[K-Movie] Confidential Assignment Returns Bigger Scale with A Thrilling Sequel

Confidential Assignment will be returning with a sequel bigger than before. First released in 2017 where elite North Korean detective Lim Cheol Ryung (Hyun Bin) join hands with a South Korean detective Kang Jin Tae (Yoo Hai Jin) to solve a case, this remarkable film earned more than 7.81 million admissions at Korea’s box office. 5 years on, the sequel will bring back the two familiar faces and task them with a confidential assignment of an international crime organization arrest.

Confidential Assignment 2: International adds a surprise new element in the form of FBI agent Jack, and turning this investigation into an international one. Joining Hyun Bin and Yoo Hae Jin in this film, movie star Daniel Henney will play the role of FBI agent Jack, who is forced to work alongside the two detectives to bring down a criminal mastermind.

All three characters with their own ulterior motives are put into hilarious situations while helping one another to solve this complicated case. The bromance chemistry between them is definitely something to look out for in this film.

The heroine of the first film, Min-young (Lim Yoon A) will also return to the role portraying an unemployed, freeloading sister-in-law of detective Kang Jin Tae. When a handsome FBI appears before her, causing a great deal with confusion, Min-young’s foxy and often unexpected comedic moments will add plenty of laughs and spices to this film.

Finally, the mastermind and ruthless leader behind the criminal organization, Jang Myung Jun is played by actor Jin Sun Kyu, who proves to be a formidable villain as his evil plan keeps the trio of heroes on the tip of their toes.

With a star-studded cast topped with bigger laughs and action, Confidential Assignment 2: International promises to bring a full suite of entertainment to the big screens this September.

Movie Synopsis:
Confidential Assignment is back! This time, 3 countries are joining forces. In order to bring down an international criminal organization that is hiding in South Korea, elite North Korean detective Lim Cheol Ryung (Hyun Bin) is dispatched to the South, while South Korean detective Kang Jin Tae (Yoo Hai Jin) is sent to Cyber Crimes unit when an undercover operation goes South. He’s desperate to return to his old team when he’s given a special detail with Cheol ryung once more.

As Min-young’s (Lim Yoon A) heart is reignited to see Cheol Ryung once more, he and Jin Tae proceed to work together despite being suspicious of each other’s motives. Just as they’re about to raid the criminal organization’s leader, Jang Myung Jun’s (Jin Sun Kyu) hideout, FBI agent Jack (Daniel Henney) bursts in!

Genre: Crime/Action
Cast: Hyun Bin, Yoo Hai Jin, Lim Yoon A, Daniel Henney, Jin Sun Kyu
Directed by: Lee Seok-hoon
Singapore Release Date: 15 September 2022
Runtime: TBA
Language: Korean (with English & Chinese subtitles)

(Movie Stills: Purple Plan)


Lee Jong Suk And Yoona’s New Drama, ‘Big Mouth’ Is Off To A Great Start

If thriller and action is your favorite genre, Big Mouth will give you a blast! Big Mouth, a 16-episode drama written by Ha Ram and directed by Oh Choong-Hwan revolves around Park Chang Ho (played by our very own Lee Jong Suk) who is an unfortunate lawyer with a minimum win rate.

Director Oh Choong Hwan has directed the highest ranking and hit dramas like Doctors, Start-up, Hotel Del Luna, While You Were Sleeping, and others. Therefore fans are ready with their popcorns, eyes on the screen with a pounding heart to witness the premiere of another hit thriller drama on July 29, 2022.

Park Chang Ho is a very talkative person with only 10% winning rate. Being outspoken earns him the title of ‘Big Mouth’ which is considered rather negative. He takes a risky and high-profile case only to earn more negative views on his name, and is thereby staged as an extraordinary conman ‘Big Mouse’. This high-profile murder case eventually leads him to prison and even becomes a danger to his life making him a suspect in the murder.

In these critical situations, his nurse wife, Go Mi Ho played by Lim Yoona, backs her husband and is determined to get him out of the unwanted situation and remove the title ‘Big Mouth’ from his name. She has always helped and supported her husband both morally and financially.

Fans are wondering and waiting impatiently to know whether the couple can clean their name or not. And if successful, what would be the consequences.

In prison, Park Chang Ho survives between life and death while his wife searches for the truth behind the murder case of elite people to get her husband out of the prison. Her dialogue “we Believe and hold on” shows the brave and persistent side of Go Mi Ho.

