All The South Korean Celebrities Who Graced The Covers Of Our Local Magazines In 2020

It’s a known fact that South Korean magazines often feature our beloved celebrities in their spreads, engaging them in photoshoots and interviews. As much as we want a copy (or even copies) of these magazines, it can be difficult to get your hands on them unless you’re getting them from a local group order manager. However, did you know that some of your favourite celebrities have also been featured in our local magazines? Check out these covers from our local magazines featuring South Korean celebrities from actors and actresses to K-pop idols.

FYI: You can read these local publications on sites like Magzter and PressReader, or you can grab a physical copy from major bookstores like Kinokuniya. While past issues may no longer be available at bookstores and newsstands, you can always contact the publication directly to ask if they have extra copies in their inventory.


Kim Jae Wook for PIN Prestige Singapore (February 2020)

Available on Magzter and PressReader.


Nam Joo Hyuk for AugustMan Singapore (March 2020)

Available on Magzter and PressReader.


Kim Tae Ri for PIN Prestige Singapore (March 2020)

Available on Magzter and PressReader.


AOA’s Seolhyun for PIN Prestige Singapore (April 2020)

Available on Magzter and PressReader.


Song Hye Kyo for ELLE Singapore (May 2020)

Available on Magzter.


Yeo Jin Goo for PIN Prestige Singapore (May 2020)

Available on Magzter and PressReader.


EXO’s Kai for ELLE Singapore (June 2020)

Available on Magzter.


Park Seo Joon for T Singapore: The New York Times Style Magazine (June 2020)

Available on Magzter.


Shin Hye Sun for PIN Prestige Singapore (July 2020)

Available on Magzter and PressReader.


Gang Dong Won for PIN Prestige Singapore (August 2020)

Available on Magzter and PressReader.


BoA for L’Officiel Singapore (September 2020)

Available on Magzter.


iKon’s Bobby for Men’s Folio Singapore (September 2020)

Available on Magzter.


Ji Chang Wook for ELLE Singapore (October 2020)

Available on Magzter.


Jung Haein for NUYOU Singapore (October 2020)

Available on Magzter and PressReader.


Red Velvet’s Joy for FEMALE Singapore (November 2020)

Available on Magzter.


CL for Vogue Singapore (December 2020/January 2021)

Available on PressReader.


EXO’s Kai for Esquire Singapore (December 2020)

Available on Magzter.


GOT7’s Jackson for ELLE Singapore (December 2020)

Available on Magzter.


[K-Movie] South Korea’s Highly Anticipated Film, ‘The Divine Fury’ Set to Thrill Cinema-goers This August

To embrace evil, or to confront it. A story of the massive battle between good and evil is about to take the cinemas by storm this August. Two years after his hugely successful film ‘Midnight Runners’, director Jason Kim is back to hit the silver screen with a brand new genre and subject matter in The Divine Fury.

Starring a high-profile cast comprising Park Seo-jun, Ahn Sung-ki and Woo Do-hwan, this movie is set within the contemporary world in which a martial arts champion joins up with an exorcist priest to battle against a dark force of evil.

Reuniting again with director Kim in this film, Park Seo-jun plays the character of Yong-hu, a martial arts champion who fights evil. In contrast to all his previous roles, this character brings out a deeper, more mature acting that showcases the actor’s emotional range and acting abilities.

In order to effectively portray the character well, Park Seo-jun was said to have performed all the martial arts, wire action and CG action by himself, perfectly executing the challenging role.

Meanwhile, veteran actor Ahn Sung-ki returns to the screen as Father Ahn, an exorcist priest who fights evil spirits. Ahn Sung-ki’s 62 years of acting experience has earned him the moniker of Korea’s leading national actor, having demonstrated his reliability and likeability in countless films.

In The Divine Fury, he exudes the weighty presence of his character impeccably, performing action scenes and even taking up the challenge of Latin dialogue, truly living up to his name.

Another key character in this film, rising star Woo Do-hwan brings a sharp tension to The Divine Fury playing Jisin, a mysterious Dark Bishop who takes advantage of people’s weaknesses to spread evil.

Displaying a fresh charisma and strong acting, Woo Do-hwan has earned praises for his performance as he perfectly portrays the dark nature of the character that’ll be sure to captivate audiences.

With high anticipations in store for this blockbuster film, the thrilling story and groundbreaking action sequences are sure to create a completely new world for the audiences.

