[K-MOVIE] Reminiscence Your First Love With ‘On Your Wedding Day’ – Out in Singapore Cinemas 20 September

On Your Wedding Day’ is the first romantic comedy film to be out from Korea since ‘Architecture 101’, and rom-coms are once again proving its popularity with the crowd as the movie attracted 2 million moviegoers just 13 days after it was first premiered countrywide!

The story follows Hwan Seung-Hee and Hwang Woo-Yeon in several time periods as they grow with a comedic flavor to their off-beat relationship. It realistically portrays the character’s growth and innocence, as well as their hardships with love. This heart-fluttering story is directed by Lee Seok-Geun (The Bros, The Outlaws) and stars romance queen Park Bo-Young and rising actor Kim Young-Kwang.


Happy-go-lucky teenager, Hwang Woo-Yeon (Played by Kim Young-Kwang), falls in love for the first time when he meets the new transfer student, Seung-Hee (Played by Park Bo-Young). Since then, becoming her boyfriend has become his only goal in life! Over the next 10 years, life brings them together through a series of coincidences until Woo-yeon realizes that love is all about timing.

Title: On Your Wedding Day
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Cast: Park Bo-Young, Kim Young-Kwang
Directed by: Lee Seok-Geun
Singapore Release Date: 20 September 2018
Runtime: 110 minutes
Movie Rating: NC16

Go check out the official trailer!

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[UPCOMING EVENT] Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’s Main Cast To Meet Fans In Singapore

Bong Bong (Park Bo Young) and Min Min (Park Hyung Sik) are coming to Singapore this April 29th! Happening at Plaza Singapura (Main Atrium), the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO Singapore) will be holding their Korea Travel Fair from 28-30 April, and they have invited the two leads of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon for a special appearance on 29 April.

This may likely be the puppy couple’s first overseas public appearance after their drama concludes its filming and run this week.

Besides the Fan Meet & Greet session, some other activities to expect at the travel fair include B-Boy performances by Drifters Crew, Hanbok fitting for photo opportunities, D-I-Y cooking session and more. Find out more information about the Korea Travel Fair HERE and stay tuned to us for the latest updates!


9 Things That Only Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Can Do

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is one of the hottest TV dramas currently airing in South Korea, starring Park Bo Young, Park Hyung Sik and Ji Soo. The romance comedy series have quickly captured the hearts of viewers across the globe since its premiere and are breaking rating records with every new episode.

We can’t deny that all ladies, or even gentlemen, are jealous of Do Bong Soon’s superhuman strength, so we picked out 9 of the best scenes from Episodes 1-4 that really got us all cracked up, featuring 9 things that only Do Bong Soon, the Wonder Woman can do (effortlessly).

1) Lifting the tractor with just one hand

2) Cracking walnuts easily with one hand (or two fingers)
Someone pass me a nutcracker please!

3) Causing a mini earthquake as she fell from the bed

4) Sending Secretary Gong flying during the chicken fight game
Gulp. That must have hurt! Poor Secretary Gong…

5) Ripping shoes apart like a boss
First she ripped the left shoe…

Then she went on to rip the right shoe… As easy as 1, 2, 3!

6) Getting a chopstick stuck in the table
And Ahn Min Hyuk’s expression is just as priceless!

7) Lifting a man with one hand
No surprise now, since she could already lift a tractor with the same hand. But this scene is too hilarious not to share!

8) Making freshly squeezed apple juice with her bare hands
Did someone say apple juice? 

9) Carrying a man effortlessly
One of the BEST.SCENES.EVER, hands down.

Gifted with such supernatural strength, Do Bong Soon is definitely a one-of-a-kind in the world! We can’t wait to catch the next episode to find out what else she’s capable of, and how the romance will flow in the drama!

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