Hallyu wave has got a grip on fans and so has Big Mouth through its goosebumps-causing trailer with its flattering cinematography, on-point acting, and capturing sound effects.

The short thriller clips have increased the enthusiasm of fans waiting for the premiere and waiting anymore is becoming unbearable! The sudden revelation of the possible plot twist generating quick dialogues of characters in the trailers has bombarded viewers’ minds with hundreds of questions to be answered.

The drama is all set to run every Friday and Saturday, and will be available to stream via Disney+ from July 29, 2022. It will take the slot of the recently concluded drama, Doctor Lawyer, which can also be streamed on Disney+. Big Mouth also stars a solid line-up of cast, including Kim Joo-hun, Ok Ja-yeon, Yang Kyung-won, Kwak Dong-yeon, and more.

From Attorney Woo to Big Mouth, this year seems to be a year of Judicial dramas. Will Park Chang Ho survive prison? Will he come out clean? Is he really a Big Mouth? Will Go Mi Ho succeed in finding the ‘truth’ she promised? Will Park Chang Ho be applauded for staying strong and persisting? How will this story turn and twist?

All these questions are keeping the viewers waiting for the next episode of ‘Big Mouth’. Have you ever been this excited about any drama?

Article: Javeria
Photos: Disney+


[Film Review] Exit – A No Frills, No Fuss Action Film That is Exciting Yet Endearing

Entering the cinema with little to no expectations, this is as honest as a review is going to get. With only some background knowledge on the two leads, Jo Jung-suk and Im Yoon-ah, I was pretty excited to see where this film was going to go after knowing that the both of them were co-stars. 

Jo Jung-suk has always been known to portray very memorable comedic acts (think Architecture 101) while on the other hand, Im Yoon-ah has always been on my radar for being an idol-turned-actor. Not only was I interested to see the type of chemistry they would give out as a pair but I was also excited to see how their talents would shine in ‘Exit’.

In this film, Jo Jung-suk and Im Yoon-ah play as friends from the same varsity Rock Climbing Club who had some sort of history before losing contact with one another. Fast forward a few years into adulthood, both of them have once again crossed paths and met at an event, albeit awkwardly. 

Yong-nam (played by Jo Jung-suk) is an unemployed adult who is having a bit of tough luck finding a job. Still a rock climbing fanatic, he spends his free time doing crazy workouts at the nearby community park to the point his nephew shuns him, his family desperate.

On the other hand, though Ui-ju (played by Im Yoon-ah) is an assistant manager at a banquet hall, she is constantly troubled by her self-centered manager and his advances.

Unbeknownst to them, this fateful meeting soon turns into a disaster as an act of terror springs upon the city late into the night. As a result, this film takes an unexpected twist, turning from a heartwarming youthful film to something that potentially came out from the books of ‘Train to Busan’.

The two of them are thrown into a hazy situation where they had to save themselves and Yong-nam’s family. And you guessed it, with the help of the duo’s rock climbing skills.

No fancy-schmancy plot or complicated characters build ups, just pure action with strings of comedy tied into the film to keep you on your toes the entire time. Don’t let that gripe you though, as this film is easy to digest yet fun to watch, a family-friendly film for sure.

It was a hit with the crowd and you know the director is doing something right when you hear the entire theatre exclaiming and shouting with each intense scene. At the height of the film, it was so crazy that we just couldn’t take our eyes off.

As with every comedy, expect to see the cast being put in ridiculous funny situations that make no sense, some over the top reactions by all the actors as well as some dramatic music to make each scene pop. Definitely not underwhelming or overwhelming in any way, it had the right amount of everything all mixed into one. 

And seeing how director Lee Sang-geun attempted to tie in some comedic aspects into seemingly what would have been a boring plot, he did a great job keeping the film alive while pacing it well at the same time. For a directorial debut, I would say he wasn’t off to a bad start and I cannot wait to see what else he has to offer in the future.

This film also marks the first time Im Yoon-Ah has a leading role in a Korean film. While she did a decent job bringing life to the character, her role as Ui-ju was not as impactful as I had hoped for it to be. Many times, she could be seen as just “Yong-nam’s University Crush, I wished she would have been given the opportunity to make more of an impact or at least, expand and develop on that role a little more.

Furthermore, Jo Jung-suk, while being an extremely talented actor, seems to play the same type of funny, guy-next-door character a little too often than not. His character here resembling many of the ones he previously did before, we secretly hope to see him expand his repertoire in the future.

