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pH-1 brought the roof down in electrifying maiden Singapore show

pH-1 performing at the Singapore leg of his About Damn Time world tour. HallyuSG Photo: Nicole Quek

South Korean rapper pH-1 performed in Singapore for the first time ever, kicking off the Asian leg of his world tour at the Capitol Theatre.

Aptly titled About Damn Time, the show was definitely well worth the wait, as fans were served up a spectacle yesterday (11 Mar).

Unlike most other K-pop acts, pH-1 invited some local acts for his show.

Homegrown rap duo The Cold Cut Duo opened the show while local hip-hop artist ShiGGa Shay came by to belt out a track or two.

But truth be told, pH-1’s English was so fluent that he could well be mistaken as a local too. It’s no surprise though, as he studied and lived in the United States before his debut.

Throughout the two-hour set, there was no shying away from his infectious energy and stage presence. With stall seats removed, the theatre was instantaneously transformed to a mosh pit party.

The ground floor of the theatre transformed into a mosh pit party. HallyuSG Photo: Nicole Quek

“I’m very happy and honoured to be here to share my experience, my favourite songs and performing them for you guys on stage – it is a very special moment for me,” he shared.

To the delight of many, he performed some of his recent tracks like Zombies (2022), Tipsy (2022) and Yuppie Ting (2022), all from his latest album But For Now Leave Me Alone.

Unfortunately, his fans just can’t do that.

They were an enthusiastic bunch, and it’s evident that pH-1 loved that energy. But at times off-stage, he confessed that some alone time is needed too.

pH-1 spitting out rap verses to an enthusiastic crowd. HallyuSG Photo: Nicole Quek

He just completed the North America leg of his World Tour last month and is now on the road again in Asia. “I miss my home and my dog, Holly,” he revealed.

And that’s what his song Homebody (2018) encapsulates.

That could also be why he always brings along a polaroid camera when he’s on tour, to keep and share these precious memories.

“I do something for every city that I come to and I bring my Polaroid camera with me today,” he said.

He then took three photos on stage, which were later distributed to several lucky fans.

Without interrupting the flow of his set, he also performed a non-stop medley of Olaf (2019), Achoo (2020), Orange (2018) and The Purge (2020). His electrifying set served as a timely reminder on why he’s one of the rap masters on Boys Planet, an ongoing South Korean reality competition show.

He delivered a flawless and tireless display of his repertoire of works that night. And there’s just an unexplainable charm to him that leaves both fans and neutrals craving for more.

pH-1 performing live for Singapore fans. HallyuSG Photo: Nicole Quek

If this was a litmus test for pH-1’s burgeoning popularity and recognition for his talent in the scene, he undoubtedly passed.


Hallyu Spotlight: 4 things to know about Korean rapper pH-1

pH-1 in a promotional still. Photo: H1ghr Music

Korean rapper pH-1 is one rapper known for his signature melodic rap styles and well-thought out lyrics. Despite finishing just shy of the top three in reality programme Show Me The Money 777, he quickly gained traction around the world with his very own distinct sound.

But he actually made his debut back in 2016 with his first single Wavy (2016).

And he’s now signed under entertainment label H1ghr Music, founded in 2017 by Jay Park and Cha Cha Malone, along with a slew of other rappers, producers and DJs.

Ahead of his show in Singapore next Saturday (11 Mar), here are 4 things to know about pH-1.

1. He collaborated with big names like Jay Park, Kang Daniel and TXT

Most of his tracks are written and presented by himself. But occasionally, pH-1 teams up with some of the big names in the industry.

He worked on All In (2021) with Jay Park, as a track for a League of Legends team under an e-sports organisation. He also collaborated with idols, like soloist Kang Daniel for Nirvana (2022) and boy band TXT for a remix rendition of 0X1=LOVESONG (2021).

2. He was born Park Jun-won

He promotes as a rapper under the pseudonym pH-1. But his actual name is Park Jun-won, which gives some explanation as to why he named himself pH-1.

Having moved to America when he was 12, and living in New York for 15 years thereafter, he was also known as Harry Park then.

Joining the initials of his English name and won from his Korean name gives us pH-1.

3. He had an interesting career before being a rapper

Before thoughts of being a rapper even surfaced to him, pH-1 studied Biology at Boston College, where he was schoolmates with Eric Nam.

He later got into dentistry but later changed his mind to become a web developer.

But during his freshman year in college, he realised that rapping was a significant part of his life, and decided to make a career out of it later.

4. He’s actually an introvert

With his charismatic demeanour onstage, it’s easy to assume that pH-1 can do anything to conquer the world.

But offstage, he’s quite the opposite. In an interview with NME, he described himself as “a very introverted and reserved person and, at times, I have very low self-esteem as a person and as an artist”.

He even thinks about whether people would actually spend money to come for his shows, to listen to his music. But he’s assured he made the right choice, which gave him the “motivation to work harder”.

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