Film Synopsis:

After losing his father at a young age, Yong-hu (Park Seo-jun) harbors a deep mistrust and anger towards the world. Years later he has become a martial arts champion, but one day he discovers an unexplained wound on his palm. When he meets the exorcist priest Father Ahn (Ahn Sung-ki), he learns that there is a special power contained within the wound.

As his fellowship with Father Ahn deepens, he starts to perform exorcisms with him. However, an evil figure named Jisin (Woo Do-hwan) kills a girl who was recently exorcised by Father Ahn and Yong-hu.

Jisin hatches a plan to ensnare and kill more people. Father Ahn and Yong-hu try to defeat him, but Father Ahn is mortally wounded in the fight. Yong-hu takes strength from the God he once rejected, and faces off against Jisin…

Genre: Action, Horror, Thriller
Cast: Park Seo-jun, Ahn Sung-ki, Woo Do-hwan
Cameo Appearances: Lee Seung-joon, Choi Woo-shik
Directed by: Jason Kim
Singapore Release Date: 15 August 2019 (Sneaks 8-12 August)
Runtime: 129 Minutes
Rating: TBA

(Photos: Golden Village, Purple Plan)


[INTERVIEW] “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young Talk About Their Roles and Drama

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim has been dominating the TV viewership ratings since its premiere on June 6, as the drama piques viewers’ interest with its relatable and light-hearted plot. The 16-episode romantic comedy series revolves around Lee Young Joon (Park Seo Joon), the narcissistic Vice President of a large corporation, and Kim Mi-so (Park Min Young), his highly capable secretary who decided to quit her job after 9 years.

As the drama unfolds with promising character growth while taking viewers on a romantic roller coaster ride, it has also raked in high viewership ratings with every episode, topping the list of the Most Buzzworthy Drama of the week for 5 weeks in a row. Read on to check out our exclusive email interview with the two main leads as they share more about their drama and roles!

Q: Since you have participated in several romantic comedy dramas and films, what attracted you to take up this brand new role in another romantic comedy series, “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim”?

Park Seo Joon: I think I was attracted to the character that I am playing, the perfect-human Lee Young Joon, as well as the vice president of Yoomyung Group.

Q: What was the most memorable or unforgettable narcissistic line that your character had to say in the drama?

Park Seo Joon: Not only Lee Young Joon, there are also other actors who always made the set cheerful with their playful characteristics. So it’s hard to pick one scene (laugh). I am pretty sure everyone will understand me for not being able to pick one memorable line when they watch the drama.

Q: How was it like working with Park Seo Joon and Lee Tae Hwan in the drama?

Park Min Young: Park Seo Joon’s ad-lib on set makes the overall vibe very energizing and fun. He is very creative and always make a lot of people feel less tense and enjoy the moment. This vibe is naturally reflected in the drama and to the viewers as well. For Lee Tae Hwan, I feel the refreshing vibe from him. He reminds me of the past when I first started shooting drama.

Q: Describe the drama in one line.

Park Min Young: The drama What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim is like a fantasy filled with sympathy.

Q: What do you think about the character Kim Mi-so?

Park Seo Joon: Kim Mi-so has been working as a secretary of ‘the perfect man’ Lee Young Joon for 9 years. I think the character has enough abilities to be called as ‘the legend of secretary’.

Q: Tell us how do you feel about Lee Young Joon?

Park Min Young: Young Joon is a very unique character that cannot be seen in other dramas. The lines are very witty which make the drama very fun and engaging.

Q: Please send a message to your drama viewers from Singapore.

Park Seo Joon: Viewers from Singapore! What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim is a fun and unique drama that draws out the fun storyline with various characters. I guarantee that it will be a great drama! Also, stay tuned for my future portfolios as well! Thank you!

Park Min Young: Hi everyone, this is Park Min Young. Once again, I would like to send a high appreciation to you all for the great support for our drama and also the character of Mi-so. I will try my best to show the best out of me and Mi-so, so stay tuned and catch our drama! Thank you!

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim is a 24-express drama that airs on tvN Asia every Thurs and Friday at 9:45pm (GMT+8). tvN Asia is available on Singtel TV 518 (HD) / Channel 619 (HD) & StarHub TV Channel 824 (HD).

(Photos: What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim / tvN Asia)


Youn’s Kitchen Season 2 – Premiering Exclusively on tvN Asia on 13 Jan, with New Cast Member Park Seo-joon

Youn’s Kitchen is back with a new season, jumping off to a great start with its first episode achieving a record high rating of 16.3 percent at its peak.