In short, ‘Exit’ is a joy to watch with your friends and family, this film is sure to keep you entertained in classic Korean comedy style. A recommended watch for someone who is looking for a bit of action with laughter.

Actor’s Appeal: ★★★★☆

Plot: ★★★☆☆


Sense of Satisfaction: ★★★★☆

Total: 3.75/5

Exit’ opens in Singapore cinemas from 12 September 2019. Watch the official trailer and find out more about the film here:

[K-Movie] Korean Box Office Hit ‘EXIT’ to be screened in Singapore 12 September, Stars Cho Jung-seok and Lim Yoona

(Photos: Purple Plan)


[K-Movie] Korean Box Office Hit ‘EXIT’ to be screened in Singapore 12 September, Stars Cho Jung-seok and Lim Yoona

What if a seemingly useless skill turns into something you use to get out of a life-threatening situation, and what if an under appreciated ability is able to save the ones you love? When toxic gas suddenly engulfs the city, two young people fight their way out of this disaster with nothing but their wit and everyday tools at their disposal!

Soon to be screened in Singapore, South Korean box office hit ‘EXIT’ is a new type of disaster film that shows how ordinary people can become extraordinary given the circumstances.

Starring Cho Jung-seok and Lim Yoona, this film marks their first onscreen partnership as they bring tears and laughter to the audience with their perfectly timed comedic performances and great chemistry.

EXIT’ has recorded impressive results at the Korean box office, having premiered at the No.1 spot on the opening day and surpassed over 1 million moviegoers on its third day. This achievement was noted to be faster than other hit films like ‘Extreme Job’, ‘Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds’, ‘Ode to My Father’, and more.

In just 18 days, the movie has outperformed its own records as it hits over 7 million moviegoers at the box office.

For a few months before filming began, both leads took up rock climbing lessons and worked on wire action with the stunt team to make all the climbing scenes as realistic as possible.

With fresh new subject matter, unpredictable circumstances and witty characters, audiences are bound to cheer the main characters on until the very last moment.

Film Synopsis:

Yong-nam (played by Cho Jung-seok) was one of the best rock climbers in college but hasn’t had much luck elsewhere after graduation. He has failed to get a job for many years and has to rely on his parents just to get by. For his mother’s 70th birthday, he insisted on having the party at Dream Garden because his old crush, Eui-ju (played by Lim Yoona) works there.

When a disaster strikes, covering an entire district in Seoul with mysterious white gas, he has to use all of his rock climbing skills with the help of Eui-ju to get everyone to safety.

Title: EXIT
Genre: Action
Cast: Cho Jung-seok, Lim Yoona, Go Doo-shim, Park In-hwan, Kim Ji-young
Directed by: Lee Sang-geun
Singapore Release Date: 12 September 2019 (Sneaks from 6-8 September)
Runtime: 103 Minutes

(Photos: Purple Plan)


Yoona Picks Her Beauty Favourites from innisfree and Shares Her Fondest Memories of Singapore

In town to grace innisfree‘s first-ever mega ASEAN event last Saturday (March 30), Yoona made her first appearance in Singapore as the beauty brand ambassador to share more about the all-new rebranded Green Tea Seed Serum.

Alongside the grand unveil of the Green Tea Seed Serum, the signature Green Tea Line was also introduced as the first of all innisfree ranges to update its packaging, complete with its new brand logo.

At the closed-door session, Yoona also met with 200 lucky innisfree customers and fans, where she played a bingo game, took photos and answered questions from fans.

Though it hasn’t been long since her previous visit last September, Yoona shared that being able to meet fans at her first solo Fan Meeting in Singapore was one of the greatest memories she could ever have. Describing Singapore fans as “cute and lovely”, the star added that she will try her best to come back often so she could have the best of both worlds – seeing her fans and enjoying her favourite local dishes, chilli crabs and pepper crabs.

Before ending the session, Yoona revealed that she’d been a loyal fan of the best-selling Green Tea Seed Serum from innisfree because of its light texture that’s suitable for use every season.

“The Green Tea Seed Serum is one of my all-time beauty favourites with its super-charged hydration power, and I could not be happier to celebrate the launch of its new packaging at this special event!”

Known and loved for its super-charged hydration power, the innisfree Green Tea line delivers a firm layer of amino acid-infused fresh green tea water to keep one’s skin smooth and supple with a healthy glow, fitting seamlessly into the varied skincare routines and preferences of every beauty lover. The rebranded Green Tea Line is now available in stores island-wide.

