity to express her gratitude to fans for their unwavering support, promising to work harder with the group to prepare for the year end performances after wrapping up their Singapore Fanmeet.

On their 2018 resolutions, Hyojung expressed that it is their goal to work harder so that Oh My Girl will be able to hold a World Tour someday and meet fans from all over the world.

As the show kicked off in the evening, fans were treated to plenty of fan-service as well as Oh My Girl’s all-time favourite hits such as ‘Windy Day‘, ‘Butterfly‘, ‘A-ing‘ and more.

The girls also mentioned that they hoped to make a trip to the Universal Studios Singapore and Merlion park, as well as try some of the local dishes such as Laksa, Kaya Toast, Chicken Rice, Chilli Crab and TWG Tea.

The Fanmeet continued with several games and up-close interactions with fans, followed by upbeat performances including Oh My Girl Banhana’s latest unit release ‘Banana Allergy Monkey‘.

To congratulate Oh My Girl’s 3rd year debut anniversary and Mimi’s birthday, a special cake was brought out during the Fanmeet, much to the surprise of the members as each of them took turns to thank their fans and promised to return with better music for their next album.

Oh My Girl also dedicated and performed ‘Closer‘ and ‘Secret Garden‘ for Singapore Miracles, wrapping up their 1st Fanmeet in Singapore on a nostalgic and sweet note.

(Fanmeet Official Photos: LifeMusix Entertainment)


WIN Tickets To Catch Oh My Girl At Their 1st Fanmeet In Singapore!

Singapore Miracles are in for a treat this May 5 as Oh My Girl will be holding their 1st Fan Meet in Singapore at the Resorts WorldTM Theatre! Known for their hit tracks such as ‘Secret Garden‘ and ‘Windy Day‘, Oh My Girl (Banhana) recently made a sub-unit comeback, taking on a fun and cute concept for their special pop-up album ‘Banana Allergy Monkey‘.

Look forward to exciting live performances of their hits and new tracks at the upcoming show, which will mark Oh My Girl’s first ever Fan Meet in Singapore and within the South East Asia region. Tickets are available for sale via APACTix and more information of the Fan Meet can be found here.

We will also be sending a few of you to catch Oh My Girl in Singapore next weekend! Stand to WIN Cat 2 tickets (worth S$356/pair) to catch Oh My Girl performing live in Singapore! 2 winners will walk away with one pair of tickets each.

Simply follow the steps below to participate:

  1. Like @HallyuSG & @LifeMusixEnt on Facebook
  2. Share our Facebook contest post (Set your shared post to public)
  3. Leave a comment on the contest post & tell us your favourite song by Oh My Girl
  4. Tag a friend you’d bring along to the Fan Meet

Terms & Conditions
– Only single entry will be allowed per Facebook account.
– You must be residing in Singapore or will be in Singapore during the event period.
– Complimentary tickets are strictly prohibited for sale. Any winner caught reselling the tickets will have their tickets forfeited immediately and banned from future contests.
– Contest will end on 30 April, 23:59 hours (SGT). Winners will be announced on our Facebook contest post itself within the following 48 hours.

Details of Oh My Girl 1st Fan Meet in Singapore:
Date: May 5th, 2018 (Saturday)
Venue: Resorts WorldTM Theatre, Resorts World Sentosa
Time: 6:30pm
Ticket Pricing: (exclude booking fee)
Cat 1 S$218 / Cat 2 $178 / Cat 3 $138 / Cat 4 $88
Ticketing ChannelAPACTix

Oh My Girl 1st Fan Meet in Singapore is brought to you by LifeMusix Entertainment. Find out more about the upcoming Fan Meet here and stay tuned to our social media channels for live updates at the event!


Oh My Girl To Meet Fans At Their 1st Fan Meet in Singapore

Oh My Girl will be making a trip to Singapore soon to hold a Fan Meet on May 5. The 7-member girl group has been on the rise since releasing their EP Secret Garden in January 2018, which scored them two music show trophies on The Show and Show Champion respectively.

Fresh from their breakthrough hit, the girl group recently formed a three-member sub-unit BANHANA (consisting of Hyojung, Binnie and Arin), and made a refreshing comeback with a special pop-up album Banana Allergy Monkey, taking on a fun and quirky concept. This upcoming show will be Oh My Girl’s first ever Fan Meet in Singapore and within the South East Asia region, where fans can look forward to catch hit performances and get up-close interactions with the girls during the show.

Details of Oh My Girl 1st Fan Meet in Singapore:
Date: May 5th, 2018 (Saturday)
Venue: Resorts WorldTM Theatre, Resorts World Sentosa
Time: 6:30pm
Ticket Pricing: (exclude booking fee)
Cat 1 S$218 / Cat 2 $178 / Cat 3 $138 / Cat 4 $88

All tickets are slated to go on sale from 11 April 2018, 10am onwards via all APACTix channels, Singapore Indoor Stadium Box Office and islandwide SingPost outlets. Cat 1 ticket holders will be entitled to a group photo-opportunity (20 pax per photo) and Hi-Touch with Oh My Girl, as well as a lucky draw chance to participate in games during the Fan Meet to win a signed polaroid or merchandise.

Fans who purchase Cat 2 tickets will also be entitled to Hi-Touch with Oh My Girl. Additionally, all ticket holders (excluding Cat 4) will receive a photocard set as well. Watch this space as we bring you the latest updates on the above event!

Oh My Girl 1st Fan Meet in Singapore is brought to you by LifeMusix Entertainment.