Featuring the original cast (Yoon Yeo-jung, Lee Seo-jin and Jung Yoo-mi) along with new member Park Seo-joon, Season 2 looks promising as they embark on a journey to Spain and attempt to run a Korean restaurant in Garachico, a town on the Tenerife island of Spain, often referred to as the Hawaii of Europe.

The cast members aim to deliver the unique tastes of Korean cuisines to locals and tourists around the world through their generous and sincere services as well as newly developed and scrumptious menu.

Remarkably, their new intern Park Seo-joon fills Youn’s Kitchen with his youthful energy, unparalleled passion, pre-debut part-time experience at restaurants and exceptional language skills!

Catch the exclusive premiere of Youn’s Kitchen Season 2 on tvN Asia on 13 January (Saturday), 9pm (GMT+8)! Singapore viewers can tune in to Singtel TV 518 (HD) / Channel 619 (HD), or StarHub TV Channel 824 (HD).


[COVER] Kang Ha Neul And Park Seojoon Described As The “Dynamic Duo” Of MIDNIGHT RUNNERS

Korean heartthrob Kang Ha Neul and director Jason Kim were in Singapore last Thursday (31 Aug) for the movie promotions of MIDNIGHT RUNNERS which is slated for local release on 7 September 2017.

Starring the rising actors Kang Ha Neul and Park Seo Joon, the movie tells the story of two apathetic police academy recruits-turned-best-friends who witnessed a kidnapping incident by chance during their leave. After making a police report, the investigation went stagnant as there were lacked of evidences. The duo then decided to take matters into their own hands where they ran into unexpected twists and turns.

Speaking at the press conference, director Kim revealed that he’d been working on the movie project for 3 years — 2 years on its story and 1 year on the casting. He eventually decided to cast Kang Ha Neul and Park Seojoon as both actors were interested in the story and naturally blended well together.

Describing the two lead actors as the dynamic duo, director Kim complimented their professionalism and added that they knew the story more than he did and portrayed their characters really well.

On the other hand, Kang Ha Neul revealed that the atmosphere on set was nothing short of pure joy. Just like what was shown in the movie, he also disclosed his close relationship and chemistry with Park Seojoon and director Kim off screen.

“Park Seojoon is like an older brother to me and working together brings us even closer. Also, director Kim has a great attention to detail. He was willing to listen to our opinions and thoughts.”

Visiting Singapore for the third time, Kang Ha Neul thanked fans for their warm welcome as he greeted them at the public Meet & Greet session held at Bugis Square on the same evening. Selected lucky fans also had the opportunity to play games and take a group photo with the actor during the event.

Kang Ha Neul is set to enlist in the military as a military police officer on 11 September, while MIDNIGHT RUNNERS will open in Singapore cinemas on 7 September. We wish him all the best and look forward to his grand return to the small and big screens 21 months later!

MIDNIGHT RUNNERS Singapore Star Tour was presented by tvN Movies and covered by HallyuSG.

(Photos: Nicole)


[UPCOMING EVENT] Catch Kang Ha Neul At ‘MIDNIGHT RUNNERS’ Public Meet And Greet In Singapore On 31 Aug!

Meet Korean actor Kang Ha Neul and director Jason Kim at MIDNIGHT RUNNERS Singapore star tour this August 31! Kang Ha Neul and director Kim will be making a public appearance at the movie’s Meet & Greet event — this will be the one and only public event where fans can catch them up-close and personal! The star tour will finish with a closed door gala premiere at Golden Village Suntec City.

Details of MIDNIGHT RUNNERS Meet & Greet Event in Singapore:
Date: August 31, 2017 (Thursday)
Venue: Bugis Junction, Bugis Square Level 1
Time: 6pm

MIDNIGHT RUNNERS stars Korean actors Kang Ha Neul and Park Seo Joon. The movie tells the story of two apathetic police academy recruits-turned-best-friends who witnessed a kidnapping incident by chance during their leave.

After making a police report, the investigation went stagnant as there were lacked of evidences. The duo then decided to take matters into their own hands where they ran into unexpected twists and turns!

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[QUIZ] Can You Match These K-Drama Actors To Their Childhood Pictures?

Dashing K-Drama actors are definitely one of the reasons why K-Dramas are able to capture the hearts of viewers across the globe. But, have you ever wondered how these K-Drama actors look like when they were a child? Take this quiz to find out!

[playbuzz-item item=”e7cdf2b1-5eb9-4bcf-ac40-3b18d10ee85f” info=”false” shares=”false” comments=”false” recommend=”undefined” format=”trivia” wp-pb-id=”860028″]