(Photos: innisfree Singapore)


Innisfree to Invite Their Ambassador, Yoona For An Appearance in Singapore on March 30

Yoona, the face of innisfree, will be making her way back to Singapore this March 30! innisfree Singapore has today announced that their ambassador, Yoona, will be making an appearance in Singapore and meet her fans at the closed-door Fanmeet event which will be held in conjunction with the unveil of a new brand identity for the brand’s best-selling Green Tea Seed Serum.

The event marks Yoona’s first appearance in Singapore as the face of innisfree and it will spotlight the skincare brand’s hero product – Green Tea Seed Serum, known and loved for its super-charged hydration power.

Details of Yoona x Innisfree Closed-Door Fanmeet Session:
Date: March 30, 2019 (Saturday)
Venue: Marina Bay Sands, Sands Expo & Convention Centre (Begonia Ballroom)
Time: 5:40pm to 6:40pm

Simply be one of the first 200 to spend above S$100 at the Innisfree Takashimaya S.C. store on March 20, 11am onwards, to receive an exclusive invite to the event, where all guests will also get to bring home a door gift. Invites are available on a first-come-first-serve basis, limit to 1 invite redemption per purchase* and overnight queuing is strictly not allowed. (*Only purchases made from 20 March, 11am, will be accepted. Requests for refunds will not be allowed. In the event of a refund, your invite will be deemed invalid. T&Cs apply)

In addition, 10 lucky winners^ will also picked to get up-close and personal with Yoona before the Fanmeet on March 30. (^Winners will be randomly picked and contacted separately)

For more information, head on over to Innisfree Singapore’s Facebook page for the latest updates!



[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] Get Personal with Girls’ Generation’s YOONA in Singapore

No distance is too far, no time is too long. Despite visiting our sunny island just a few weeks back, Girls’ Generation’s YOONA has returned for her solo Fanmeet last week and fans just cannot get enough of this ball of sunshine. During her short visit here, we managed to catch up with YOONA for an exclusive interview before the start of her highly-anticipated Fanmeet.

Watch the full video to find out what YOONA has been up to lately and get up-close and personal with her as she answers some of your burning questions!

(Disclaimer: All rights reserved to HallyuSG. DO NOT repost or edit without permission. Change the settings to view the video in HD!)

Special thanks to YOONA for taking time out to join us for this interview! 😁

YOONA FANMEETING TOUR, So Wonderful Day #Story_1 in SINGAPORE was brought to you by IMC Live Global and HallyuSG was proud to be the Official Online Media for this event.

Show Review

[COVER] YOONA Enchants the Crowd Once Again at her So Wonderful Day Fanmeeting in Singapore

A spoonful of talents, a sprinkle of charms and a dash of cuteness — that is what makes the Girls’ Generation member, YOONA. Keeping her promise of returning to Singapore, YOONA stepped onto our shores once again and this time it was for a full-on solo fanmeeting.

Fans were yesterday (28 Sep) treated to 2 hours of nonstop fun, games, and laughter at YOONA FANMEETING TOUR, “So Wonderful Day #Story_1 in SINGAPORE”.

The fanmeeting started as YOONA, clad prettily in her black floral dress, sang ‘바람이불면’ (When The Wind Blows) for her fans. Her sweet voice filled the whole venue and fans couldn’t help but swayed their heads along to the soft and soothing melody.

Fans then had a mini catchup session with YOONA, where she talked about what she has been up to recently, such as filming for her latest movie ‘EXIT’ and touring around Asia for her fanmeet.

She also explained the meaning behind her fanmeeting’s title “So Wonderful Day” – it was a day where she could make memories with her fans by celebrating (this day) with one another.

The #Yoongstagram segment was next, and fans got an insight into YOONA’s life when she started sharing the behind stories from some of her Instagram posts.

When asked what her secret was to taking picture-perfect selfies, she mentioned that it was because of the filters but fans begged to differ, attributing the ‘secret’ to the beauty she exudes.

Proving that she was a versatile pro-idol, YOONA performed ‘너에게‘ (To You), a song she has personally written during her time in Hyori’s Homestay. The sweet lullaby was sung in a gorgeous lacey grey dress, and we’re sure those who were there would agree when we say that this portion of the fanmeet was like warm chicken soup to the soul – Healing and very calming.

