Street Woman Fighter set to return with a second season, premieres in August

The programme will continue to uncover the crème de la crème of South Korea's women street dance crews.

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| May 22, 2023
Street Woman Fighter
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The highly anticipated legendary dance series Street Woman Fighter is set to return with a second season.

It will premiere this August, Korean media outlet SPOTV News excllusively reported.

Returning after a two-year hiatus, Street Woman Fighter Season 2 promises to wow audiences with its survival format. It will also continue to uncover the crème de la crème of South Korea’s women street dance crews.

Like its predecessor, this season will feature a talented and charismatic lineup of dancers, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats. The show’s production is already in full swing, ensuring an unforgettable spectacle.

Looking back at the immense success of Season 1, it’s clear that the show has profoundly impacted the dancers’ lives.

Lee Jung and no:ze

Former contestants such as Lee Jung and no:ze have skyrocketed to stardom. They have also garnered a massive following on social media, securing lucrative endorsement deals with renowned brands.

South Korean choreographer Lee Jung is a member of YGX, a hip hop dance group under YG Entertainment. So it’s no wonder why she’s personally acquainted with artists from YG Entertainment, like Blackpink’s Jennie and Rosé.

Lee Jung and Blackpink’s Rosé.

Lee mainly choreographs for girl groups. And her credits include choreographing for TWICE, ITZY and Sunmi. Notably, she’s known for coming up with the shoulder dance in ITZY’s Wannabe (2020).

no:ze, on the other hand, caught the attention of the public with her rendition of the Hey Mama (2014) choreography.

Born Noh Ji-hye, she previously swept the internet even appearing on the programme for being the backup dancer for EXO’s Kai.

She has also worked with other artists like SHINee’s Taemin and Zico.

It’s safe to say that the show not only showcased their remarkable skills but also elevated their status to that of celebrities.

With Street Woman Fighter Season 2 on the horizon, fans eagerly await the emergence of new and extraordinary talents who will undoubtedly seize the spotlight and mesmerize us all.

The stage is set for these prolific dancers to shine and claim the recognition they deserve.


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