The climax of the fanmeet was the point when YOONA presented a different side of herself as she danced to Meghan Trainor’s ‘Watch Me Do’. Her suave moves and the song’s intense beats were like a match made in heaven and she was definitely oozing with girl crush vibes.

The fans then presented a touching video montage capturing pivotal moments in YOONA’s career. It was also filled with many sincere messages from the fans, some of which were so heartfelt it made YOONA say “I wanted to cry but I was really holding it back”, and we could tell from her expressions that she genuinely meant it when she said that.

In return, YOONA expressed her gratitude by swiping out a phone to record a video of herself with the crowd.

YOONA made sure to end the night on a sweet note when she wrapped up the fanmeeting with ‘덕수궁 돌담길의 봄‘ (Deoksugung Stonewall Walkway) while walking around the stage to get closer to fans.

The fanmeet had a great mix of performances and interaction, and the Hallyu goddess was all smiles. Throughout the show, she expressed her excitement of being back to Singapore and wished that she could visit again with the rest of the Girls’ Generation members in the future if the opportunity allows for it.

Hopefully, we’ll see YOONA again soon in her tuxedo-birthday-tea party with rojak and chili crab prepared but till then, we will be jamming to ‘To You’ nonstop.

YOONA FANMEETING TOUR, So Wonderful Day #Story_1 in SINGAPORE was brought to you by IMC Live Global and HallyuSG was proud to be the Official Online Media for this event. Watch this space for our exclusive interview with YOONA soon!

(Photos: Nicole)


GIVEAWAY: WIN A Pair of Cat 1 Tickets To Yoona’s Fanmeeting ‘So Wonderful Day STORY_1 in SINGAPORE’

Singapore SONEs unite! It has been 2 months since Yoona’s last visit to Singapore but in a few days’ time, she will be back again for a fanmeeting. Are you all ready to show her just how passionate Singapore SONEs can be?

We have 2 pairs of Cat 1 tickets to ‘So Wonderful Day #STORY_1 in SINGAPORE’ up for grabs. To stand a chance to win the tickets, simply show us how passionate you are by telling us why you’re the biggest Yoona fan over on our Instagram page. 2 lucky people will each win a pair of Cat 1 tickets (U.P. $396/pair) for the upcoming fanmeeting that will be happening next Friday, 28th September 2018, at ZEPP@BIGBOX!

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Terms & Conditions

Contest will end on Wednesday, 26 September 2018, 2359 (GMT+8). Winners will be announced in the comments section on the Instagram contest post itself, within 24 hours after the contest closes.
– Multiple entries will be disqualified.
– You must be in Singapore during the event period.
– Complimentary tickets are strictly prohibited for sale. Any winner caught reselling the tickets will have it forfeited immediately and they will be banned from future contests.

There are limited tickets left so if you still don’t have one for yourself, now is the perfect time for you to head on over to to get it! Don’t forget to stay tuned to our social media pages for the latest updates of the event.

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[FEATURE] Find Out What Yoona Has Been Up To Recently!

(Photo: S.M. Entertainment)

11 years into her debut and Yoona still shows no signs of slowing down just yet. With many years of experience under her belt, the Nation’s Sweetheart knows exactly how to capture the hearts of her fans and she does it perfectly well. Yoona’s multifaceted portfolio does not end at her being an idol. After her official debut in Girls’ Generation in 2007, Yoona has expanded her career into acting, starred in variety shows and even became an ambassador for social campaigns. Let’s take a quick walk down memory lane and see what she has been up to recently!

With her angelic features and powerful allure, she is well-known as being the poster girl for popular brands such as Innisfree and H:Connect. Adding onto her list of ever-growing endorsements, she is now the face of Pandora and Haru Yachae (It’s a vegetable juice) as well.

As always, Yoona’s face knows how to work hard and along with her toned and slender stature, she is definitely a pretty person to capture on camera. To add on, her versatility to fit into various concepts attracts photographers all around Asia and every one of them are eager to include her in their magazines.

(Photos: Grazia China, SuperELLE, Allure)

It was even revealed that she has modelled for the most magazine covers for any Korean actress in 2017! Bazaar, Elle, Allure and more, she has definitely got the whole newsstand plastered with her face from top to bottom.

Going back to her singing roots, Yoona has also released 2 songs recently so if you’ve yet to hear them, check them out from the videos and be blown away by her mesmerizing and breathtaking voice.

It was even revealed she wrote lyrics (for the first time!) for “When The Wind Blows” and again for “To You”. Talk about being an all-round idol!

And how can we forget Yoona’s acting? Did you know that prior to debuting in Girls’ Generation, Yoona had a minor role in “Two Outs in the Ninth Inning”? And just recently, it was announced that she has started filming for the movie “EXIT” featuring herself with Jo Jung Suk.

The movie revolves a jobless youth named Yong Nam (played by Jo Jung Suk) who met his college junior Eui Joo (played by Yoona) and suddenly, a poisonous gas shrouds the city. The movie is slated to be released next summer!

(Photo: NAVER Movies)

With that mega portfolio, it’s impossible for her to not have a list of impressive accolades under her belt. Not only was she presented with various awards during her Girls’ Generation days, she was also presented different awards in various fields such as in advertising and film.

(Photo: As credit)

The commendation presented to her in “2018 MTN Broadcast Advertisement Festival” is an example of one of the many she has received. What an impressive feat!

Curious and eager to find out more about Yoona? Can’t wait to see her soon? Don’t worry because she will be back in Singapore for a Fanmeeting! Fans can look forward to getting up-close and personal with Yoona at the Singapore leg of her first solo FanmeetSo Wonderful Day #Story_1’ which will be happening on 28 September at ZEPP@BIGBOX at 8 PM! For more details, you can check out our post here.

Tickets start from $98 and are available from APACTIX so what are you waiting for? Hurry get your tickets to see Hallyu goddess Yoona right here on our sunny shores!

YOONA FANMEETING TOUR, So Wonderful Day #Story_1 in SINGAPORE is brought to you by IMC Live Global. HallyuSG is proud to be the Official Online Media for this event.


Yoona Confirms Solo Fanmeeting Tour in Singapore (Updated with Fan Benefits!)

Girls’ Generation’s Yoona will be making her way to Singapore next month for her first official solo Fanmeeting Tour, “So Wonderful Day #Story_1“. This Fanmeeting will mark Yoona’s first solo show in Singapore, promising a fun evening of performances and interactions with her fans.

The popular singer and actress has successfully completed her solo Fanmeeting in cities such as Seoul, Bangkok, Tokyo and Osaka, and will continue next to Hong Kong in August and Singapore in September. Having sold out all tickets at the tour’s Bangkok leg within minutes after tickets went on sale, Yoona has once again proved her immense popularity in Asia and around the world.

Details of YOONA FANMEETING TOUR, So Wonderful Day #Story_1 in SINGAPORE:
Date: September 28th, 2018 (Friday)
Venue: Zepp@BigBox
Time: 8PM
Ticket Pricing: (excludes booking fee)
SGD $248 (VIP) / $198 / $148 / $98

All tickets will go on sale on 6 August 2018, 10am (GMT +8) onwards via APACTix website, booking hotline (+65 3158 8588) and island-wide Singpost outlets.

Fan Benefits

VIP ticket holders will be entitled to a lucky draw to win group photo opportunities (30 winners; 10 pax per group) and exclusive polaroid of Yoona (10 winners), as well as receive a gift from Innisfree, an official poster and photo card.

There will also be a lucky draw for Cat 1 and 2 ticket holders, where 10 fans will be picked from the respective ticket category to win a group photo opportunity with Yoona. All ticket holders will also receive the official poster and photo card on show day. Stay tuned to us for more updates on this event!

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Girls’ Generation’s Yoona Will Be Returning To Singapore For Her Solo Fanmeeting Tour

Yoona will be making a return to Singapore next month to hold her solo Fanmeeting tour, “So Wonderful Day #Story_1“. The Girls’ Generation member recently made a public appearance in Singapore at the H:CONNECT Fanmeet and revealed that she had been busy with the preparations for her Asia Fanmeeting Tour since May.

Yoona’s recent Fanmeeting in Bangkok was completely sold out shortly after tickets went on sale, making her the first female K-pop solo artiste to achieve a full-house show at the Thunder Dome Stadium in Thailand. Looks like Singapore fans will be able catch Yoona again very soon, this time round with more interactions with the star!

Details of YOONA FANMEETING TOUR, So Wonderful Day #Story_1 in SINGAPORE:
Date: September 28, 2018 (Friday)
Venue: Zepp @ Big Box
Time: 8PM

Latest Update as of 3 Aug: Tickets to YOONA’s Fanmeeting Tour in Singapore will go on sale on 6 August! Click here for more info.

YOONA FANMEETING TOUR, So Wonderful Day #Story_1 in SINGAPORE is brought to you by IMC Live Group.